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Daily Quiz (817)

Where is the Waterjet Technology Association headquartered?

A professor from the Queensland University of Technology has created a way to better protect buildings from collision and high-impact damages using material commonly found in what?

The White House recently announced a deal between the United States and the European Union to roll back tariffs on European steel and ____?

A collection of murals restored by the Landmark Trust at a medieval manor in Yorkshire, England, are believed to date back to the reign of which English monarch?

True or False: Following the derailment of Amtrak’s Empire Builder train, railroad safety experts believe it is unlikely that the accident was caused by human error.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration published an emergency temporary standard requiring employers with 100 or more employees implement a COVID-19 vaccination by which 2022 date?

Following private jet travel demands, Florida-based Sheltair Aviation broke ground for a ____ hanger and office project.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority announced it has approved an agreement for the tunnel transportation system, a plan that includes the addition of ___ stations.

Researchers have recently developed a polymer coating that can accelerate the electrochemical CO2 conversion when it’s applied to what?

In response to the Millennium Tower sinking and leaning, Shimmick Construction Co. successfully installed ___ as a less-disruptive construction method.

Corrosion-prevention company Cortec Corporation has announced a plan for slowing down vehicle corrosion from which seasonal problem?

True or False: Construction costs, including the price of some commodities, such as metals, are projected to increase throughout the rest of 2021.

Wisconsin government officials are offering the removal of three ____ for free with the goal of preserving the structures.

Researchers are studying a 2,050-year-old Roman tomb, built using volcanic aggregate, for insight into what?

According to a JPCL author, this modification to a sewage environment is the most widely used method of corrosion protection:

On two recent occasions, U.S. Custom and Border Protection officials seized smuggled gold that was hidden how?

Researchers recently announced that they would be using reinforced concrete blocks from walls of a building being renovated for a(n) ____, marking the first time this method has ever been used.

A recent report found that one in ___ units of critical infrastructure in the United States are at risk of being rendered inoperable due to flooding.

True or false: SSPC-CS23.00, “Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel,” is the industry’s primary source of information regarding metalized coatings and their surface preparation and application requirements.

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported seeing a rebound in what type of construction?

The White House Council on Environmental Quality announced its plans to reinstate regulations concerning major infrastructure projects as part of which policy?

In September, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched a new training initiative that teaches safe work practices for what?

Building materials company LafargeHolcim and ECOncrete Tech have announced plans for an ecologically beneficial concrete score protection unit for what?

The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program provides ____ income tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic income-producing buildings.

True or False: An explosion in Ohio earlier this year led to the loss of roughly 30% of all alkyd resins.

The International Organization for Standardization recently announced a new series of ISO standards, which will focus on what?

Metalizing, or thermal spray was first introduced in the early 1900s by this Swiss inventor:

During the summer, the U.S. Department of Labor proposed an increase to the minimum wage for federal contractors, raising pay to ___ an hour.

The New Jersey Transit Board recently approved a $1.5 billion contract, the largest in New Jersey Transit history, to replace what?

The U.S. Department of Energy announced a “Connected Communities” project, which would make 7,000 homes and businesses energy-efficient, leading to _____ in savings per year by 2030.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants currently treat approximately ____ billion gallons of wastewater per day.

True or False: Since September, the rate of construction employment has seen a decrease.

True or False: Developers plan to install solar panels that are designed to float in human-made bodies of water in Massachusetts.

Australian competitors won the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 competition with a structure that highlighted the repurpose and reuse of local materials, as well as sustainable design, by using what?

After reducing bridge removal time to eight hours in Florida, Dutch-based contractor Mammoet has developed a unique setup of transporters that reduces bridge girder installation from one day to ____.

True or False: The first-ever 3D concrete printed bridge is currently on display in Venice, Italy.

Following increased inspections in New York City due to an increase in construction-related fatalities, DOB inspectors have issued over how many violations from June 1-Sept. 13?

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, an $87 million bridge set to be built in California, is critical to saving an isolated population of ___ from extinction.

Construction workers from which city engaged in protests that ultimately turned violent following the government’s announcement to mandate COVID-19 vaccines?

A study conducted by the University of Plymouth and the Marine Biological Association observed that ____ could be one of the most abundant types of microplastic particles found in the ocean.

In an effort to improve the affordability of houses, a team of engineers from Oklahoma State University recently worked to successfully 3D-printed what?

Researchers have reportedly developed a water-resistant coating made from self-healing what?

In California, homes and businesses are responsible for how much of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions?

The Russian Army is planning to use a coating on its military vehicles that does what?

The third-quarter Commercial Construction Index found that ___ of contractors are facing at least one material storage.

German company Kewazo reported recently that it had created a material-handling robot capable of what?

Researchers working with rubber tires are attempting to create a renewable ___.

Since 2016, the number of bridges in “good” condition has been:

True or False: Building emissions in the U.S. currently make up 43% of the nation’s total emissions.

Google recently announced it was awarding $3 million in grants to build an open-source tool that does what?

An architecture firm in a London neighborhood featured ____ in a housing project, based on a nearby statue.

According to a study published in Nano Energy, researchers have developed a paste made from ____ and resonant silicon nanoparticles to increase solar cell efficiency.

The Committee on Natural Resources and Wildlife Recovery in Oregon recently passed legislation mandating the use of ____ materials in new construction.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation will be looking at the retired Bonner Bridge to determine how aged bridge exposure to ____ could affect future bridge design.

