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Protective Coatings Specified for the Upstream and Downstream of the Oil and Gas Industry

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.
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The upstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry present an array of unique challenges. Given the drive to cut capital costs and the need to adhere to strict environmental regulations that are inherent in this industry, the long life of a coating system and effective protection of assets is essential. This webinar will define several types of anti-corrosion coatings for the oil and gas industry. The coatings presented will have performance properties such as: Intumescent and heat-resistant properties, high levels of abrasion resistance and, the durability to increase component life.


Kristin Leonard, PCS
Bechtel Materials Engineering and Technology Group

Kristin received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Polymer Science and High Performance Materials from The University of Southern Mississippi. After graduation, Kristin began work for Bechtel’s Materials Engineering and Technology Group where she serves as an Engineering Specialist for Coatings and Non-Metallics. She is a SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist and holds a SSPC Protective Coatings Inspector certification as well as a Concrete Coatings Inspector certification.

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