Daily Quiz (248)

A new study observed the ___ behavior of coatings in real-time, allowing researchers to better understand and design coatings.

Built in 1963, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Socrates Zaferiou House is currently on the market in New York for how much?

A new initiative from Tuskegee University’s Department of Architecture and University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School have been working to preserve what?

In Iowa, an artist recently created a mural using what unique material, with publications dubbing it the “clean-air machine”?

Following a __ decline in blood donations, British artist Stuart Semple launched a red paint collection in an act of protest against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s policies banning gay men from donating blood.

In honor of its 100th anniversary, which famous United States landmark is getting a fresh coat of paint?

Centuries after construction, the gold on a palace and fortress in Granada, Spain suddenly ___.

Researchers from the University of South Australia have conducted tests to see how what part of a vehicle could be used in architecture?

Which U.S. city announced a new program that allows crosswalks, sidewalks, residential streets, residential intersections and curb extensions to be painted into murals?

Researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory recently corrected an error in the color of what modern technology?

A 63-year-old sculpture in Jamestown, North Dakota, shaped like what animal, is being prepared for an upcoming paint job?

Everyrealm, a metaverse real estate development firm, is working with real estate advisory firm Alexander Team to launch “The Row,” a metaverse community made up of how many 3D landmarks?

Dubbed the “Carapace Pavilion,” this award-winning structure in Joshua Tree National Park has a design inspired by what desert plant?

The Dream Wheel, a new attraction in New Jersey made up of 27 climate-controlled gondolas, weighs 750 tons and stands how many feet tall?

For the first time, the Concrete Canvas Art Festival used what new technology to capture artists’ attention?

Thrive Home Builders has recently introduced a new building approach, that will make buildings what?

Residents of Hamburg, near Buffalo, are fundraising to have a steel water storage tank be repainted to look like ___ to represent American culture.

Aesthetic damages have been seen by guests in the queue area for what Disneyland attraction in Anaheim, California?

True or False: Repainting on a water tower in Perrysburg, Ohio, including stencil work and updated paint color, was completed in May.

The nomination deadline for the sixth annual Elevation Awards has been extended to:

An ultra-black coating developed by a team of researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology can absorb what percentage of the wide light spectrum?

Global coatings manufacturer PPG plans to complete over 25 _______ makeovers through its New Paint for a New Start initiative this month.

True or False: A Florida resident was recently blocked by a neighbor from finishing a paint project on their home due to the neighborhood’s zero-lot line rule.

What color did the public vote to paint the Scott Base research facility?

True or False: The new UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh is expected to become the largest hospital in the city’s history.

The deadline for the 2022 Elevation Awards is:

How many finalists were chosen for the paint design on the “One Week Wonder” project at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture convention later this month?

A first-of-its-kind office building in Australia will feature what kind of cladding?

True or False: A recently scrapped red, white and blue paint job proposal for Air Force One from former President Donald Trump would contribute to excessive temperatures on the plane.

Which company recently donated paint for a maintenance project on the world’s largest Radio Flyer wagon attraction?

Which coatings company was recently named the official paint of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort?

True or False: According to a recent study, nine in 10 contractors want to work more closely with architects than they do today, and eight in 10 architects want to work more closely with contractors.

An Icelandic architecture firm is looking to use what natural material to construct buildings?

The first aircraft to be on route with German leisure airline Condor’s new vacation-inspired striped livery was completed in what color?

What type of historic structure was recently repainted in Lossiemouth, Scotland?

Statues of what animal were recently repainted the wrong color outside of the Riverside Park and Ralph Mitchel Zoo?

The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh was recently awarded what level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification for its building renovation?

According to a recent study, city streets are safer for pedestrians when the asphalt roadways are painted with art, reducing the rate of car crashes involving pedestrians or cyclists by what percentage?

Last month, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the Seattle Space Needle in Seattle was repainted what color?

True or False: A new residential building in Switzerland is expected to become the tallest cross-laminated timber building in the world upon its completion.

According to the latest Architectural Billings Index, the ABI score rose how many points in March?

A 2,670-foot pedestrian bridge in need of restoration that connects Cincinnati and Kentucky is painted what color?

True or False: The recently approved London MSG Sphere will have an interior display that is expected to be the biggest and highest-resolution LED screen in the world.

True or False: The London High Court ruled to continue work on a Holocaust Memorial and Learning Center project in the United Kingdom last month.

What concrete method was used in a curved space as part of the American Museum of Natural History’s expansion in New York?