To meet increasing demands for ___ in the Asia region, chemicals company Nouryon has recently opened a new production facility in Ningbo, China.

True or False: New York’s Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, which spans the Hudson River, is a tied-arch bridge.

The use of thermocol or extended polystyrene as a composite material in reinforced concrete could help buildings resist ____.

When is the NSF/ANSI/CAN 600: “Health Effects Evaluation and Criteria in Drinking Water” standard scheduled to take effect?

In a new quarterly Home Building Geography Index report, a shift of residential construction within suburban and lower-cost market areas is most notably pronounced within which sector?

The Cool Pavement Pilot Program’s results show that cool pavements have an average surface temperature of ___ to ___ degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional asphalt at noon and during afternoon hours.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced plans to better combat ___ exposure, both indoors and outdoors.

True or False: A recent report has revealed that the failure of the Edenville Dam, near Midland, Michigan, was due to static liquefaction.

French organizations involved in the Notre Dame cathedral restoration are considering a design change for which part of the building?

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change attributes at least 50% of rising sea levels since 1971 to what?

Local preservationists successfully prevented the demolition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1894 Fredrick Bagley House in which state?

In an effort to promote sustainability, partners Ørsted and Eversource announced the first-ever American-built offshore wind substation, along with the report that between __ and __ of a wind turbine can be recycled.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced recently that it would grant $11.6 million in grants, marking the __ year that the grant money increased.

This year’s JPCL Directory of Industrial Painting Contractors includes listings of roughly ___ painting contractor companies located primarily in North America, but also around the world.

Researchers with Fraunhofer Institute of Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut are reportedly developing a bio-based, _____ paint to protect wood.

As a result of a drought in Marin County, California, water officials are considering which two solutions:

The Boston City Council recently approved a new ordinance that requires all buildings larger than 20,000 square feet to eliminate carbon emissions by when?

The second edition of the Paint Inspector’s Field Guide by Lee Wilson focuses mainly on the corrosion of ____ due to the general use of this material by industry.

A plan for a $400 billion city, dubbed Telosa, will reportedly have shared ownership of land for residents, a transparent governance, eco-friendly architecture and room for ____ people.

Following Hurricanes Ike and Harvey, Texas submitted plans for coastal protection. After conducting a three-year study on protecting Texas’ coasts from hurricanes and storm surges, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced its preference for which of the plans’ three options?

The National Park Service announced that it had awarded how much money to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum?

True or false: Municipal water tanks occasionally use the taste test as its final form of testing before approving service.

Local Pittsburgh amusement park, Kennywood Park, recently invited park visitors to vote on the new color for which roller coaster?

The budget for construction on Seattle’s KeyArena has increased from $600 million to over $1 billion, in part due to the arena’s status of a historic building because of its exterior glass and ____.

True or False: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently applied for a patent on a new testing advice to create anti-reflection systems.

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) breaks down inspection assessments into all except which of the following:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued a temporary emergency statement requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workforces are either fully vaccinated or that unvaccinated employees provided negative COVID-19 tests how often?

Following its completion, the Brenner Base Tunnel project, an ongoing construction effort to build new rail tunnels through the Alps, will be the longest rail tunnel in the world at almost ___ miles.

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology are reporting that they have developed a new method of prevention infections by using ____ coatings.

True or False: After being contracted to remove a bridge in Florida, Dutch-based company Mammoet removed the bridge overnight in the span of eight hours.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced extended compliance dates for requirements of which PBT chemical?

True or false: SKUs is an acronym for stock-keeping units.

Since its announcement in May 2017, construction of a multi-use park funded by the Obama Foundation has been delayed due to lawsuits and opposition in what U.S. city?

One of the winners of Elon Musk’s tunneling solution contest developed a hard rock tunnel boring machine that simultaneously bores while using 3D printing to do what?

As part of one of the largest contracts in New Orleans, the mixed-use Morial Convention Center has a contract that is worth how much?

An art installation in Denver not only acts as a skate park, but also improves the city’s infrastructure by doing what?

Subsequent investigations following the collapse of Florida’s Champlain Towers South on June 24 led to the evacuation of a two-story building in South Beach after a ___ system failure.

True or False: The STX-22, the first-ever solar-powered locomotive, recently had a test on a railroad track on Sonoma, California, where it broke the speed record for any solar-powered vehicle.

The Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces announced that it has developed a programmable photocatalyst that can distinguish between ___ of light.

In an attempt to combat biofouling on ships and vessels, 90% of coatings developers use what in their antifoulant solutions?

Since February 2020, construction employment has increased in how many states?

According to a JPCL article, a comprehensive assessment of the marine coating process was made in the:

In an attempt to mitigate the effects of the construction labor shortage, contractors are using a __ as a new medium to spread more information about the industry.

The EPA recently announced its plan to better protect public health and the environment through the regulation of what type of pollution?

True or False: Paul Bruhn Construction Revitalization Grants is a program that finances construction in rural areas.

Amendments within the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Senate offer financial protections for construction projects that are assisted by what?

Tesla Energy, along with Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. and Dacra, announced an initiative for a neighborhood run largely on what type of renewable energy?

In June 2021, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued how much money in grants for repairs for the West Seattle High Rise Bridge?

In an attempt to keep homes cooler, an India startup company is using the waste of what material to create a lightweight roofing option?

