Daily Quiz (59)

True or False: The deadline to submit abstracts for presentations and discussion topics at the 2022 CPIA Leadership Conference is June 15.

True or False: The Commercial Painting Industry Association, in partnership with Technology Publishing Company, is calling for abstracts for presentations and discussion topics at the 2022 CPIA Leadership Conference.

True or False: Early-bird registration is open for the Commercial Painting Industry Association’s second annual CPIA Leadership Conference.

Technology Publishing Company’s Commercial Contractor Connect, in conjunction with the Commercial Painting Industry Association’s Leadership Conference, will host its second annual event this year near what city?

Technology Publishing co.’s fifth annual Contactor Connect will be hosted in:

SSPC-SP 13/NACE No. 6, “Surface Preparation of ________,” has led to a debate in the industry as to whether the document should be considered more of a guide than a standard.

During a presentation at the CoatingsTech Conference, Research Fellow Wenjun Wu explained that what type of polymer is the cornerstone of waterborne paint formulations?

True or false: The CPIA will be hosting an inaugural in-person even this year.

True or false: This year’s fourth annual Contractor Connect will be hosted in-person.

What date will the archived content from CORROSION 2021 be available until?

Abstracts for what industrial coatings event are due today?

Technology Publishing Co.’s upcoming virtual event, PaintSquare Connect, is comprised of four curriculum tracks including all except:

Regarding Technology Publishing Company’s upcoming PaintSquare Connect event, when will attendees be able to access/edit their personalized schedules?

Recently, PaintSquare Daily News announced session information regarding its upcoming virtual event, PaintSquare Connect. What date will all main pages for the event become active?

What organization will award a $2,500 cash prize and a sculpture prize for the best paper at its conference in 2020?

True or false: At the DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference this year, one presentation dealt with the use of dry ice for cleaning topside and non-skid ship coatings.

True or false: SSPC Coatings+ is expected to attract 1,500 coatings professionals in Long Beach, California, in February 2020.

Where is the international commission on illumination located?

What organization held the technical conference Greencoat China in October 2018?

What major coating event will be held this month in Atlantic City?

What organization will kick-off its 2019 annual conference with the training course, Surface Preparation for Concrete and Steel?

True or false: One course being offered at SSPC 2019 Coatings+ is Project Management for the Industrial Painting Contractor.

True or false: One NACE CORROSION Conference was held in Buffalo, New York.

What was the topic of a coating conference held in Antwerp, Belgium, in June this year?

What is the name of the European conference on building envelope technology being held this year in October, with 800 registrants expected from 40 countries?

The Building Enclosure Science & Technology conference will be presented this year by what organization?

What organization will offer a two-day, hands-on WUFI software workshop in May this year?

What award winner at the recent SSPC conference in New Orleans on Jan. 15 said, “SSPC is my competitive advantage?"

The first SSPC Conference and Exhibition was held in what city?

Who is the organizer of the Concrete Décor Show, expected to attract 3,000 participants at Palm Harbor, Florida, on Nov. 6-10?

In a live poll conducted at the Plenary Session of the recent European Coatings Show, what future coatings technology area was cited as the most significant?

What two ASTM committees will hold a “Symposium on Building Science and the Physics of Building Enclosure Performance” in 2018?

True or false: An entire session of the SSPC 2017 Conference in Tampa is devoted to surface profile.

What organization will present the 2016 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology?

True or false: The 2016 American Coatings Show will have two of its 16 conference sessions dedicated to architectural coatings technology.

The presentation, “Adding Air Barrier and Thermal Improvements to Existing Facilities,” was given yesterday, March 14, 2016 at what event?

About how many companies are exhibiting at the World of Concrete this week?

What organization recently held its 24th annual painters’ competition?

What organization is holding the event “Delivering Near Zero Energy Buildings Conference” on Friday this week (November 14)?

Among the choices below, which one presented a paper at D+D 2014 and was elected mayor of a northern California city on Tuesday (Nov. 4)?

What country will be the focus of SSPC's first International Spotlight at the society's conference and expo this week?

True or False? Colin Powell was one of the keynote speakers at the AIA convention last week.

What organization recently acquired the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo from the U.S. Green Building Council?

What organization will hold the 2013 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology in Minneapolis, MN?

What university organizes the annual Waterborne Symposium, a coatings industry technical conference?

In what year was the first SSPC conference and exhibition held?

SSPC 2013 will be held January 14-17, 2013 in what city?

What organization has presented Concrete Coatings Conferences at the World of Concrete show?

Construct 2012 in Phoenix is affiliated with the Annual Convention of what organization?

Who is the organizer of the Mega Rust Conference, which focuses on naval corrosion issues?

What organization below is affiliated with the American Coatings Show?

In what year did SSPC hold its first conference and exhibition?

What organization hosts the annual Concrete Décor Show?

Which of the following is not an exclusively marine exhibition?

What magazine focuses on decorative concrete and hosts an annual show on the subject?

What organization presents an annual coatings for concrete conference in January each year?

Who is the partner of the American Coatings Association in organizing the American Coatings Show, to be held in Indianapolis on May 8-10, 2012?

The European Coatings Show, which alternates biannually with the American Coatings Show, has for many years been held in what city?

True or false: After several years of joint conferences and exhibitions, SSPC and PDCA are holding their events separately this year.


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