Daily Quiz (56)

While material prices are increasing slightly, which construction subcategory is seeing a significant increase in cost when comparing August and September?

A research group developed low-carbon building materials, derived from natural __ worms.

Authorities in Perth, Australia, approved plans for what would be the world’s tallest __ hybrid building.

True or False: The use of American-made concrete and cement materials on federal infrastructure projects has received consistently high praise from the industry.

A research team tested how recycled tires used as columns could reinforce buildings and protect them from natural disasters, finding that the columns using the tires could withstand __ more pressure than the columns that did not use the tires.

The National Gallery of Victoria Architecture Commission recently selected this year’s large-scale outdoor installation, which uses what as its primary building material?

A new building material that has the look and feel of Styrofoam and is rated to withstand what is being used for construction of new homes in Central Florida?

Researchers from West Virginia University are testing the effectiveness of what as a more sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional building materials?

A team of researchers received a federal grant to explore capturing what in 3D-printed building materials?

A team of researchers have designed a building material that changes its ___ based on the outside temperatures.

A researcher from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College was recently awarded a grant to study a method for doing what on Mars?

The Singapore Government is considering issuing limits on ___ emissions in building products and household furnishings.

Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Co. recently published a study on the extent of pyrrhotite-related damages on what type of building foundation?

Versatile Building Products is now accepting submissions for what type of photo contest?

Texas A&M University College of Engineering was recently awarded a grant to study what type of green building material?

True or False: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, consumer prices in May surged 8.6% across the board when compared to the year prior, the highest rate since 1981.

A building material using a naturally occurring _________ as a binder was recently funded for environmentally friendly precast elements and ready-mixed materials.

The U.S. Department of Transportation issued a notice of a temporary public interest wavier regarding construction materials through the recent Buy America standards for how many days?

True or False: Cornell University is now home to a 6,000-pound robot with 3D printing capabilities.

An Icelandic architecture firm is looking to use what natural material to construct buildings?

Researchers from which European country have recently created what's being touted as the "world's first" zero emissions cement?

What waste material is being used to create adobe bricks in the 818 Brick Program?

True or False: A new residential building in Switzerland is expected to become the tallest cross-laminated timber building in the world upon its completion.

True or False: Projects funded by the bipartisan infrastructure law are allowed to use iron and steel materials manufactured anywhere in the world.

True or False: The United States and the United Kingdom recently reached a deal to partially lift tariffs on steel and aluminum exports from the U.K.

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently announced the selection of three university-led proposals for the development of technologies for living and working on:

Researchers from the University of Minho’s School of Engineering conducted a sustainability analysis related to the prevention of the development of ______ in building structures using nanotechnology.

A new computational tool for architects and engineers was recently developed by MIT to avoid construction materials that contain _______.

Some bridges in Michigan are being reinforced with what material to extend lifespan and resist corrosion?

A report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the prices of construction materials in January have jumped more than what percentage year-over-year?

True or False: Researchers from MIT have recently developed a new material reported to be stronger than steel and as light as plastic.

Building materials company LafargeHolcim and ECOncrete Tech have announced plans for an ecologically beneficial concrete score protection unit for what?

Global design and consultant organization Arcadis recently released its International Construction Cost Index, which covers 100 of the world’s largest cities for cost comparison across 20 building functions. Which city was reportedly the most expensive for construction?

The New York legislature recently passed a bill that is designed to promote the use of which of the following types of material for state construction projects:

Recently used for a new floor slab at a gym in Amesbury, Wiltshire, Nationwide Engineering’s “Concretene” aims to be about ___% stronger than standard concrete and is reported to reduce the need for steel reinforcement.

In a recent sustainable bridge PSDN article, what does FRP stand for in terms of composite materials?

What global food and beverage company recently announced a pilot program that demonstrates a roofing material made from the company’s recycled flexible packaging?

True or false: Civil engineers from the Cork Institute of Technology are planning to recycle wind turbines blades as coastline wake brakes later this year.

True or false: The tactic referred to as “Dutchman,” means to fill in gaps and attach necessary stone as needed.

A $30 million restoration project of Missouri’s Capitol Building, in Jefferson City, was reported to use how many pounds of material?

A temporary Pandemic Response Unit built in preparation for COVID-19 patients at the Joseph Brant Hospital, in Burlington, Ontario, used what type of supports to construct?

True or false: HUD publishes fire resistance ratings of archaic building materials.

The term, “wet storage stain,” is used to describe a condition of what substrate?

Properly installed and maintained with periodic recoats, an SPF roofing system should last how long, according to the SPF coating specialist Mason Knowles?

True or false: WUSI is the name of software that can be used to calculate the hygrothermal behavior of multi-layer building components exposed to natural weathering.

True or false: “By 2020 transparency will have permeated the world of building products,” says an article in PaintSquare Press.

True or false: HUD publishes fire resistance ratings of archaic building materials.

True or false: Mushroom sausages have been used as building materials.

What organization publishes fire resistance ratings of archaic building materials?

When specifying epoxies for green concrete, what attributes are important?

What organization has a test for determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels?

True or false: ASTM standards come up for review every 15 years.

Which process aims to depict a building at a particular time in its history by preserving materials from the period of significance and removing materials from other periods?

What organization recently issued a guide to materials transparency that details opportunities and risks?

Nanoparticles of what pigment can be incorporated into outdoor building materials, such as paint or concrete, to reduce smog?

True or false: One company is set to launch a product that allows you to grow your own building materials.


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