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Waterjetting: A 30-Year Perspective

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.
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NLB Corporation

NLB Corp. is a global leader in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jet solutions for surface preparation and many other applications. For more information, please visit

Turtle Skin

TurtleSkin WaterArmor personal protective equipment offers increased water jet protection at all pressures at specified flow rates for UHP waterblasting operators using straight or rotary nozzles.

Since 1985, SSPC has issued three versions of the WaterJetting Surface Preparation Standards and two Visual Guides. Lydia Frenzel will explain the steps involved in moving from abrasive blast cleaning to waterjet cleaning and how our understanding of the basics – profile, degrees of visible cleanliness and non-visible contaminants – has progressed to focus on what makes a coating adhere and perform as expected. Frenzel will also cover changes over the years in personal protective equipment. Participants will be eligible to receive credit from SSPC.


Dr. Lydia Frenzel, Founder
Advisory Council

Dr. Lydia Frenzel is a recognized authority on surface preparation and has co-chaired the SSPC/NACE committees on Water Blasting since 1985. She founded The Advisory Council, a network that deals with emerging technologies and their social economic effects. She earned her doctorate from the University of Texas and accepted a faculty position with the University of New Orleans. She served on Louisiana’s Task Force on Small Business Innovation, as a Research Director for two international companies, and Executive VP, the Director of CCI Training Services, and as Chief Spokesperson for The Advisory Council. She is a member of the SSPC Surface Preparation Steering Committee and a member of 12 other SSPC technical committees related to surface preparation, coating application and inspection. She is a two-time award winner of the SSPC Technical Achievement Award in 1996 and 2012. She is a member of the Technical Advisory group at NACE for ISO Surface Preparation Committees TC-35, SC 12 and 14.

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