By 2022, solar energy is projected to exceed what type of energy in the U.S.?

The EPA announced that it intends to change what can and cannot be risk evaluated beginning with a screening-level approach for ___ and water fenceline assessments.

Opening in London in May 2021, the “Sky Pool,” a transparent pool bridge between buildings that people can swim through, is made of what type of panels?

As reported in a JPCL article, when being rehabilitated, the interior of the Sterling Ave. water tower in Maplewood, Minnesota was prepared to what standard?

True or False: After the Grenfell Tower, a U.K. high-rise, caught fire in 2017, subsequent investigation found that zinc cladding had been used to save money, which ultimately put the building at risk.

Where functional specifications have been fully deployed on newbuild vessel and repair projects in recent years, significant cost savings have been made in the range of __-__% against the original budget and scheme selection.

True or False: Research conducted at the University Toronto has found that a form of abrasive blasting could make fingerprinting more efficient.

What type of protection violations for workplace safety standards have been at the top of the safety violation list for the past decade, prompting the recent “Weekend Work” initiative in Colorado?

True or False: A Florida court recently ruled that the policy term “act of nature” would be extended to include controllable and preventable events, such as corrosion and rust.

During a presentation at the CoatingsTech Conference, Research Fellow Wenjun Wu explained that what type of polymer is the cornerstone of waterborne paint formulations?

Through Clemson University, contractors are now able to enroll in a five-module course for certifications in what type of technology?

Researchers at Simon Fraser University developed a new waterproof coating based on a combination of chemicals known as what?

After a truck crashed into a pedestrian bridge in Washington, D.C., a fuel leak led to how many gallons of diesel fuel to spill into nearby drains?

University of Central Florida researchers announced that they were working on a protective coating that would target and kill the COVID-19 virus using what type of radiation?

According to a report from the American Society of Civil Engineers, what percentage of bridges in the U.S. are at least 50 years old?

To begin restoration of the Notre Dame cathedral, officials need to remove the lattice, which is made up of how many metal tubes?

Dubbed “printfrastructure,” 3D-printing technology will be tested in the United Kingdom to create concrete for a project on what type of infrastructure?

The new Department of Veterans Affairs hospital slated to be built in Louisville, Kentucky, was recently confirmed by officials to include how much space?

As of 2020, which country holds the record for the greatest number of buildings completed that are over 200 meters tall?

Industrial abrasives used today primarily include all except:

The Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oahu, Hawaii, uses its combined clarifiers, activated sludge process and effluent filtration for how many gallons of wastewater a day?

In Aries, France, the Luma Foundation produced a natural material to reduce the carbon footprint of Frank Gehry’s tower by using salt, algae and what type of flower?

Based on a report released by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Biden administration believes solar power could represent how much of the U.S. electrical generation by 2035?

To build safer and more sustainable airports, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration announced it has awarded how much in grants:

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Concrete Sustainability Hub studied how urban heat island effects can be intensified by an impermeable surface like a roadway, raising the air temperature by up to how many degrees?

True or False: The U.S. military recently invested in 3D printing to build barracks in Texas using a mixture of sand, cement and super phosphate.

If paint contains underlying rust, it will reflect what differently?

According to PaintCare, how many gallons of paint have officially been recycled since the nonprofit began in 2009?

To fund Texas’s border wall, the Texas Department of Transportation has announced it will pay how much for a new, two-mile-long concrete barrier?

Which city is funding an initiative to have local artists paint alley doors with imagery that reflects the city’s the history and culture?

Featured in the July 2021 issue of JPCL, approximately what amount of steel surfaces were coated during a multi-year rehabilitation project at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina?

True or False: California’s adoption of the 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards will provide code for clean, low-carbon technology for residential homes only.

In Sweden, “climate-smart hydropower concrete” is being introduced, with reports that it can reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions by how much?

The Architecture Billing Index has recorded what score for July 2021?

True or False: Researchers have recently conducted experiments in South Australia on the benefits of using electrically charged surface coatings on various aircrafts.

Following the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Florida, investigation announced that they found what type of building failure, which contributed to the collapse?

What was the amount recently awarded in a contract to repaint the Calcasieu River Bridge in Louisiana?

In April, researchers at Rice University announced that they would continue to work on converting waste from rubber tires into what substance to strengthen concrete?

According to a recent Australasian Corrosion Association report, corrosion effects can contribute how much to global domestic product?

Researchers have recently discovered that using a transparent graphene veil can prevent up to what percentage of pigment fading in painted artworks?

Engineers based out of the University of Maryland, College Park, recently developed a compression method for wood that removed the polymer lignin, which made the wood how many times stronger?

Featured in the July 2021 issued of JPCL, about how many gallons of paint were used for the coatings rehabilitation project at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina?

To create an experimental biofilm, NASA has recently started combining specialized material coatings with which two microbes?

True or False: When bacterial communities form in concrete, some bacteria can produce calcium carbonate for up to one year.

Which state is proposing a bill that would bring together all parties involved in a public contracting process to create a 21-member Construction Advisory Council on Public Contracting Reform?

True or false: High-voltage holiday detectors are used on coatings measuring 20 mils (500 microns) or less.

In June, which U.S. state proposed an energy bill that would reduce carbon emissions and retire several coal-fired plants?

After going live with its microgrid, the Pittsburgh International Airport is now entirely powered by what type of distributed energy?

