Daily Quiz (119)

Featured in the July 2021 issued of JPCL, about how many gallons of paint were used for the coatings rehabilitation project at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina?

True or false: Infrared radiation thermal imaging can be used to monitor coating application only if the coating being applied is thermosetting.

How many courses does SSPC offer to train applicators to apply high and 100% solids coatings?

True or false: Plural-component spray equipment can typically handle material ratios from 1:1 to 10:1.

True or false: Both cementitious and fibrous spray-applied, fire-resistant materials can contain Portland cement binders.

True or false: SIPP is the acronym for a robotic spray process to reline pipeline interiors.

Examining the drip pattern from a burst of paint sprayed onto a vertical surface with an airless spray gun will reveal what possible problem?

What is considered to be the main advantage of an HVLP spray system?

The “spreading rate of a coating to a completely flat surface, assuming no losses in handling” defines what term?

True or false: One possible cause of dry spray when using airless equipment is excessive spray pressure.

True or false: A moisture content of 15%, as measured by a moisture meter, is generally considered the upper limit for successful painting of wood.

What organization publishes a maintenance repainting manual?

What coating specialist wrote a critique on PaintSquare of the ISO standard for assessing acceptable levels of dust on surfaces prepared for painting?

True or false: For spot repair of coatings, the selection of abrasive blasting as the surface preparation method is questionable.

What organization publishes the document, “Standard Terminology for Paint, Related Coatings, Materials and Applications"?

True or false: The qualifications of commercial painting contractors can be certified by SSPC.

True or false: With electrostatic painting, waterborne coatings are conductive and tend to carry a charge that can cause issues with “grounding out” when they are sprayed.

The cliché about “location, location, location” being the three most important things in assessing the value of a house is mirrored by what similar phrase offered by a PaintSquare coating specialist on the three most important considerations in painting a bridge?

True or false: A large public school system wanting to paint its buildings could specify SSPC-QP 8 in order to acquire an SSPC-certified contractor for the work.

True or false: Typical ranges of electrostatic transfer efficiency are anywhere from 85 to 95 percent, depending on the target type and other factors, according to an industry expert.

True or false: Infrared curing of coatings can have a lower operating cost than convection curing.

True or false: One paint consultant advocates for the use of a hammer to check for compliance with SSPC-SP 6 after the paint has been applied.

True or false: Air and airless spray produce about the same amount of overspray.

What paint application method produces the most overspray?

True or false: At very high temperatures (higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit), the top of applied coatings may skin over or cure too quickly, trapping air or solvent bubbles.

In paint application by conventional air spraying, what causes dry spray?

True or false: In spray-applying zinc-rich paints, the zinc dust particles will not separate from the binder once they have been mixed together thoroughly.

True or false: When the relative humidity is high, curing times for waterborne coatings will be shorter than what is stated as normal on the application data sheet.

True or false: HVLP spraying is used to apply thermoplastic powder.

True or false: NACE publishes a standard that gives durability grades of low, medium and high for paint systems in various environments and levels of surface preparation.

What term describes the degree of drying of paint “when no loosening, detachment, wrinkling or other distortion of the film occurs when the thumb is borne downward while simultaneously turning the thumb through an angle of 90 degrees in the plane of the film ... and maximum pressure is exerted by the arm”?

Which of the following is not the subject of an SSPC Qualification Procedure for application contractors?

True or false: Both hogs and badgers produce material used in paint brushes.

What was the first organization to initiate painter competitions, in which teams of three painters competed against one another in demonstrating their craft by coating a large steel panel with attached angles and pipe sections?

True or false: When assessing the moisture content of wood with an electronic moisture meter, a moisture level of 30 percent is generally considered the upper limit for successful painting.

True or false: Polar solvents can be used to make paint sufficiently conductive for electrostatic spraying.

True or false: Size used on plaster and metal has the same composition.

What term is defined as the percentage of coating solids actually applied to the substrate by spray application?

True or false: According to protective coating specialist Lee Wilson, increasing topcoat thickness when intermediate coat thickness is too low in order to achieve the specified total system thickness is not acceptable as good painting practice.

True or false: Most coating specialists say that stripe coating the edges of steel substrates is necessary even when edge-retention primers are used.

True or false: Thermoplastic powder can be applied by thermal spray.

What organization offers training and certification as a thermal spray coatings inspector?

What kind of binder is used with thermal spray aluminum?

True or false: Conventional air spray application of coatings causes more overspray than airless spray.

True or false: Respirable hazardous materials may be produced in some thermal spraying operations.

True or false: Service centers for steel rail tank cars are not well suited to conducting repairs on interior linings, according to a JPCL article.

What is another name for induction time?

True or false: A drawdown bar is used to apply wallpaper.

True or false: Tack-free and dry-to-touch times after coating application are not the same.

True or false: According to a recent JPCL article, freshly applied thermal spray aluminum is close in appearance to steel newly blasted to white metal.

True or false: A Maryland State Highway Administration study of coatings’ field performance confirmed that two-coat bridge painting systems are more cost-effective than the standard three-coat, zinc-epoxy-urethane system.

What is the name used for the period of time when a coating remains workable as it is applied to smooth the film and avoid excessive build at laps.

According to ASTM, what application method produces edge-tracking?

What is an alternative to hot potting?

In a study of shop-applied topcoats reported in JPCL, which generic type achieved a hardened film that resisted handling damage at lower temperatures (50 degrees Fahrenheit) and higher humidity (75 percent RH) in the shortest amount of time?