A water tower painted to resemble a __________ in Huron, Ohio, will be getting a new paint job due to the structure’s sponsor changing its name and logo.

A team of international researchers developed the first color spectra catalog to facilitate the search for extraterrestrial signs of life in the cosmos using microbes found in _______ conditions.

True or False: An aircraft owner recently had his plane color-matched and painted to match his Tesla.

Global architectural and design practice Populous was recently hired to design a proposed stadium for what National Football League team?

New York-based Deborah Berke Partners has recently transformed two late __________ townhouses on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in Philadelphia.

The 2022 Pavilion for the London-based Serpentine Galleries will be constructed with primarily what material?

How many different shades of pink paint were used to update Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris this year?

How many consecutive months was the Architectural Billings Index positive from January 2021 to January 2022?

A design graduate from the Netherlands recently converted what structure into a two-level home?

American multinational technology company Apple reports that crews have almost completed phase __ of its $1 billion office project in northwest Austin.

In January, a $107M bridge, inspired in shape by ___, opened in Dubai, symbolizing the city’s ambitions.

Researchers with the Technical University of Denmark used a computer-aided product design method for the design and solvent selection of what?

A new mural painted in Florida by Dutch artist Leon Keer takes up 1,500 square feet and uses what technology for additional viewing?

In an effort to resolve the Millennium Tower’s sinking and tilting, the project received clearance to install ___ concrete-filled steel-pipe piles within steel casings along two sides of the building.

True or False: Restorations to the Notre Dame Cathedral include replacing confessional boxes and altars with modern art murals and sound effects.

The Tampa Museum of Art Foundation recently announced plans for a renovation and expansion that will cost nearly how much?

After five years of construction, the world’s second tallest building, a 118-story skyscraper, has been completed in what country?

A collection of murals restored by the Landmark Trust at a medieval manor in Yorkshire, England, are believed to date back to the reign of which English monarch?

Researchers are studying a 2,050-year-old Roman tomb, built using volcanic aggregate, for insight into what?

The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program provides ____ income tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic income-producing buildings.

Australian competitors won the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 competition with a structure that highlighted the repurpose and reuse of local materials, as well as sustainable design, by using what?

An architecture firm in a London neighborhood featured ____ in a housing project, based on a nearby statue.

The use of thermocol or extended polystyrene as a composite material in reinforced concrete could help buildings resist ____.

In a new quarterly Home Building Geography Index report, a shift of residential construction within suburban and lower-cost market areas is most notably pronounced within which sector?

French organizations involved in the Notre Dame cathedral restoration are considering a design change for which part of the building?

Local preservationists successfully prevented the demolition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1894 Fredrick Bagley House in which state?

The budget for construction on Seattle’s KeyArena has increased from $600 million to over $1 billion, in part due to the arena’s status of a historic building because of its exterior glass and ____.

An art installation in Denver not only acts as a skate park, but also improves the city’s infrastructure by doing what?

As of 2020, which country holds the record for the greatest number of buildings completed that are over 200 meters tall?

The Architecture Billing Index has recorded what score for July 2021?

Following the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Florida, investigation announced that they found what type of building failure, which contributed to the collapse?

In November 2020, the Virgin Hyperloop company announced that it had conducted a trial with human passengers in a hyperloop capsule that ultimately reached how many miles per hour?

Who was the recipient of the 2021 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects?

True or false: The Commission of Fine Arts is a president-appointed federal design oversight body that has aided in decisions on capital and federal architecture since 1910.

Global design and consultant organization Arcadis recently released its International Construction Cost Index, which covers 100 of the world’s largest cities for cost comparison across 20 building functions. Which city was reportedly the most expensive for construction?

True or false: China’s National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a ban on “ugly” and “weird” architecture?

The Shepherd Color Company recently released this new pigment:

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Piano's studio Renzo Piano Building Workshop and executive architect Gensler, the new domed structure at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles features 1,500 glass shingles cut into how many different shapes?

Dutch architect Anne Holtrop recently featured her gypsum-cast designs in a remodeled London boutique. Not the first time on display, when were Holtrop’s designs first introduced?

A paint pigment war regarding the development of blackest black paint involves British artist Stuart Semple and ____ _______.

According to a recent PaintSquare Daily News article, the crown jewel of Amazon’s second headquarters is _________.

Researchers from what federal laboratory are working on developing a coating that changes color when exposed to high temperatures through friction or fire?

