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Overcoming the Obstacles in Formulating Solvent-Based Low VOC Acrylic Two-Component Urethanes

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Thursday, October 30, 2014.
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As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF helps formulators of architectural, industrial and transportation coatings deliver sustainable, innovative solutions that meet or exceed performance requirements. We provide virtually every ingredient that a coatings manufacturer needs. Among our priorities is a focus on sustainable solutions – e.g. low VOC products, APEO-free and formaldehyde-free materials, low energy curing, replacement of heavy metal pigments and latex with minimal environmental impact. BASF provides a depth and breadth of technologies and cross-functional teams with expertise in chemistry, applications and formulations. We offer local support capabilities from sites in Charlotte, NC and Southfield, MI. Learn more by visiting

The coating industry continually faces new challenges and opportunities in providing products that are more environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance. One such challenge involves the tightening of regulations pertaining to the potential amounts of solvents released into the atmosphere from applied coatings and finishes. This presentation addresses the various issues, formulation methodology and raw material types needed to overcome these obstacles for solvent-based two-component acrylic urethanes. The presentation includes a discussion of acrylic resin technology, present region VOC regulations and ingredients that coating formulators should consider when creating solvent-based low VOC acrylic urethane finishes.


Jeff Janos, Technical Specialist

Jeff Janos is the Technical Specialist for aldehyde, polyvinylether and amino resins; vinyl chloride binders; and epoxy curing agents at BASF (Laropal®, Lutonal®, Laroflex®, Empol®/Genamid®/Versamid®/Versamine®, Luwipal® and Plastopal® product lines). Jeff has over 30 years of combined coating experience in the development and formulation of high performance urethane, epoxy and polysiloxane finishes for the industrial, marine and automotive markets; 100% solids urethane and epoxy finishes for the flooring market; and OEM epoxy, acrylic and other high performance baking finishes for the automotive market. Jeff has a Master of Science in Inorganic Chemistry from Indiana University.

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