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Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Coating Systems

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.
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CHLOR RID International, Inc. is the world leader in soluble salt information, measuring devices, and decontamination products for surface preparation. A major cause of premature coating failures are remaining surface salts which are not detected or treated prior to coating application. The CHLOR*TEST ‘CSN’ kit accurately and easily detects the presence of residual chloride, sulfate, and nitrate salts on the surface which are prevalent in the water and wastewater processing industry. CHLOR*RID liquid soluble salt remover is recognized as the most effective, easiest, and economical tool for removing surface salts to meet stringent job specifications. Visit for information on any of our products, or contact us at 1-800-422-3217.

This webinar provides performance requirements for coatings and linings used on sound concrete substrates in principal service environments of areas of a municipal wastewater treatment facility, including:
• Collection Systems (manholes, lift stations, pump stations, tunnels and interceptors)
• Preliminary Treatment Systems (grit chambers, headworks and screening structures)
• Primary Treatment Systems (sedimentation tanks and primary clarifiers)
• Secondary Treatment Systems (aeration basins, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact chambers and oxygenation chambers)
• Advanced Treatment Systems (filtration units)
• Solids Handling Areas (digesters and dewatering structures)
• Chemical Storage (secondary containment structures)
Participants will be eligible to receive credit from SSPC.


Kirk Shields, Principal Consultant
Corrosion Probe

Kirk Shields is a principal consultant for Corrosion Probe, providing instruction, coating and corrosion surveys, specifications development, project management, failure investigations, expert witness testimony and other related services.

Based in Weston, FL, Shields has been a consultant for more than 26 years. Before that, he worked for an industrial painting contractor as a Project Manager.

Shields holds a bachelor of science degree in Civil Engineering Construction Technology from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Active in both SSPC and NACE International, he is an instructor for several SSPC courses, including BCI and Bridge Maintenance: Conducting Coating Assessments.

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