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What If: Fast Formulas for Profit Forecasting In Hiring, Pricing, Labor, Material, Marketing/Advertising and Technology

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Thursday, June 16, 2022.
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Commercial Painting Industry Association

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What If is part of the CPIA Webinar Series.

Your accountants work to make sure you are profitable, and your leadership team plans on turning your dreams into reality, but sometimes you need a fast calculator in front of you that helps you instantly envision processes that add profit to your bottom line.

In this presentation, Tom Droste from Estimate Rocket will introduce a spreadsheet specifically designed to help contractors see their top profit structures at a glance. The spreadsheet also allows input of incremental changes in key areas that make big changes in bottom lines. Areas for input that influence the bottom line include hiring, pricing, labor, materials, job number, job size, new positions, marketing, advertising and technology.

With specifically designed algorithms developed for a 30,000-foot-view, contractors can play with their numbers and create new outcome scenarios with a few simple clicks.

By the end of this webinar, attendees will learn:

• How to quickly envision new profit opportunities using the “What If” planning spreadsheet with pre-programmed algorithms—without a deep "opening-of-the-books";
• How to reassess your “What If” opportunities each year to reinforce goals and course correct; and
• How to use the “What If” spreadsheet in vision meetings with your team to better set direction and increase buy-in.

The “What If” tool is free to all participants attending this webinar session.


Tom Droste, CEO
Estimate Rocket

Droste is the CEO of Estimate Rocket and its parent company, Logical Engine. His background is in engineering, accounting and software design.

Estimate Rocket is sales acceleration software that helps contractors build intelligent estimates and proposals in minutes. The software includes automated follow-ups and a fully integrated scheduling, billing and invoicing system.

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