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Advances in Novel Coatings Technology for CUI Service

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Thursday, October 11, 2018.
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AkzoNobel has a passion for paint. We’re experts in the proud craft of making paints and coatings, setting the standard in color and protection since 1792. Our world class portfolio of brands – including Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon – is trusted by customers around the globe. Headquartered in the Netherlands, we are active in over 150 countries and employ around 35,000 talented people who are passionate about delivering the high performance products and services our customers expect.

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The 7th century BC Greek philosopher Thales asked the scientifically poignant question “Why do things work the way they do?” Despite our quantum leaps in understanding since that time, in many ways Thales’ question remains.

How and why, for instance, do novel alkylated amine epoxies and novel inert multipolymeric matrix paints perform for CUI mitigation at a level above and beyond earlier coating technologies in either cryogenic, high temperature or ambient conditions?

The AAE technology platform is a novel alternative to traditional epoxy phenolic coatings. Temperature resistant from -196°C to 205°C, AAE technology simplifies coating specifications and offers easy-to-apply coatings for use on carbon and stainless steel for insulated and non-insulated service. Tolerant of over-application, and possessing fast and sub-zero curing characteristics, the technology enhances shop productivity and reduces project costs.

Traditional IMM coatings have always been held back by their narrow corrosion resistance and requirement for a heat cure. A step change to IMM technology is a next-generation inorganic copolymer that affords broad corrosion performance for valves and pipe spools at ambient, high and cryogenic temperatures, ranging from -196°C to 650°C. For fabricators, it provides increased productivity and reduction of onsite rework costs.

Accelerated laboratory and real-life exposure testing was used to compare and contrast the performance of novel coating types with their earlier analogues. The findings of these test programs will be presented, highlighting the key differences and advantages of these problem-solving technology platforms.


Mike O’Donoghue

Mike O’Donoghue is a 33-year veteran of the protective coatings industry, joining AkzoNobel in 1982, and then moving to Devoe High Performance Coatings Canada in 1984. His technological contributions are extensive, including the co-development with Vijay Datta, of an anti-slip coating for structural steel and an internal secondary containment for above-ground storage tanks using unique epoxy technology. O’Donoghue was recently recognized by SSPC as one of the coatings industry’s top 25 leaders and thinkers of the past 25 years for his advancement of industry knowledge. He holds a 1st Class Honors B.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Inorganic chemistry at the University of Surrey, England.

Vijay Datta

Vijay Datta, a 47-year veteran of the marine and protective coatings industry, joining Devoe and Reynolds Company in 1971, which became part of AkzoNobel in 2008. Datta was the recipient of the Mortimer T. Harvey award as the first person to commercialize the phenalkamine curing technology for use in marine and protective coatings. Among his many significant technological accomplishments, Datta was instrumental in the development of Devoe® Bar Rust® 235, a surface-tolerant, low-temperature cure epoxy coating, which is now widely used as a protective coating in shop application. Datta holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is also the holder of two U.S. patents.

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