In Paul Atzemis and Tony Persutti’s (Carboline) JPCL article, “Powering Up,” which of the following coatings were applied to stacks at a liquefied natural gas facility in Medway, Massachusetts?

True or False: China’s National Development and Reform Commission recently announced a ban on buildings taller than 430 meters.

Using Veolia’s recycling process, the use of one wind turbine blade weighing seven tons equates to the consumption of how much coal?

In November 2020, the Virgin Hyperloop company announced that it had conducted a trial with human passengers in a hyperloop capsule that ultimately reached how many miles per hour?

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that the INFRA discretionary grant program would receive how much money in intended awards?

True or False: Polyelectrolyte polymer, the main ingredient in a new transparent coating, can also be found in cosmetic products.

The world’s largest regional theme park company and largest operator of waterparks in North America, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, recently struck a five-year preferred paint supplier agreement with which of the following companies?

Researchers are using the seed of which fruit for a new technique to strengthen and heal concrete?

According to this JPCL Applicator Training Bulletin, low-voltage holiday detectors are used on coatings that are thinner than:

During the fire that ravaged Notre Dame in 2019, how many tons of the cathedral’s lead roof burned?

A concrete stain was recently applied to a walkway on the Beartracks Bridge in downtown Missoula, Montana, to mitigate surface temperatures. How much had the surface temperature reduced according to the coating’s preliminary trials?

Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation can serve what function in commercial construction?

True or false: Although the term “sandblasting” is still often used to describe abrasive blasting industry, sand contains free silica and due to its classification as a carcinogenic, is widely banned for blasting purposes.

True or false: Portland cement plaster is another name for stucco.

In June, a 1.5-million-gallon water tank exploded at which water facility in Lemoore, California?

The Graffiti Resource Council is an affiliate of what larger organization?

What World War II submarine recently traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania, in June for dry docking and repairs?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order for what type of coating?

True or false: Engineers recently made turbine modifications at Hoover Dam so that some electricity could be produced with as little as 950 feet of water in Lake Mead.

Who was the recipient of the 2021 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects?

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Paint and Blasting Shop (Code 970, Shop 71) in Portsmouth, Virginia, recently received an equipment upgrade. What piece of equipment did Shop 71 receive?

A White Metal Blast, SSPC-SP 5, allows what to remain on the surface of steel after blast cleaning?

The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (United Kingdom) has recently launched new guidance on:

Earlier this year, the Florida Building Codes Act was amended to authorize any government entity with the authority to enforce the building code to perform:

Pennsylvania American Water announced a $17 million plan to construct an additional seven new structures throughout the year, in addition to the rehabilitation of how many water storage tanks?

True or false: The Commission of Fine Arts is a president-appointed federal design oversight body that has aided in decisions on capital and federal architecture since 1910.

What state governor recently announced a $250 million down payment for the construction of hundreds of miles of U.S.-Mexico border wall?

Global design and consultant organization Arcadis recently released its International Construction Cost Index, which covers 100 of the world’s largest cities for cost comparison across 20 building functions. Which city was reportedly the most expensive for construction?

What university was recently awarded a $500,000 CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal?

The New York legislature recently passed a bill that is designed to promote the use of which of the following types of material for state construction projects:

Recently, $480 million in federal funding was proposed for this Army Corps of Engineers (Detroit District) project:

A new $1.73 billion concourse recently opened at Los Angeles International Airport. The 15 West Gates are part of a larger $14.5 billion modernization project at LAX. When did work officially launch on the project?

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Toronto recently announced the development of a nanocoating designed for commercially available sponges to recover ______ from water.

The Washington State Department of Ecology is scheduled to propose its decision on whether to prohibit PCB levels in paint in:

Recently, HMG Paints and Falcon Cranes partnered together for the recoating of this object:

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf recently announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will invest $___ million in state grants for work in 12 Pennsylvania airports.

Regarding the recent replacement of the Ibis Bridge in Florida, what were the rebars made of?

New York’s Department of Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca announced in June that the DOB will be mobilizing teams of inspectors across the city’s five boroughs to perform safety sweeps of the “_____________” construction sites.

Despite the challenges of determining recover, reuse and recycle solutions, Ørsted recently reported that between ___% and ___% of a wind turbine can be recycled.

True or false: The National Association of Home Builders released data from its Multifamily Market Survey revealing that market confidence in new multifamily housing decreased in the first quarter of 2021.

What special mixing equipment is required for zinc-rich paints?

Which major pipeline project was officially canceled in June?

Making its debut on JUL-TV, what documentary is featuring the benefits of working in the trades as potential career paths for young people?

Award-winning photographer Annette LeMay Burke recently published a collection of photographs featuring this type of infrastructure, designed to blend in with their surroundings.

As part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recently announced actions regarding PFAS, the Agency has proposed a rule designed to gather comprehensive data on more than _____ PFAS manufactured in the United States.

When is exterior work at the $1.1 billion Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium rehabilitation project expected to wrap up?

True or false: As part of Nevada’s recently passed legislation, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada is requiring that every transmission provider in the state join a regional transmission organization by Jan. 1, 2022.

Reported to be the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, how long does the infrastructure recently completed by the Institute for Research and Technological Development for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability span?

True or false: New York State Senate and State Assembly bill, S2766-C, adds a new section to NY Labor Law 198 that extends full and complete liability to the general contractor or construction manager on a project for any non-payment of wages by any subcontractor on private construction projects.

