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The Top 4 Growth Strategies That You Probably Don't Know About

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Thursday, May 13, 2021.
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Commercial Painting Industry Association

CPIA is the first and only trade association created exclusively for commercial painting professionals. Our mission is to nurture a peer-based community of industry experts dedicated to learning and development through collaboration. As a CPIA member, you will have access to all the relevant resources and guidance required for further business growth.

The Top 4 Growth Strategies That You Probably Don't Know About is part of the CPIA Webinar Series.

A company’s future results are determined by its team’s actions. This webinar will show leaders how to identify the few, quality actions that will lead them to growth.

Learning Objectives:

• How to identify the critical few growth strategies and avoid the trivial many;
• How to stop wasting time on bidding work that you are unlikely to win; and
• How to concentrate on the best strategies for your organization's growth.


Jim McBrayer, CEO
McBrayer and Associates

McBrayer started his career in outside sales for PPG. After rising to Sales Director, responsible for 150 sales representatives and a dozen regional sales managers, and being appointed to PPG’s sales leadership team, McBrayer left PPG after 20 years, in 2009, to pursue his passion of helping others optimize their sales effectiveness by launching his own sales training company, McBrayer & Associates.

McBrayer developed the company to help organizations in the painting and coatings industry exceed their revenue goals in three different ways: sales training, one-on-one coaching (for sales reps and managers) and consulting. The foundation of all three of these is customizing sales collateral content that resonates with their customer segments.

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