What historical landmark recently sought bids from engineers to rebuild a new retractable floor?

What color movement eventually spread to nearly every American city with similar architecture, with notable concentrations in St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Cincinnati?

Bjarke Ingels Group recently partnered with ICON, a construction technology developer, and SEArch+, to begin designing a sustainable habitat for where?

In December, the American Institute of Architects Board of Directors adopted new rules into the association’s Code of Ethics, prohibiting certain designs of what types of facilities?

According to recent reports, work on the LAX International Airport Terminals 2, 3, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B) is slated to finish how many months ahead of schedule?

In “2020 Vision” published earlier this year, coatings manufactures released annual color trends focusing on all except:

True or false: The American institute of Architects recently updated its B109-2020, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Multi-Family Residential or Mixed-Use Residential Project.

Awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects and approved by Her Majesty The Queen, who was the 2021 recipient of the Royal Gold Medal?

Recently, the American Institute of Architects and the American Institute of Steel Construction joint-issued a paper to describe the roles and responsibilities of project participants in design collaboration scenarios. The paper was born out of noticing what two commonly used terms?

True or False: Rutile titanium dioxide is often used to provide color (white) and opacity to coatings.

What type of coating was recently used to protect the interior steel trusses of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California?

True or false: The term "encaustic" describes a faux finish made to look like marble.

True or false: A sacrificial pigment is likely to be used as a midcoat.

True or false: The American Institute of Architects recently supported a proposed Executive Order mandating classical architecture for federal properties.

True or false: The name of the test instrument used to determine a coating’s resistance to fading through accelerated exposure to light is Light-Resistance Chamber.

What type of pigments possess colorant value and hiding power?

True or false: Marmorino is recommended for humid environments such as bathrooms.

What color system or standard relies on instrumental measurement?

True or false: According to the AIA, a sustainability consultant can be an architect or a non-architect.

The most stringent performance standard for organic coatings on architectural aluminum requires how many years of successful performance on panels exposed at a South Florida test site?

True or false: Levels 1 and 2 of drywall finish allow tool marks and ridges.

A lamellar pigment, such as mica, to which combinations of white and colored pigments have been chemically attached to the surface, is called what?

True or false: Neutral colors such as beige on classroom walls benefits student performance the most, according to a PaintSquare writer.

True of false: The steel used in the overhead canopy of the Banc of California Stadium for major league soccer was coated with a zinc/epoxy/polyurethane system in the shop to achieve speed and efficiency.

True or false: The official name of the color continuously used on the Golden Gate Bridge is Golden Harvest.

True or false: One color specialist has stated that “LEDs could replace paint as the future of color in architecture.”

True or false: The International Commission on Aesthetics deals with color and color measurement.

What organization published a white paper to help all architects understand the need for materials transparency?

True or false: Preservationists always prefer penetrating sealers over coatings on masonry substrates in work to preserve historic structures.

True or false: A higher percentage of women than of men perceive color correctly.

What organization provides research grants to fund projects that will advance the future of architectural design and practice?

True or false: In determining the type and color of original finishes on historical structures, sophisticated techniques of chemical analysis are not effective.

What organization deals with color and color measurement?

What is the name of the organization that focuses on color and design trends?

What name is given to the faux painting effect created by using glazes and brushes to create a look like textured fabric?

Which process aims to depict a building at a particular time in its history by preserving materials from the period of significance and removing materials from other periods?

What is the name of the evolving field of practice and research that can measure current environmental conditions and enable buildings to adapt their form, shape, color or character and respond accordingly?

Consisting of casein, clay, earth pigments and lime, this material is used mostly by decorative painters to create a flat, coarse finish on antiques and historic substrates.

True or false: A California survey conducted by an energy provider found that 80 percent of homeowners preferred having both natural gas and electricity rather than an all-electric home.

In what French city is there a college focused on education and training in the creation of murals?

What organization publishes standards for the treatment of historic properties?

What is the name of the painting technique that employs shades of grey to imitate sculpture?

True or false: The thin, pasty liquid used for adhering gold leaf and filling surface imperfections is called a starch coat.

True or false: According to a D+D article, “Polished concrete is gaining in popularity not only for its aesthetic potential, but also for its tolerance to moisture from within the concrete.”

In what country is the central office of the international organization that deals with color and color measurement?

What is continuity testing of coatings?

True or false: CICP (Complex Inorganic Color Pigments) combines extremely durable colorfastness with IR-reflective capability but cannot produce vivid colors.

