Daily Quiz (34)

HMG Paints Ltd. released a new collection of decorative paint colors to celebrate World Earth Day by using what?

A 1-million-gallon water tank in Dunedin, Florida, was recently decorated with a mural featuring what?

The Seattle Space Needle will be repainted in May, changing its current “Galaxy Gold” color to what?

A recent study found that the inclusion of __ was intentional for old master painters in preparing their oil paints.

The “Paint the Rock Challenge” is seeking donations to repair and paint what type of structure in Michigan?

Alaska Airlines has plans to paint over its custom Boeing 737 sporting a 129-foot-long __ livery.

A proposal from the California Air Resources Board would ban the use of what in decorative plating by 2027?

True or False: The $3 million painting project on the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge was completed three weeks later than the anticipated date.

Which historic Kennywood roller coaster in Pittsburgh has been closed to receive a full-scale repaint?

In working to restore Rembrandt’s 377-year-old painting “The Night Watch,” a team of researchers from AkzoNobel recently discovered that the artist used __ to create the painting’s 3D effect.

Building owners in Los Angeles are hoping to sell their building ___ million above the structure’s worth because of a mural painted by graffiti artist Banksy.

Centuries after construction, the gold on a palace and fortress in Granada, Spain suddenly ___.

To keep their lawns looking healthy amid a drought, Massachusetts residents are doing what?

True or False: There is a new, color-changing paint, described as the world’s first “Unicorn” paint, available in the industry.

True or False: According to a recent market study, projects within the decorative coatings market are predicted to decline from 2021 to 2026.

Prior to the use of oil paints, what type of paint was most commonly used amongst Renaissance artists?

Local Pittsburgh amusement park, Kennywood Park, recently invited park visitors to vote on the new color for which roller coaster?

Which city is funding an initiative to have local artists paint alley doors with imagery that reflects the city’s the history and culture?

True or false: Artificial gold leaf is referred to as French metal.

According to Merriam-Webster, brown bagging is “the practice of carrying one's lunch (as to school or work) usually in a brown paper bag”; also, “the practice of carrying a bottle of liquor into a restaurant or club where setups are available.” In coating work, what is brown bagging, according to MPI?

What is silvering, according to MPI?

According to a Durability + Design Sponsored Content article, descriptions of finishes and gloss levels can vary significantly among different manufacturers.

True or false: Marmorino, a veneer decorative plaster, is not recommended for humid environments such as bathrooms.

What name is given to the faux painting effect created by using glazes and brushes to create a look like textured fabric?

Consisting of casein, clay, earth pigments and lime, this material is used mostly by decorative painters to create a flat, coarse finish on antiques and historic substrates.

What is the name of the painting technique that employs shades of grey to imitate sculpture?

True or false: The thin, pasty liquid used for adhering gold leaf and filling surface imperfections is called a starch coat.

What faux technique uses mineral pigment or raw silk fiber for veining?

What is the name of a decorative plaster made from lime putty and crushed marble?

What is scagliola?

What name is given to the faux painting effect created by using glazes and brushes to create a look like textured fabric?

True or false: Scagliola is a faux version of marble.

What organization focuses on stenciling and other decorative painting techniques?

What decorative artisan was named an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects?


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