True or false: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently suspended several track inspectors for skipping inspections and falsifying reports of elevated tracks.

Closing in on the month of May, Little Island officially opened to the public in New York City. The project rehabilitated which previously damaged pier?

What country is slated to build the world’s first tunnel for ships?

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently confirmed that the ___________________________ is piloting a new credit for the installation of cool exterior walls in new homes, schools and commercial buildings for the purpose of mitigating urban heat islands.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded computational materials design specialist QuesTek Innovations LLC (Evanston, Illinois) $1.1 million in Small Business Innovation Research Phase II funding for research in:

Recently used for a new floor slab at a gym in Amesbury, Wiltshire, Nationwide Engineering’s “Concretene” aims to be about ___% stronger than standard concrete and is reported to reduce the need for steel reinforcement.

Roughly how many megawatts of energy is the United States’ first large-scale offshore windfarm, Vineyard Wind 1, slated to produce once its completed?

True or false: In May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and several companies that produce or use blasting materials containing trace amounts of beryllium were unable to reach a settlement regarding communications about the beryllium rules.

Which is considered highly abrasive?

What is the ASTM standard guide for Determining Volatile and Nonvolatile Content of Pigments?

True or False: Industry consensus states <20 mg/m2 as the maximum allowable level of soluble salts allowed the be present on a surface prior to coating application.

True or false: The CPIA will be hosting an inaugural in-person even this year.

True or false: This year’s fourth annual Contractor Connect will be hosted in-person.

What SSPC Guide covers field methods for determining levels of moisture in concrete and masonry walls and ceilings?

How much money in Bitcoin did Colonial Pipeline recently pay in ransom to DarkSide in order to return its pipelines to “normal operations”?

American multinational technology company Apple recently announced a five-year expansion plan, which is estimated to cost $___ billion.

According to a recent JPCL article, which abrasive is most commonly used as a high-performance blast media for the cleaning of aluminum and fiberglass structures?

True or false: The U.S. Department of Labor has withdrawn its “Independent Contractor Rule,” that was published in early January.

What type of survey is conducted when determining whether a bridge will require a total removal and replacement is needed?

On May 20, the National Association of Home Builders hosted the first-ever:

Which glass-bottomed bridge in China recently shattered as a result of extreme winds?

Researchers from what two universities recently converted construction waste into an eco-friendly concrete 3D printing material?

Members of the Naval Sea Systems Command Technology Office (NAVSEA 05T), NAVSEA warfare centers and researchers from what university are collaborating to develop a new approach to maintaining Navy ships:

The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has recently announced plans for an overhaul of its Memphis, Tennessee location. The project involves various renovations, new construction and capital investments and is projected to cost:

In a ransomware attack last month, what kind of U.S.-based structure was affected?

According to the USGBC, ___% of respondents determined that the largest opportunity identified through its 2021 Community Survey was a higher consumer demand for buildings to promote a healthy environment for occupants.

The current life expectancy for protective coatings on new steel bridges is roughly:

According to the CPIA-sponsored webinar, “Top 4 Growth Strategies That You Probably Don’t Know About” by Jim McBrayer, acceptable rate of customer churn is:

What is slated to be the nation’s first large-scale offshore windfarm?

True or false: A recently published study linked paint-stripping chemical methylene chloride to less deaths than what has previously been acknowledged by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What year was the first abrasive blasting process patented?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recently released this free tool to help researchers, employers, workers, practitioners and policymakers understand and improve workers’ health:

What company was responsible for providing the protective coatings for NASA’s Perseverance rover?

Olympic Stains, by global coatings company PPG, recently unveiled its first-ever stain color of the year. The 2021 Stain Color is:

How often are bridges typically inspected under the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) in the USA?

Developed by engineers at Purdue University, “the whitest paint yet” reflects up to how much sunlight?

How many years have the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration’s National Bridge Inspection Standards been established?

Which specialty polymers company recently received an emergency exemption from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Section 18 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, submitted by the Georgia, Utah and Minnesota Departments of Agriculture, for the deployment of its BiaXam copolymer for specific applications?

True or false: In April, the new Wellsburg Bridge connecting Brooke County, West Virginia’s Route 2 and Brilliant, Ohio’s Route 7, was floated into place by a couple of barge captains.

True or false: China’s National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a ban on “ugly” and “weird” architecture?

How many projects is the $1.9 billion “Restoring the George” project comprised of?

Researchers from this university recently developed a new waterproof coating that they say is cheaper to produce, free of fluorinated compounds and effective on a wide variety of materials, compared to other products:

Where were the protective coatings tested for NASA’s Perseverance rover?

Recently, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto issued an Executive Order to create what type of city-led policy for buildings?

Which company recently announced its development of the patent-pending prototype module, PFFtag?

Engineers from what university have recently created what they’re calling “the whitest paint yet”—a cool coating that aims to reduce buildings’ needs for air conditioning?

In April, USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg received a request to waive what state law for the $11.6 billion Hudson River Tunnel construction project?

The Shepherd Color Company recently released this new pigment:

True or false: Walking robot units can last approximately 60 minutes on a charge and can navigate 60 cm height obstructions and traverse uneven terrains.

True or false: New members of CPIA receive 12-month access to Paint BidTracker for Commercial Structures.

In a recent sustainable bridge PSDN article, what does FRP stand for in terms of composite materials?

