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Daily Quiz (88)

Construction input prices jumped ___ in February compared to the previous month, according to an analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Producer Price Index data.

A recently developed process from scientists in Germany uses what to create a variety of adhesives, with potential uses for coatings and other materials?

True or False: The San Diego Mayor and City Council chose to uphold the 10-year-old ban on project labor agreements with local labor organizations on city-funding construction.

A team of researchers at Arizona State University is pursuing ways to lower carbon dioxide emissions involved in the __ manufacturing process.

True or False: International science company Solvay developed an automated system to calculate a product’s carbon footprint produced from raw material extraction to when it leaves the factory.

The United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued a notice to financial institutions, highlighting a “concerning” increase in payroll tax evasion and workers’ compensation fraud in what industry?

Which state was given the title of the worst infrastructure, based on CNBC’s annual study scores for America’s Top States for Business?

The Architectural Billings Index reported ___ in billings at architecture firms in April.

True or False: Workers Memorial Day, which honors workers whose jobs claimed their lives, began in 1970.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Producer Price Index data showed that construction material prices rose by how much in February?

AzkoNobel Aerospace Coatings has teamed up with American Airlines to use ________ technology to deliver a new way of training painters.

Reports shared that several capsules making up Tokyo’s famous Nakagin Capsule Tower, which used to stand 13 stories high with __ concrete boxes, have been restored and saved.

To create more sustainable concrete, Nationwide Engineering Research and Development has signed with partner The University of Manchester to further the commercialization of what material?

A coatings manufacturer recently shared results from its participation in an independent study to investigate the antimicrobial efficacy and safety of __ and powder coating surfaces.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers with ___ or more employees to keep OSHA injury and illness records and submit the required injury and illness data.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently awarded a $125,000 grant for the development of a standardized method to characterize the release of ___-based coatings.

A coating supplier recently partnered with a Los Angeles-based company to launch a “happiness-inducing” holiday capsule collection of what?

In December, Congress approved legislation to prevent an impending strike in what industry?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the number of women working in the construction industry has hit a record high, making up __ of the total workforce.

An unnamed manufacturer sent its antimicrobial coating to EMSL Analytical Inc. for testing and found that the coatings remained effective for how long?

A new study observed the ___ behavior of coatings in real-time, allowing researchers to better understand and design coatings.

Dodge Data & Analytics issued a new report on construction projects in the United States, revealing total constructions starts fell 9% in August, or a seasonally adjusted annual rate of ___.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation will offer low-cost, flexible financing for nearly __ of transit project costs.

Marine and protective coatings company Jotun recently announced that one of its ___ coatings has provided more than 30 years of maintenance-free corrosion protection at the splash zone of an offshore asset.

True or False: A second-quarter report revealed that building and renovation project costs fell by 5% over the past year in New York City.

The U.S. House Appropriations Committee announced the approval of the 2023 Military Construction, Veteran Affairs, and Related Agencies bill, which sees an increase of __ compared to last year.

Within the labor shortage, __ of the 12 million people in the skilled trades workforce are over the age of 45.

True or False: 15 of the 25 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. reported in 2020 were the positions in the construction industry.

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology are utilizing machine learning to design what type of films?

True or False: To remain sustainable, coatings manufacturer Teknos has removed plastics from all its materials.

True or False: Connor Fields, the keynote speaker for the Commercial Painting Industry Association’s Leadership Conference, is the only American athlete to receive an Olympic Gold Medal for BMX Racing.

Which country recently awarded financial assistance to an industrial coatings company to boost the adoption of digital technologies?

Global coatings manufacturer PPG plans to complete over 25 _______ makeovers through its New Paint for a New Start initiative this month.

True or False: According to a recent report from Moody’s Analytics, while the U.S. economy is witnessing inflation, dropped savings rates, and increased revolving credit and interest rates, a recession is inevitable.

The Associated General Contractors of America found that construction employment gained how many jobs between March and April?

Which coatings company was recently named the official paint of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort?

True or False: According to a recent study, nine in 10 contractors want to work more closely with architects than they do today, and eight in 10 architects want to work more closely with contractors.

Independent paint manufacturing company Kelly-Moore Paints has teamed up with which retailer to offer same- and next-day deliveries of its paint and paint products?

Which coatings company recently deployed a private fleet of trucks and railcars to speed up its raw materials deliveries?

A new contract between the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri, and The Builders’ Association included a wage increase of what percentage for members?

True or False: The Illinois Department of Labor recently issued a conclusion of the Employment of Illinois Workers on Public Works Act, which requires employees on all public works projects to be comprised of a minimum of 90% Illinois residents.

