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Daily Quiz (82)

In preparation for the “Ferrari” movie, artist Greg Herzog developed a Quantum Reaction Theory to represent what through colors?

Architecture practice UNStudio unveiled design plans for what is said to be the 180-meter-tall, first of its kind __ in Seoul, South Korea.

Known professionally as “Mr. Doodle,” artist Sam Cox spent two years covering his $1.5 million home in Kent, England, in what?

Bloomberg Philanthropies has granted $25,000 to the Louisville Metro Government to paint artwork on what type of infrastructure?

New imaging and testing have discovered a “wealth of surviving paint” on which iconic sculpture from ancient Greece?

An artist is painting a “hidden world” beneath people’s feet, utilizing pieces of what on the ground as his canvases?

St. Louis hosted the 26th annual “Paint Louis” event, where artists applied what to a flood wall?

A large moving mural project was finished on an opened, four-level parking garage in Mountain View, California, featuring ___ individual metal flappers in 35 different colors.

A new kind of color paint from Stanford University was able to reduce the energy used in artificial cool conditions by ___.

British artist Stuart Semple has unveiled his new fluorescent __ paint by using highly pigmented acrylic paint.

In July, the Notre Dame Cathedral just marked a major milestone in reconstruction efforts, with what part of the roof officially raised in place?

A local artist in St. Petersburg, Florida, is hoping to “spread joy one sunflower at a time” through a community project featuring what style of murals?

Local officials in Hartford, Connecticut, held an unveiling ceremony for what is being touted as the __ mural in New England.

True or False: A new study from Zillow found that home buyers tend to offer more money for homes with interiors painted light beige.

The roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral is being rebuilt using medieval __ techniques.

In celebration of Pride month in June, a limited-edition “Paint Your Pride” skull bottle containing __ has been released.

Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan’s first female architect, was awarded the 2023 Royal Gold Medal for architecture for her work toward __ self-build concepts for displaced populations.

Sto Corp. has teamed up with the Pratt Institute and Passive House for Everyone for the ___ Challenge, which will be an interactive public installation and contest demonstrating Passive House’s advantages.

A 1-million-gallon water tank in Dunedin, Florida, was recently decorated with a mural featuring what?

A recent study found that the inclusion of __ was intentional for old master painters in preparing their oil paints.

As part of a 155,000-square-foot reimagined workspace, a mural on a newly renovated building in Southampton will use what type of sustainable paint?

Dunn-Edwards announced that submissions are open for the third annual Emergency Professionals Design Competition, open to students of design and what field of study?

A contractor is using a __ construction method to build a 16-story-tall mixed-use building near downtown Detroit.

A design flaw in the Folsom Dam spillway in California has left the structure at risk for corrosion due to what?

A pair of fossils dubbed the “Dueling Dinosaurs,” which are expected to weigh roughly 15 tons, will make their debut at a natural science museum and use what material for its frame?

A proposal from the California Air Resources Board would ban the use of what in decorative plating by 2027?

Renderings done by Spanish architect David Romero were used to create the unconstructed designs from which famous architect?

The Portland District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently unveiled a calendar for this year, featuring photoshopped __ in infrastructure projects.

An historical preservation commission recently partnered with two paint companies to create a collection of colors inspired by what historical U.S. area?

A St. Louis-based artist recently completed a mural that focuses on what prominent social issue?

Italian design studio Valerio Cometti + V12 Design unveiled new robotic technology capable of analyzing exterior facades and removing what?

A $300 million historical preservation and restoration project recently required surface preparation for the gold dome of which U.S. state house?

New York City’s 91-story Steinway Tower, has earned the title of world’s ___ skyscraper.

True or False: The American Institute of Architects reported that demand for design services increased in October.

During the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Italian studio Stefano Boeri Architetti announced plans to construct another ___, otherwise known as a Vertical Forest.

The London-based Serpentine Galleries has revealed plans for 2023, which feature a design that has the flare of what classic Walt Disney fictional character?

A new study observed the ___ behavior of coatings in real-time, allowing researchers to better understand and design coatings.

In Iowa, an artist recently created a mural using what unique material, with publications dubbing it the “clean-air machine”?

Following a __ decline in blood donations, British artist Stuart Semple launched a red paint collection in an act of protest against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s policies banning gay men from donating blood.

In honor of its 100th anniversary, which famous United States landmark is getting a fresh coat of paint?

Centuries after construction, the gold on a palace and fortress in Granada, Spain suddenly ___.

