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Thermal Spray Solutions for the Marine Industry

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.
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Thermion, Inc.

Thermion is the worldwide leader in High Production Twin Wire Spray Equipment for TSA. We offer full turn-key arc spray systems for many oil & gas applications such as spools, pipe, valves, vessels, flanges, CUI to name a few. Thermion offers complete service beyond equipment such as parts, service, tech support/training, consumables, spray wires/materials, testing equipment and much more. For your next shut down and quick turn around look to Thermion for complete sales, service and support. Please visit

Thermal spray coatings (TSCs) are used extensively for the corrosion protection of steel and iron in a wide range of environments. This webinar will discuss the effectiveness of arc-sprayed aluminum and zinc coatings over long periods of time in a wide range of marine hostile environments. TSCs can provide corrosion protection for more than 20 years to first maintenance for marine environments. Participants will be eligible to receive credit from SSPC.


Dean Hooks

Dean Hooks is VP of Marketing and Sales at Thermion. In the 15 years he has worked at Thermion he has held many roles ranging from constructing and repairing Thermion equipment, to consulting on projects, to working closely on large-scale national and global metalizing projects. He is a member of NACE and is an SSPC thermal spray trainer.

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