ChemQuest, Agilis Partner for Digital Co-Marketing


Last month, global business strategy and external specialty chemicals technology development firm The ChemQuest Group Inc. announced that it has launched a partnership with Agilis Commerce to address demands for digital channels-to-market serving the chemicals and materials industry.

According to the emailed release, Agilis is a provider of B2B digital commerce solutions, Agilis Commerce Cloud, for the chemical, plastic and ingredients industry. This tool reportedly provides suppliers and distributors an easy way to build branded digital commerce portals and digital tools.

“The Agilis Commerce Cloud has differentiated itself from other e-commerce platforms. It enables the creation of secure, customized portals, which are specifically designed for the chemical industry’s unique needs, helping producers and distributors to differentiate offerings and drive higher margins,” said James Swope, ChemQuest Chief Commercial Officer.

“This can bring added value to our customers as we work with them to enhance their manufacturing excellence, guide business strategy and grow EBITDA.”

Agilis also builds digital commerce portals based on its customers’ specifications, including associated data and analytics.

“This increases suppliers’ agility by giving them robust data insights and improves demand forecasting by SKU. The platform also increases efficiency for commercial and operational personnel, who can reach more customers, plan production according to demand, scale strategically and integrate Agilis with their existing resources and networks,” said Jay Bhatia, CEO and Founder of Agilis Commerce.

“On the buyer side, procurement organizations benefit from enhanced service capabilities and rapid access to information.”

The company reports that it will include Agilis Commerce Cloud with its full suite of service offerings to enable growth, agility and resilience for its clients. Additionally, it offers the new TraQr customer interactive dashboard and forecasting tool.

“The platform that Agilis has developed will complement ChemQuest’s business pillars by increasing the size of our toolkit and giving us another resource to bring value to our customers. Every project we do is unique, so we need a range of powerful, customizable solutions to meet each business’ specific objectives,” Swope explained.

ChemQuest Coatings TraQr

In June, ChemQuest launched its interactive dashboard and forecast tool for the coatings market. The Coatings TraQr, pronounced “tracker,” combines input data for coatings market consumption, macroeconomic indicators and raw materials.

Currently, the Coatings TraQr will be available for use in the paint and coatings industry, co-marketed to users through a partnership with the American Coatings Association. The company plans to expand the TraQr to other industries in the future.

According to the emailed press release, the virtual tool enables specialty chemicals businesses to identify, analyze and forecast market trends, as well as allow for better informed purchasing, pricing, expansion, cost saving and development decisions.

ChemQuest reports that the tracker was developed by listening to clients throughout the specialty chemicals value chain as a response to industry needs. While the company publishes a five-year U.S. industry market overview and forecast with the ACA and a global iteration with the World Coating Council, the TraQr will offer current quantitative data to complement the qualitative and quantitative data in the published reports.

The TraQr was built on Microsoft’s Power BI platform for data analysis and visualization, using its “key influencers” machine learn and artificial intelligence to analyze data and rank factors based on level of impact. The tool’s ability to model and integrate combinations of factors that drive revenue and profit growth against an enterprise’s sales data to analyze its business-cycle phases is reportedly the first of its kind for the industry.

For example, ChemQuest states, if Commercial Construction drives a business segment, the TraQr can perform a real-time analysis of nearly 100 additional factors and combinations. The data is centralized for easy accessibility, including a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, filter and customize, as well as saving and sharing data.


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