According to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, of the 85 deaths tied to paint-stripping chemical methylene chloride that researchers examined, what percentage of them took place in the workplace?

True or false: Paint BidTracker is the only project lead service specifically focused on the coatings industry?

What was the original timeline for renovations being completed at the New Orleans Superdome?

What is the ASTM standard for mechanical testing?

According to Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc. in “6 Fundamentals of Good Roof Design,” roofs fail prematurely for any of the following reasons, except:

According a recent JPCL article on robotics in marine work, all should be considered when choosing a robot except:

How much is New Orleans’ mixed-use project next to the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall expected to cost?

In April, the Yenkin-Majestic Paints plant experienced an explosion, resulting in one fatality and numerous injuries. Where is the plant located?

The U.S. Green Building Council, along with Green Business Certification Inc., recently released the results of its 2021 Community Survey. According to the USGBC and GBCI, the survey received roughly how many respondents?

NEPCOAT certification follows the recommendations of what for required testing of a coating system?

What state recently proposed a bill requiring solar roofs on new residential and commercial buildings?

The Berkeley Research Group identified that this object was the culprit in accelerating the corrosion on the Longboat Key Sewer Main, which caused the leak of approximately 14.7 million gallons of sewage:

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Piano's studio Renzo Piano Building Workshop and executive architect Gensler, the new domed structure at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles features 1,500 glass shingles cut into how many different shapes?

According to an analysis conducted by the American Road and Transportation Association, what state has the most serious or worst bridge conditions?

Recently, Benjamin Moore was chosen to paint on the pinnacle of NYC’s Hudson Yards Development, better known as “The Spiral.” How much paint did the company estimate would be needed to coat the core and shell of the project?

To be used in food service, railcar linings must meet strict compliance requirements set forth in:

According to an analysis of a survey from the Associated General Contractors of America, how much of the nation’s metro areas saw construction employment witnessed a decrease, year-over-year from January?

Boston’s Green Line Extension project cleaned all of its project steel to what standard?

True or false: You have to pay for WoodWorks – Wood Products Council and resource firm Think Wood’s inaugural resource, Mass Timber Design Manual.

True or false: Enbridge Energy announced that it was soliciting bids last month for its Line 5 pipeline.

In regard to company growth strategies, high-value activities that are also customer interfacing include all, except:

According to Todd Lavender, 558th AMXSS process engineer and squadron‘s corrosion control process manager, a C-5 aircraft uses about how many gallons of primer to cover?

A new facade on the exterior of a Louis Vuitton storefront in Tokyo was created by Japanese studio Jun Aoki & Associates using two layers of:

The Concrete Foundations Association recently announced that it is leading the charge of an industry-wide effort to mitigate the pending shortage of:

True or false: Upcoming preservation work on the southbound Stillaguamish River Bridge will require a full containment system.

The EPA recently ordered the City of New York to construct and operate how many CSO retention tanks to control contaminated solids discharges at the Gowanus Canal Superfund?

Recently, famed architect Carlos Ott, with the help of Sieger Suarez, announced design plans for what officials are saying is to become the tallest tower south of Manhattan. Once completed, how many floors of residencies are expected to occupy the building?

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the North Central Texas Council of Governments recently funded two grants to evaluate and measure the resilience of a variety of infrastructure networks. The grants were awarded to what Texas University?

As a founding sponsor of the Commercial Painting Industry Association, The Sherwin- Williams Company has announced a giveaway partnership for those who enroll as members in CPIA, offering ___ gallon(s) of Sherwin’s new Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating, which is formulated for exterior, above-grade masonry.

Thanks to the Apprenticeship Works program offered by the Robert C. Byrd Institute at Marshall University and partner Applied Systems & Technology Transfer (AST2), sailors aboard U.S. Navy ship USS Tulsa will now have access to:

Robotics researchers from what university were recently reported to be developing exoskeleton legs capable of “thinking and making control decisions” using artificial intelligence technology?

Last month, Paint BidTracker announced that Washington State Department of Transportation has awarded a project for painting the Stillagaumish River Bridge in the amount of:

Dutch architect Anne Holtrop recently featured her gypsum-cast designs in a remodeled London boutique. Not the first time on display, when were Holtrop’s designs first introduced?

In March, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission completed its first-ever climate change review for the replacement of ___ miles of Northern Natural Gas Co.-owned natural gas pipeline that was built in the 1940s and 1950s.

True or false: There is a mood coating available in the commercial industry that uses biomimicry, a unique formulation that contains modified thermotropic liquid crystals that respond to pheromones given off by people nearby, causing its color to change.

In March, this massive container ship ran aground while traveling northbound through Egypt’s Suez Canal to the Mediterranean from the Red Sea, blocking a crucial waterway in the global trading industry.

According to Suzi Wear, VP of People Development & Culture at Xenium HR, the top four contributions leaders can practice in the workplace include all except:

Researchers from what university recently reported that they’ve begun developing a new drone technology to help predict what areas and specific pipes are at risk of water loss through corrosion?

Researchers at Rice University have recently continued their work on graphene, saying that they’ve optimized a process to convert waste from what material into graphene that can then be used to strengthen concrete?

The JPCL Archives are comprised of how many years of JPCL digital issues dating back to 1996?

Late last month, a bipartisan group of senators introduced the Housing Supply and Affordability Act, which would authorize an annual grant program for local governments to increase their supply of local housing over the next ____ years.