True or false: Some intumescent coating types may require up to five coats and 25 days from initial application to completion of the finish coat at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

True or false: A D+D In Depth article argues that the risks of moisture-related, single-wythe CMU wall problems based on the initial selection of the coating and number of repaints cannot be predicted.

True or false: When a cold-weather coating is used to coat steel in temperatures below freezing, it is not necessary for the surface temperature of the steel to be at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit above the dew point temperature.

Examining the drip pattern from a burst of paint sprayed onto a vertical surface with an airless spray gun will reveal what possible problem?

True or false: Airless spraying produces less overspray than conventional air spraying.

What do MPCAC and PLURAL have in common?

Which of the following formulating or application strategies can increase the hiding of a coating?

True or false: Products for exterior wood are sometimes formulated with high pigment concentrations to provide hiding power and to help seal the exposed wood microstructure.

What organization has validated a Wall Coating Applicator Training Program?

Which of the following is bad advice about spraying zinc-rich coatings?

True or false: Among the performance properties of polyureas, according to a JPCL article by Mike O’Donoghue and Vijay Datta, tolerance of low-temperature application is the weakest.

True or false: Waterborne coatings require special spray guns when applied by electrostatic spray.

In addition to trisodium phosphate, used for cleaning in painting operations, what other material has the acronym TSP?

SSPC recently entered into an agreement with what organization to provide global applicator training?

Which of the following is not a term used for application of metallic wire, metallic powder or thermoplastic powder?

True or false: Conventional air spraying tends to cause more overspray than airless spraying.

In coating work, what is transfer efficiency?

True or False: Weldability is very significant to the formulation of inorganic zinc preconstruction primers used in ship building.

What may be the result of excessive pressure in airless spray painting?

A chopper gun would most likely be used for what application?

True or False: SSPC and NACE jointly publish a standard on applicator training and certification for commercial painters.

Wind can cause or contribute to what problem of paint application?

Which of the following terms is generally considered synonymous with the term “trade sales paint”?

True or False: Dry-sprayed paint films, as occurs in high wind conditions, are rough, low in gloss, and cohesively inadequate.

True or False: Relative humidity at the surface of bridge steel may be different from the relative humidity in the atmosphere away from the steel surface.

True or False: It is important to keep the spray pot or container below the level of the work when applying zinc-rich paint.

True or False: When measuring dry film coating thickness in accordance with SSPC-PA 2, the required number of “area measurements” is based on the size of the structure.

True or False: Field-applied fluoropolymers cannot meet VOC levels of 100 grams per liter.

True or False: A seal coat over thermal-sprayed zinc will perform better if application is delayed until at least 30 days have elapsed so that natural oxidation can form on the zinc.

What is the relationship between a fog coat and a mist coat of paint?

True or False? Powder coatings are not used on architectural aluminum.

What does HVLP stand for?

Why do some product data sheets for coatings require that the substrate surface temperature be at least 5° F higher than the dew point temperature?

Which of the following is bad advice about spraying zinc-rich coatings?

What does “theoretical coverage” mean?

Why should the surface temperature of steel be at least 5 degrees higher than the dew point temperature before you blast-clean or paint?

What kind of spray application of a liquid coating to a metallic substrate is most commonly associated with the “wrap-around effect”?

What is the alpha-numeric designation of the recently published SSPC standard describing recommended best practice in applying plural component polyureas and polyurethanes?

How are the zinc particles in a zinc-rich coating kept in suspension during spray application?

What is the alphanumeric designation of the SSPC Paint Application Standard for measuring the thickness of dry coatings on concrete?

Which of the following is an environmentally benign material sometimes used to etch concrete before application of coatings?

SSPC’s Coating Application Specialist Standard, ACS-1, is issued jointly with what other organization?

True or false: Fire-resistant, intumescent coatings for steel are applied in one to three coats.

True or false: An SSPC Committee is working on a standard for qualifying and certifying commercial coating applicators.

Which of the following application methods achieves the greatest transfer efficiency?

Which of the following factors is a cause of dry spray in conventional air spray operations?

True or false: Painting over weld spatter on steel is an accepted practice.

True or false: To assure successful adhesion, more paint has to be applied to weathered wood so that it penetrates the soft, damaged layer and adheres to the sound substrate beneath.

True or false: Conventional air spraying produces less overspray than airless spraying.

True or false: Back brushing and back rolling are application techniques with the opposite effects.

True or false: Conventional air spraying creates more overspray than airless spraying does.

When spraying zinc rich coatings, why is it useful to have the spray pot or container positioned at or above the level of the work?

What is one typical duty of an inspector prior to the application of a primer?

Sharp edges on steel present special challenges to the coating applicator for what reason?

What application technique is likely to cause the most overspray?

What is involved in “zone painting” of a structure?

Windy conditions during spray application of coatings would be most likely to cause which of the following paint defects?

What check should you make first to find the cause of fish eyes in a coating film applied by air spray?

When airless spray painting, use a tip with a larger orifice for:

In conventional air spraying, which of the following spray techniques is wrong?

Which one of the following application methods has the highest range of transfer efficiency?

In what kind of spray application do the coating particles tend to wrap around edges of the substrate?

True or false: On lattice-type electric transmission towers, airless sprayers are often the main paint application tool.

What advantage does a high-volume, low-pressure spray system have?


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