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D+D Product Profile Webinar: Sustainability In Masonry Construction

This webinar is archived and recorded from a live presentation on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.
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Hohmann & Barnard

Hohmann and Barnard, Inc., a Mitek-Berkshire Hathaway Company; serves both the Commercial and Residential markets as the leading developer and distributor of reinforcement, anchoring, and moisture protection systems for masonry. Hohmann and Barnard, Inc. is also committed to the environment, offering a complete line of green products for sustainable masonry structures. These include: masonry reinforcement and wire ties made from post-industrial recycled material, flashings and mortar control products made with recycled materials, VOC and HAP free air barrier products, and re-bonded rubber and cork products. For More information please visit:

The single largest issue in masonry wall design is the compatibility of various products that must work together to achieve the desired results. This can include air barrier systems, thru-wall flashings, and reinforcement/anchoring systems. Chris Bupp will discuss the importance of sourcing materials as well as designating a single contractor to ensure compatibility of all building processes.

Learning objectives:
1) Cover air/vapor barrier basics
2) Discuss applications: fluid applied vs. sheet applied products, permeable vs. non-permeable
3) Discuss using anchoring systems successfully with air & vapor barriers, and their compatibility of various flashing materials
4) Limiting mold problems with moisture management systems


Chris Bupp, National Director of Architectural Services
Hohmann and Barnard, Inc.

Chris Bupp has over 25 years of experience in the masonry industry. He has been involved in many projects including Trump Towers in NYC, Liberty Place in Philadelphia, and the recently completed Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC. Chris covers the most relevant up-to-date information in the masonry industry including code changes and industry trends.

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