In a recent analysis conducted by the American Road and Transportation Association, more than _________ of the nation’s bridges need major repair or should be replaced.

Last month, this state joined Oregon, California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Rhode Island and New York in adopting a PaintCare stewardship program:

How many gallons of sewage was reported to have leaked following a breach in Longboat Key’s main sewer line due to corrosion in Florida, between June 17 and June 29, 2020?

In Canada’s consultation document, “Federal Agenda on the Reduction of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Consumer and Commercial Products,” the government informs stakeholders of place to develop specific measures to further reduce VOC emissions over the ____-____ period.

In what year did JPCL publish its first Annual Directory of Industrial Painting Contractors?

True or false: In a PaintSquare Blog, Jason Loehr, Global Product Manager, Datacolor, highlights the issue of paint retailers not storing customer paint formulas in an index card filing system.

True or false: The Chenab Bridge, located in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kahmir, India, is slated to become the world’s highest railway bridge.

According to a PaintSquare Blog, critical failure of steel occurs when the steel reaches _____ degrees Fahrenheit.

There are more than ____ articles in the JPCL archives dealing with surface preparation.

True or false: C-Fab is a printing method that allows material to solidify in open space, creating a matrix of polymer in virtually any shape.

How many articles did JPCL publish in partnership with SSPC since its launch in 1984?

What state recently became the sixth in the nation to create a worker protection unit?

In the wake of a recent extension, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will now be seeking public input on the Revised Lead and Copper Rule until:

The National Association of Women in Construction has more than ___ chapters across the country.

In March, an electric-resistant coatings technology was utilized to avoid the demolition of a Victorian-era railway bridge. What university was credited for developing the specialty coating?

In March, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched a national emphasis program focusing on _________ efforts for companies that put the largest number of workers at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Regarding the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, of the 17 categories making up the overall C- grade, 11 were in the D range, including all except:

According to a workforce survey by the National Association of Women in Construction and Safe Site Check In, the ________ of participants believe that job opportunities for women are increasing.

According to the 2021 Dangerous by Design report recently released by Smart Growth America, the number of pedestrians struck and killed by drivers nationwide over the last decade has increased:

Recently, researchers from the University of Delaware have received an NSF Career Award to create new durable adhesive joints for concrete structures. What creature are they attempting to mimic the adhesion properties of?

According to attendees of PaintSquare Connect’s Industrial Coatings: 2021 Market Outlook webinar, the biggest challenges they face in 2021 are:

True or false: The U.S. Department of Labor is suspending its acceptance and review of new or pending applications for Standards Recognition Entities in the Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program.

Scientists from the Polytechnic Institute of the Far Eastern Federal University announced their development of a concrete material that can reportedly seal cracks and restore strength independently, using:

Recently, researchers from the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science announced the development of a new coating strategy for __________ that provides corrosion protection.

True or false: PaintSquare Connect’s recorded education sessions will remain online until May 31.

Researchers at Montana State University are reportedly working on sustainable alternatives to concrete, focusing on ____________.

INFRA grants can be used to cover as much as ____% of a project’s cost.

According to large scale space construction company Orbital Assembly, construction on the world’s first-ever space hotel is expected to launch sometime in:

True or False: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has completed multiple climate change reviews over the course of its history.

Last month, engineers from Network Rail—owner of Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd in London—recently avoided the demolition of a Victorian-era railway bridge by utilizing a _______-resistant coating.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced the dates for this year’s National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. The eighth annual event is slated to take place:

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently released its 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, revealing a mediocre, but passing grade of:

Earlier this year, China REACH went into effect, which aims to streamline the registration process for new _______ going into the country.

Recently, Paint BidTracker announced that Olmsted County awarded Rachel Contracting of St. Michael, Minnesota, in the amount of $1,098,013 for the restoration of an iconic water tank in Rochester, Minnesota. The iconic water tower appears to look like what vegetable?

True or false: A report from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Inspector General issued in February revealed that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration did not provide the level of oversight needed to keep workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a poll taken during PaintSquare Connect’s recent webinar “Industrial Coatings: 2021 Market Outlook,” the majority of participants said that business during the COVID-19 pandemic:

In March, Nashville councilmembers introduced a bill that aims to raise the standards and oversight for what types of construction projects?

Last month, Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Texas) presented a house bill pushing for the relaunch of construction on what recently paused infrastructure project?

What global food and beverage company recently announced a pilot program that demonstrates a roofing material made from the company’s recycled flexible packaging?

Scientists from the Helmholtz Centre for Materials and Coastal Research in Geesthacht, Germany, have recently developed a ________ alloy that has an elevated resistance to corrosion.

Construction employment numbers in February fell by about 61,000, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors America of new government data released in March. The AGC cited continued weakness in new nonresidential projects and what else as a primary driver?

According to researchers from Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials at Graz University of Technology, adding supplementary cementitious materials such as metakaolin or ______ can help to reduce the contribution of shotcrete to sinter formations (process of calcium carbonate precipitation).

USDOL’s OSHA recently revealed its annual top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety standards for fiscal year 2020. What was the year’s most frequently cited standard?

What is the MUC for an employee wearing a half-mask air purifying respirator (APF=10) in an atmosphere full of sulfur dioxide gas (PEL=5 ppm)?

Both PVDF and FEVE fluoropolymers coating types are reported to withstand ______ times longer than other conventional coating resins.