Which U.S. city announced a new program that allows crosswalks, sidewalks, residential streets, residential intersections and curb extensions to be painted into murals?

A 63-year-old sculpture in Jamestown, North Dakota, shaped like what animal, is being prepared for an upcoming paint job?

Everyrealm, a metaverse real estate development firm, is working with real estate advisory firm Alexander Team to launch “The Row,” a metaverse community made up of how many 3D landmarks?

The Dream Wheel, a new attraction in New Jersey made up of 27 climate-controlled gondolas, weighs 750 tons and stands how many feet tall?

For the first time, the Concrete Canvas Art Festival used what new technology to capture artists’ attention?

Thrive Home Builders has recently introduced a new building approach, that will make buildings what?

Residents of Hamburg, near Buffalo, are fundraising to have a steel water storage tank be repainted to look like ___ to represent American culture.

The nomination deadline for the sixth annual Elevation Awards has been extended to:

Global coatings manufacturer PPG plans to complete over 25 _______ makeovers through its New Paint for a New Start initiative this month.

A water tower painted to resemble a __________ in Huron, Ohio, will be getting a new paint job due to the structure’s sponsor changing its name and logo.

True or False: An aircraft owner recently had his plane color-matched and painted to match his Tesla.

Global architectural and design practice Populous was recently hired to design a proposed stadium for what National Football League team?

The 2022 Pavilion for the London-based Serpentine Galleries will be constructed with primarily what material?

A design graduate from the Netherlands recently converted what structure into a two-level home?

In January, a $107M bridge, inspired in shape by ___, opened in Dubai, symbolizing the city’s ambitions.

Researchers with the Technical University of Denmark used a computer-aided product design method for the design and solvent selection of what?

A new mural painted in Florida by Dutch artist Leon Keer takes up 1,500 square feet and uses what technology for additional viewing?

In an effort to resolve the Millennium Tower’s sinking and tilting, the project received clearance to install ___ concrete-filled steel-pipe piles within steel casings along two sides of the building.

True or False: Restorations to the Notre Dame Cathedral include replacing confessional boxes and altars with modern art murals and sound effects.

The Tampa Museum of Art Foundation recently announced plans for a renovation and expansion that will cost nearly how much?

After five years of construction, the world’s second tallest building, a 118-story skyscraper, has been completed in what country?

A collection of murals restored by the Landmark Trust at a medieval manor in Yorkshire, England, are believed to date back to the reign of which English monarch?

French organizations involved in the Notre Dame cathedral restoration are considering a design change for which part of the building?

The budget for construction on Seattle’s KeyArena has increased from $600 million to over $1 billion, in part due to the arena’s status of a historic building because of its exterior glass and ____.

An art installation in Denver not only acts as a skate park, but also improves the city’s infrastructure by doing what?

True or false: The Commission of Fine Arts is a president-appointed federal design oversight body that has aided in decisions on capital and federal architecture since 1910.

True or false: China’s National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a ban on “ugly” and “weird” architecture?

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Piano's studio Renzo Piano Building Workshop and executive architect Gensler, the new domed structure at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles features 1,500 glass shingles cut into how many different shapes?

Dutch architect Anne Holtrop recently featured her gypsum-cast designs in a remodeled London boutique. Not the first time on display, when were Holtrop’s designs first introduced?

A paint pigment war regarding the development of blackest black paint involves British artist Stuart Semple and ____ _______.

What color movement eventually spread to nearly every American city with similar architecture, with notable concentrations in St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Cincinnati?

Bjarke Ingels Group recently partnered with ICON, a construction technology developer, and SEArch+, to begin designing a sustainable habitat for where?

In December, the American Institute of Architects Board of Directors adopted new rules into the association’s Code of Ethics, prohibiting certain designs of what types of facilities?

Recently, the American Institute of Architects and the American Institute of Steel Construction joint-issued a paper to describe the roles and responsibilities of project participants in design collaboration scenarios. The paper was born out of noticing what two commonly used terms?

What is the name of the organization that focuses on color and design trends?

What is the name of the evolving field of practice and research that can measure current environmental conditions and enable buildings to adapt their form, shape, color or character and respond accordingly?

What is the name of the painting technique that employs shades of grey to imitate sculpture?

In protective coatings work the word “embedment” refers to what, according to SSPC?

What organization bills itself as “an international association of building envelope consultants"?

Where is the National Building Museum?

Which of the following elements of design of steel structures is most likely to promote corrosion?


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