In protective coatings work the word “embedment” refers to what, according to SSPC?

What is the difference between vapor barriers and an air barriers in terms of their resistance requirements?

ISO/TC 35/SC 14 is in charge of a standard on what topic?

What organization bills itself as “an international association of building envelope consultants"?

A recent D+D In Depth article on floor coatings recommended what action to combat high alkalinity at the surface of a concrete slab?

What is a commonly used umbrella term for these decorative techniques: marmorino, marmarella, gesso fiorentino, stucco veneziano, antico, stucco lustro and spatulata?

True or false: Wood restoration products based upon epoxy resins do not degrade upon exposure to UV light.

What faux technique uses mineral pigment or raw silk fiber for veining?

What organization recently published Placing and Finishing Decorative Concrete Flatwork?

What is the term for the decorative technique that fools the eye?

True or false: Linseed oil built up in multiple coats on a wood floor is likely to be very glossy but not very slippery.

True or false: According to a recently published marketing study, the majority of architectural coatings is used on commercial and institutional buildings.

What organization is focused on “telling the stories of architecture, engineering and design”?

What name is sometimes given to a faux version of marble?

If a mural fools the eye, what is the name of the technique used to create it?

In concrete polishing work, an appearance defined as a Level 4 sheen and a cream aggregate exposure is the most expensive to produce.

Which process aims to depict a building at a particular time in its history by preserving materials from the period of significance and removing materials from other periods?

According to the Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary (originally published by the FSCT, now part of the American Coatings Association), "Venetian mosaic" is a synonym for what?

What organization has a subdivision that deals with decorative concrete?

The Graffiti Resource Council is an affiliate of what larger organization?

True or false: Portland cement plaster is another name for stucco.

Which coating type is used on EIFS?

The International Commission on Illumination deals with what subject?

True or false: Composition wood used for ornamental finishes has been employed for hundreds of years.

What British paint company has evocative names for paint colors, such as Elephant’s Breath and Dead Salmon?

What is the name of a decorative plaster made from lime putty and crushed marble?

Brad Bowman is noted for developments in what area of decorative finishing?

The Decorative Concrete Council is a unit of what larger association?

What is scagliola?

True or false: According to an architect quoted in a recent D+D article, with architectural color, “the more permanent the element, the more neutral we are with color.”

True or false: Among concrete polishing technologies, there are now polishable dyes and toppings.

What is the term for the decorative technique that employs glazes and brushes to create a look like woven linen?

True or false: SSPC’s recently issued technology update on fluoropolymer finish coats deals with architectural as well as industrial applications.

True or false: Cement paint is supplied in dry powder form and sometimes incorporates pigments for decorative purposes, according to the Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary.

True or false: According to a recent D+D article, maintenance procedures and costs for polished concrete floors can be up to 70% lower than for other floor coverings.

True or false: “Faux,” the French word for certain decorative coating techniques, literally means “fools the eye.”

True or false: A fingerprint technique is a qualitative test to determine the cleanability of a coating.

True or false: Concrete repair materials can be created to match the appearance of the original concrete.

True or false: Methyl methacrylate resins are sometimes used to formulate floor coatings.

What artist is noted for his colorful glass sculptures?

True or false: In addition to gold, copper is sometimes used in thin leaf form for decorative purposes.

A thin, pasty liquid used for adhering gold leaf and filling surface imperfections is called what?

When assessing the moisture content of wood with a suitable moisture meter, what level of moisture is generally considered to be the upper limit for successful painting?

True or false: Acrylic binders are sometimes used in intumescent coatings for building interiors.

True or false: Concrete repair materials can be made to match the color of the original concrete.

What kind of plaster contains lime and marble dust?

How is talc normally classified as a pigment in coatings?

What organization published 310R-13, Guide to Decorative Concrete?

True or false: Because dyes react chemically with concrete, they are not true to their color charts.

What organization published the Guide to Decorative Concrete in December 2013.

What is another name for Portland cement plaster?

The International Commission on Illumination deals with what subject?

How are acrylic polymer-based coatings used in the building envelopes of architectural structures?

True or false: The French city of Lyon has established the first college focused on education and training in the creation of murals.

Where is the National Building Museum?

True or false: Scagliola is a faux version of marble.

True or false: trompe l’oeil is a kind of Venetian plaster.

True or false: Opaque stains have a more limited color range on concrete than acid stains.

For the first time, the American Institute of Architects has awarded its Gold Medal to a woman. She is:

True or False: The veneer plaster marmorino is sometimes recommended for humid environments such as bathrooms.