True or False: A lawsuit was recently filed in federal court against The Sherwin-Williams Company over a 4% “supply chain surcharge.”

An estimated ____ gallons of waste product associated with the manufacture of paint was spilled by truck hauling company, Action Enterprise, while leaving a coatings plant in Illinois last month.

True or False: To protect a U.S. food and beverage manufacturing facility’s oven room, crews installed wall coatings and a new tile flooring system.

In a December JPCL project case study, crews worked to rehabilitate and apply new coatings to this type of U.S. food and beverage manufacturing facility:

An unintended byproduct of the paint manufacturing process results in ___ being added, which could be harmful in concentration to aquatic animals and could lead to human dietary exposure.

Studies suggest that counterfeit and falsified coatings currently make up ___ and could reach ___ of the Russian coatings market.

In a new quarterly Home Building Geography Index report, a shift of residential construction within suburban and lower-cost market areas is most notably pronounced within which sector?

True or false: SKUs is an acronym for stock-keeping units.

True or False: Paul Bruhn Construction Revitalization Grants is a program that finances construction in rural areas.

Amendments within the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Senate offer financial protections for construction projects that are assisted by what?

How much money in Bitcoin did Colonial Pipeline recently pay in ransom to DarkSide in order to return its pipelines to “normal operations”?

According to the CPIA-sponsored webinar, “Top 4 Growth Strategies That You Probably Don’t Know About” by Jim McBrayer, acceptable rate of customer churn is:

What is the ASTM standard for mechanical testing?

In April, the Yenkin-Majestic Paints plant experienced an explosion, resulting in one fatality and numerous injuries. Where is the plant located?

In regard to company growth strategies, high-value activities that are also customer interfacing include all, except:

According to attendees of PaintSquare Connect’s Industrial Coatings: 2021 Market Outlook webinar, the biggest challenges they face in 2021 are:

According to a poll taken during PaintSquare Connect’s recent webinar “Industrial Coatings: 2021 Market Outlook,” the majority of participants said that business during the COVID-19 pandemic:

True or false: Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, construction costs declined in the majority of cities from October 2019 to October 2020.

According to Jim McBrayer, CEO, McBrayer & Associates, in his PaintSquare Connect Webinar, “How to Secure Meetings with Decisionmakers and Keep Them Captivated,” the five valid business reasons to meet include all of the following except:

True or false: Axalta Coating Systems purchased the Valspar Corporation's North American Wood Coatings business for $420 million.

Many coating manufacturers recommend what maximum relative humidity within a concrete slab before their flooring products are applied, according to a D+D article?

True or false: Paint and coating manufacturing is one of the targeted industries in OSHA’s revised National Emphasis Program for respirable crystalline silica.

How many joint SSPC/NACE standards are there?

True or false: Some paint brands claim 100% transparency in their labeling, according to a PaintSquare publication.

True or false: The projected date of voting by the memberships on the merger of SSPC and NACE is April 1, 2021.

What JPCL contributor is a fellow of ASTM, ICRI and ACI, as well as a recipient of JPCL’s Clive Hare Honors?

What organization is advising SSPC and NACE during merger talks?

True or false: In addition to the current effort, SSPC and NACE last had extended discussions about a merger in 1985-86.

True or false: The American Architectural Manufacturers Association is merging with the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance.

What organization has a council that deals with architectural coatings?

True or false: Industry experts universally agree that sweep blasting is the best remedy for exceeding the coating manufacturer’s maximum recommended interval for topcoating a primer or intermediate coat.

What is one thing Lloyd Smith, Bernie Appleman and Bob Kogler have in common?

The Roof Coating Manufacturers Association merged with what other organization in 2015?

What is one thing that John Peart, Bob Kogler, and Bernie Appleman have in common?

True or false: Among solar shingle manufacturers, two leading companies are Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Which coating manufacturer recently received Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 North American Protective and Marine Coatings Growth Excellence Leadership Award?

Can you rank the world's top three paint and coating companies in the correct order by size?

What organization merged with the National Paint and Coatings (NPCA) in 2009?

Rooted in the dawn of the Automobile Age, DuPont Performance Coatings has a new name. What is it?

What company recently sold its performance coatings business?

Which of the following coating companies was not acquired by PPG in the last several years?

If you’re a contractor concerned with meeting the end condition appearance requirements for steel after blast cleaning, what precaution might you take?

What do Sigma Kalon, Keeler & Long, and Ameron have in common?

What country produces and consumes the most paint?

Among the four paint companies shown below, which one is the oldest?

True or false: Coating manufacturers no longer recommend coal tar epoxy coating systems.

True or false: Federal law requires that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), also know as a Product Safety Data Sheet, be published by coating manufacturers for their products, and that employers have these data sheets on hand in the workplace.


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