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Shop/Field Testing of Abrasives for Compliance to SSPC Abrasive Standards

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Tuesday, December 8, 2015.
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CHLOR RID International, Inc. is the world leader in soluble salt information, measuring devices, and decontamination products for surface preparation. The full line of CHLOR*TEST kits and CHLOR*RID liquid soluble salt remover are recognized as the easiest, most accurate and economical tools for meeting stringent job specifications. Now more than ever, specifications call for ion specific testing of abrasive. Abrasive can have different ionic contamination, such as chloride or sulfate or nitrate. The CHLOR*TEST "A" for abrasive, which operates on ASTM D4940 principles, provides ion specific quantitative results for chloride. An expanded CHLOR*TEST "A" version is available which provides ion specific results for chloride, sulfate and nitrate. Visit for information on any of our products, or contact us at 1-800-422-3217.

SSPC maintains four Abrasive (AB) Standards including AB 1 for mineral and slag abrasives, AB 2 for the cleanliness of recycled ferrous metallic abrasives, AB 3 for ferrous metallic abrasives and AB 4 for recyclable encapsulated abrasive media. This webinar on shop/field testing of abrasives for conformance to SSPC Abrasive Standards will describe the conformance tests invoked for each of these standards along with sampling frequencies. Additional “pre-production” field tests that may benefit the contractor (e.g., surface profile yield) will also be described. Participants will be eligible to receive credit from SSPC.


Bill Corbett

Bill Corbett is a Vice President and the Professional Services Business Unit Manager for KTA-Tator, Inc. He holds an A.D. in Business Administration from Robert Morris University and has been employed by KTA for over 36 years. He has conducted coatings training courses and instrument use workshops for a variety of industries in both the private and public sector for 26 years. He is an SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialist, an SSPC Level 3 Certified Protective Coatings Inspector, an SSPC Level 2 Certified Bridge Coatings Inspector and a NACE International Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector. He is a lead instructor for SSPC’s Bridge Coatings Inspector, Protective Coatings Inspector and Applicator Train-the-Trainer courses. Bill chairs the SSPC committees on education and coating thickness measurement.

Bill was the co-recipient of the SSPC 1992 Outstanding Publication Award, co-recipient of the 2001 JPCL Editor’s Award, and received SSPC’s Coatings Education Award in 2006 and the John D. Keane Award of Merit from SSPC in 2011.

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