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Industrial Strength: Benefits of Waterborne Acrylic Coatings

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.
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Dow Coating Materials

Dow elevates acrylic coatings to industrial scale with advanced technologies offering stronger protection, easier application and lower VOC. New offerings include MAINCOTE™ AEH Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid Resin for concrete coatings and PARALOID™ Edge Technology that decouples cure time from pot life. Our products also include ACOUSTICRYL™ Liquid-Applied Sound Damping (LASD) Technology; AVANSE™ Acrylic Resin for metal; and RHOPLEX™ Binders for elastomeric wall coatings. Visit to learn more about our entire portfolio, including resins for primers and DTM finishes, insulation coatings and liquid applied sound damping.

The coatings industry constantly seeks greener and more sustainable solutions for protective coatings, due to increasing regulatory requirements and pressure from end-users and consumers. Waterborne acrylic coatings are frequently the answer to this market need; however, there can be a substantial amount of hesitation to utilize waterborne coating in industrial applications. Understanding the fundamental differences between waterborne coatings and traditional solvent-borne coatings is crucial to assuring the proper selection, successful application, and ultimately the expected performance of these systems. This webinar will discuss the unique aspects of acrylic coatings, including the chemistry of how the resins are produced, their formulation into protective coatings, and the types of one- and two-component waterborne acrylic coatings that are available today for the protection of steel & concrete. Understanding the mechanism of latex film formation, and comparing it to solvent-borne systems, is a key to appreciating the role that environmental conditions during application have on the ultimate performance of acrylic coatings, and will also be discussed. Finally, a description of their performance, suitable service environments, end-use applications, and recent technology developments that allow waterborne acrylics to be suitable solutions for Industrial applications, will be provided. This webinar will cover aspects of waterborne acrylic coatings of interest to many within the protective coatings industry, including coating formulators, end-users, painting applicators, facility owners, coating specifiers, and inspectors.


Dr. Leo Procopio, Technical Service Group Leader
Dow Coating Materials

Dr. Leo Procopio earned his Ph.D. in inorganic Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and has spent the last 22 years carrying out exploratory research, new product development and technical service work in the area of waterborne coatings for industrial maintenance and industrial metal and wood finishing markets. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, ACA, NACE and SSPC, and currently chairs the SSPC committee C.1.4.C. on Waterborne Acrylic Coatings.

Mary Rose Correa, Industrial Acrylics Marketing Manager
Dow Coating Materials

Mary Rose Correa earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton, and an M.B.A. from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. As Industrial Acrylics Marketing Manager for Dow Coating Materials-North America and Global Marketing Manager for PARALOID™ Acrylic Resins, she is responsible for introducing and positioning new products, managing the product portfolio, and implementing the strategy for the industrial segment, working closely with the regional sales and technical teams.

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