Daily Quiz (80)

A 63-year-old sculpture in Jamestown, North Dakota, shaped like what animal, is being prepared for an upcoming paint job?

Decorative paints company Coral, an AkzoNobel-owned brand, has recently developed a _________-repellent coating to fight against dengue fever in Brazil.

More than _________ gallons of coating material were sprayed inside the penstock that took first place in Sherwin-Williams’ 2021 Water and Wastewater Impact Awards.

Why are zinc-rich coatings sometimes applied to structural concrete?

True or False: A new method for creating four-component, titanium-based nanocomposite coatings used to protect gas turbine engines requires high temperatures to develop.

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories have recently developed an environmentally friendly protective coating inspired by:

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently released a report on the commercial availability and current uses of ________ found in various paints, coatings and varnishes.

How many awards were bestowed as part of the 2021 JPCL Prestige Awards program?

True or False: The filing and mandatory testing requirements of imported paint and coatings in China has been revoked as a result of a recent order.

Technology Publishing co.’s fifth annual Contactor Connect will be hosted in:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration released a new fact sheet regarding the hazards related to the use of preservative coatings in ___________ processes.

Korean researchers have developed a forensic tool that can inspect concrete structures that have been damaged by what?

University of Central Florida researchers announced that they were working on a protective coating that would target and kill the COVID-19 virus using what type of radiation?

In Paul Atzemis and Tony Persutti’s (Carboline) JPCL article, “Powering Up,” which of the following coatings were applied to stacks at a liquefied natural gas facility in Medway, Massachusetts?

The world’s largest regional theme park company and largest operator of waterparks in North America, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, recently struck a five-year preferred paint supplier agreement with which of the following companies?

The current life expectancy for protective coatings on new steel bridges is roughly:

What company was responsible for providing the protective coatings for NASA’s Perseverance rover?

Where were the protective coatings tested for NASA’s Perseverance rover?

To be used in food service, railcar linings must meet strict compliance requirements set forth in:

The JPCL Archives are comprised of how many years of JPCL digital issues dating back to 1996?

In March, an electric-resistant coatings technology was utilized to avoid the demolition of a Victorian-era railway bridge. What university was credited for developing the specialty coating?

Last month, engineers from Network Rail—owner of Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd in London—recently avoided the demolition of a Victorian-era railway bridge by utilizing a _______-resistant coating.

Traditional epoxy phenolic coating technology for CUI mitigation recommends a film thickness for each coat to be typically __ - __ mils.

Inorganic zinc coatings have proven capable of withstanding temperatures up to ___ F (___ C) in non-immersion service without any loss in performance.

Who was the top lawyer to investigate the 1988 oil platform explosion that occurred on Piper Alpha in the North Sea on July 6?

It is estimated that the cost of painting an offshore structure in an autonomous painting facility can be as low as 1- __% less per square meter in comparison with carrying out coating onsite.

Diversified natural resources company, Teck Resources Limited (Vancouver, Canada) recently announced that it would be testing its antimicrobial copper coatings on what type of high-touch surfaces?

What certification does a lining require when coating water tanks that are slated to house drinking water?

When is NSF 600, a new health requirement requiring all coatings in contact with potable water to meet new, lower extraction levels, slated to go into effect?

True or False: ICS No. 1 and ICS No. 5 meet the American Water Works Standard D102.

Over the last decade, bridge painting costs have risen how much?

During a 2019 lining project to protect process vessels at the largest oil field in Iraq, what type of epoxy was chosen for the job?

In the October issue of JPCL, what process did Alison B. Kaelin compare similarities to the protective coatings industry?

True or false: NFPA 285 is a test that provides a method of determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load bearing wall assemblies/panels?

Optically active pigment (OAP) technology can help uncover all of the following coating mechanisms except:

What are AIM coatings?

Choose the failure term defined by an authority as the “formation of blisters of solvent vapor in wet coating surfaces that break but do not level because of too great a viscosity."

True or false: A laboratory study has demonstrated that feathering of sound coating around areas of repair does not influence or increase the longevity of a protective coating system applied over the repair area.