The Architectural Painting Decision Tree, a web-based tool for selecting and specifying architectural coatings, was developed and launched in 2013 by MPI with the development help of what other organization?

What organization focuses on stenciling and other decorative painting techniques?

What is another name for Portland cement plaster?

Who was the first president of the American Institute of Architects?

True or false? Portland cement plaster is the main component of EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing systems).

True or False? Anodizing of architectural aluminum is normally completed in a single-step process that produces both an oxide film and the desired color.

True or False? Marmorino, a veneer decorative plaster, was recommended for humid environments such as bathrooms in an article on specifying decorative finishes.

In a marketing study, what attribute of decorative concrete did contractors rate as the most valuable?

The Decorative Concrete Council is a unit of what larger association?

According to the Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary (originally published by the FSCT, now part of the American Coatings Association), "Venetian mosaic" is a synonym for what?

Why would integral coloring of concrete during mixing be preferable to use of dyes and stains on polished concrete substrates?

What is the literal translation of the decorative painting term “trompe l’oeil?”

What decorative artisan was named an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects?

In concrete polishing, what is the term used to describe the point when the diamond tool has refined the surface to the degree to which it no longer cuts, or cuts very little, under its current weight and variables as defined by the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA)?

True or false: Recently reported research has confirmed that men can distinguish subtle color differences better than women.

A thin, pasty liquid used for adhering gold leaf and filling surface imperfections is called what?

True or false: Opaque stains produce color on a concrete floor by reacting chemically with the concrete.

To achieve color and gloss retention at very high heat exposure (500-600 F), what type of resin base would be used to formulate a coating?

In addition to gold, what other metal is applied as thin leaf for decorative purposes?

True or false: In creating the best appearance on a concrete polished floor, it is more important to achieve a higher specular gloss value than it is to achieve a high distinctness of image value.

True or false: A recently developed wallpaper is made from gold leaf applied to canvas backing.

A new UK government crackdown on “wasteful extravagance in educational architecture” recommends all of these for future schools except:

True or false: Little or no maintenance is required on a polished concrete floor.

What term is used by the Concrete Polishing Association of America to describe the condition when a diamond tool has refined a concrete surface to the point when it no longer cuts the surface, or cuts very little?

What is another name for stucco?

Antico, marmarino, and spatulata, are examples of what type of decorative finish?

True or false: Abrasive blasting is sometimes used to impart a texture to concrete surfaces.

At age 75, the Golden Gate Bridge still sports its original signature hue. What is the official name of that color?

True or false: A higher percentage of women than of men perceive color incorrectly.

What do the following decorative treatments have in common: marmorino, marmerella, antico, and spatulata?

True or false: Acid stains can produce a broader range of colors on concrete than opaque stains can.

What organization gives the annual HUE awards recognizing outstanding use of color in architecture and interior design?

Which of the following projects will not be recognized as a AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Project at the AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition in Washington, D.C.?

In decorative finishing, what is a “strie” effect?

What decorative artisan recently was honored with the distinction of Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects?

What is the name of a decorative plaster made from lime putty and crushed marble?

True or false: A high gloss finish on polished concrete is more slip-resistant than a medium gloss or semi-gloss finish.

True or false: Using dyes on concrete floors eliminates the non-uniformity of color that is a trademark of acid stains.

True or false: Some types of stains react with concrete to produce color; other types achieve color without reacting with the concrete.

True or false: Polished concrete flooring is maintenance-free after it has been applied.

Which of the following elements of design of steel structures is most likely to promote corrosion?

Construction recently began on a building that is being called the "greenest" commercial building on the planet. This project is under way in which of the following cities?

RINA in the UK is the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. What is the Italian RINA?

What magazine focuses on decorative concrete and hosts an annual show on the subject?

What is one difference between polished concrete and terrazzo?

What artisan in decorative and restoration arts was honored by the American Institute of Architects in 2009?

True or false: Acid stains can produce a broader range of colors on concrete than opaque stains.

What is another name for stucco?

True or false: Gloss level is the main measure of slipperiness in a polished concrete floor.

True or false: A higher percentage of men than women percieve color incorrectly.

True or false: Grinding, densifying, honing, and polishing is the typical sequence of surface preparation steps in creating a polished concrete floor.

What is the main difference between diamond-polished concrete and terrazzo?

What is scagliola?

Adding color to concrete can be achieved through use of:


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