True or false: Fugitive emissions, according to SSPC, are overspray particles from paint spraying operations.

What company recently conducted a trial of a graphene-infused coating on a 700-square-meter section of a container ship?

What organization publishes the “Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems”?

True or false: In protective coatings, the rutile and not the anatase form of titanium dioxide is used.

What organization maintains a database giving the results of bridge coatings’ performance testing?

True or false: The U.S. test of protective materials on steel exposed to a rapid rise fire includes weathering exposure.

True or false: SSPC’s Fundamentals of Protective Coatings e-course is available in Mandarin Chinese.

What coating specialist said, “I don’t know how to calibrate a nose?”

True or false: Zinc-rich coatings do not work well in protecting steel substrates in predominantly wet, highly alkaline exposure environments.

True or false: In ASTM’s standard definition of protective coating work, inspection is included as one of the operations required to accomplish a complete coating job.

True or false: The Norsok M 501 standard on protective coatings was created by the Norwegian shipping industry.

True or false: Zinc pyrithione is used as a non-toxic corrosion inhibitor in protective coatings.

What organization patented the use of a magnetic field sensor array that’s placed in a pipeline after installation via horizontal directional drilling in order to send back information that engineers can analyze to identify coating damage that may have occurred during the installation process?

True or false: The Department of Transportation awarded funds to an engineering company in Hawaii to develop a corrosion-resistant, non-toxic coating for retrofitting the interiors of potable water pipelines.

True or false: SSPC’s CCI certification of concrete coating inspectors applies to protective coatings for industrial structures but not architectural coatings.

True or false: The cost to repair a premature failure of the protective coating system on an offshore wind turbine can be over 100 times the cost per square meter for the coating when originally applied in the paint shop.

What is the name given to the zinc ammonium chloride solution that cleans and deposits a protective layer on steel before it is immersed in molten zinc to achieve galvanizing?

True or false: There are significant differences between the AISC and SSPC certification standards for shop application of protective systems.

True or false: Two-component polyurethanes used as protective coatings are thermosetting coatings.

Victor Charles Nightingall is noted for his work developing what protective coating technology?

True or false: For high-performance protective coatings, polysiloxanes that combine silicone with acrylic or epoxy have demonstrated the greatest benefit.

True or false: The Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) was created by ISO.

True or false: Spraying of in-place pipeline interiors with lining materials can be commercially completed by robotic systems on both straight runs and 45- and 90-degree radius bends.

True or false: The French organization Cefracor offers long-term guarantees on tank lining and other protective coatings work.

What organization conducts a National Transportation Product Evaluation Program?

True or False: There is an ISO performance standard for coating systems used on offshore structures.

ISO 12944 on corrosion protection of steel with protective coatings lists how many environmental exposure classes?

True or False? According to the SSPC’s Protective Coatings Glossary, “industrial finishes” and “industrial maintenance paint” are synonymous.

What is the acronym, used frequently in VOC regulations, for architectural and protective coatings?

What organization is engaged in performance testing of bridge coatings for state highway departments?

How many coating and lining systems are called out in JPCL’s 2012 Coating Systems Buying Guide?

The IMO’s Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for corrosion protection of cargo tanks in crude oil carriers requires that coatings applied to new tanks must have a useful life of how many years in good condition?

In addition to standing for the Chemical Abstracts Service, how is the acronym CAS used today in the protective coatings industry?

At age 75, the Golden Gate Bridge still sports its original signature hue. What is the official name of that color?

In reporting sales volumes, the Department of Commerce classifies protective and marine coatings under what larger heading?

What is one main component of the coating work strategy called “beneficial procrastination?”

What is a common term used to describe the survey of coatings and substrates in an industrial plant to create a maintenance painting plan and budget?

Why are chlorinated rubber and vinyl coatings no longer widely used in the U.S. as protective coatings?

What standard classifies the durability of anti-corrosion paint systems as low, medium, and high?

Micaceous iron oxide is a pigment providing what kind of properties to protective coatings among the choices listed?

In protective coatings work, which of the following might be called a dolly?

How is a sieve analysis used in protective coating work?


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