When performing emergency maintenance and repair regarding corrosion under insulation in oil and gas facilities, what is the potential cost of shutting down equipment?

A paint pigment war regarding the development of blackest black paint involves British artist Stuart Semple and ____ _______.

True or false: A JPCL subscription is the ONLY way users can access the 25-year collection of JPCL Archives, dating back to 1996.

True or false: The ICC-ES is part of the ICC family and is a nonprofit, limited liability company that provides evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials.

What university was recently awarded a $718,000, three-year grant from the Nuclear Energy University Program to use corrosion science to help identify potential at-risk canisters used to store spent nuclear fuel?

New Labor Secretary and former Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, recently issued an executive order that establishes a Supplier Diversity Program with a $_______ investment.

True or false: All respirator filters and cartridges used in the workplace must have a “TC Number.”

True or false: The Department of Labor recently announced that it would be suspending its acceptance and review of new or pending applications for Standards Recognition Entities in the Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program.

Researchers from RMIT University have recently developed a recycling solution for one item generating a rather large amount of pandemic waste:

According to a PaintSquare Blog, what isn’t a part of the “Top 5” to make your next facility project run smoothly?

True or false: In offshore oil and gas platform projects, ATEX 138 is the directive for workplace safety.

True or false: The International Code Council recently launched two online building code tools that aim to give access to free information about building code usage to safety professionals and the public.

What date will the archived content from CORROSION 2021 be available until?

In a study conducted by Stanford University, researchers found that the United States has spent nearly $___________ in flood damages over the last three decades.

According to a recent PaintSquare Daily News article, the crown jewel of Amazon’s second headquarters is _________.

What is the name of a recently developed autonomous disruptive technology, designed to perform maintenance, inspections and repair on underwater infrastructure?

According to an archived 2017 D+D article, most cool-roof coatings at the time incorporated ______.

True or false: Before an employee uses any respirator with a negative or positive pressure tight-fitting facepiece, the employee must be fit tested with the same make, model, style and size of respirator that will be used.

True or false: Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, construction costs declined in the majority of cities from October 2019 to October 2020.

How many categories will JPCL be awarding its 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards?

Elon Musk’s XPrize Carbon Removal competition is slated to launch on what day?

According to “Maintenance Tips” in the February issue of JPCL, which of the following isn’t a rule to live by when planning offshore maintenance work?

Alkyds are a modified form of a(n) _____ resin.

Recently, a team of researchers from the Oregon State University’s College of Engineering conducted a study using supercomputer simulations to observe how _________ causes corrosion and degrades iron.

According to an analysis from the Associated General Contractors of America, construction spending in December 2020 was ___% higher than in December 2019.

True or false: The development of hot-spread epoxy phenolic coating resulted from the discovery of the “rusted steel substrate effect,” among others.

True or false: California’s AB 685 law identifies and defines three jobsite COVID-19 triggering events and provides notification requirements for each.

In January, President Joe Biden revoked the permit for which pipeline upon taking office?

Physiological monitoring platform Kenzen is testing out a new, wearable smart device to monitor the following except:

How many lives were lost in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill off the U.S. Gulf Coast?

Engineers at Purdue University say they have discovered a way to make concrete more sustainable—by adding small amounts of nanoscale ______ ______ to the cement.

Traditional epoxy phenolic coating technology for CUI mitigation recommends a film thickness for each coat to be typically __ - __ mils.

Elon Musk recently announced the upcoming XPrize Carbon Removal competition, which invites design teams to create technologies that can remove what from the Earth’s atmosphere?

True or false: JPCL will still be a member benefit of the newly SSPC-NACE combined association, The Association for Materials Protection and Performance.

True or false: According to former employee’s testimony in court, Arconic sold panels that the company knew were flammable to Grenfell Tower because of costs.

An oxygen-deficient atmosphere is an atmosphere with an oxygen content below ___% by volume.

During a renovation project on the 600 block of Race in the Central Business District, in Cincinnati, crews from non-profit real estate development company 3CDC discovered a second building, likely constructed in what decade?

True or false: Any equipment used in an offshore platform “hot zone” must be ATEX-rated.

Researchers from what federal laboratory are working on developing a coating that changes color when exposed to high temperatures through friction or fire?

Hot-dip galvanizing is a batch process in which the coating is applied in a molten bath of zinc at roughly what degree?

In February, Seattle City Council unanimously approved Commercial Energy Code updates set forth by Mayor Jenny Durkan that bans ____ for space heating in new construction of commercial and multi-family residential buildings that are taller than three stories.

Inorganic zinc coatings have proven capable of withstanding temperatures up to ___ F (___ C) in non-immersion service without any loss in performance.

According to a recent webinar hosted by PaintSquare, FEVE Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether, specifically thermoset fluoropolymer topcoats, were developed in the early _____.

What is the OSHA standard dictating requirements for respiratory protection, including guidelines for respirator selection, fit, testing, maintenance, care and more?

What historical landmark recently sought bids from engineers to rebuild a new retractable floor?

True or false: Drones can “merge” with robots.

True or false: The “Buy American” policies initially set forth by former President Donald J. Trump were reduced after President Joe Biden signed an executive order aiming to decrease the purchases of American-made products.

Who was the top lawyer to investigate the 1988 oil platform explosion that occurred on Piper Alpha in the North Sea on July 6?

This type of coating was recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for residential use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19:

True or false: The newly updated American Concrete Institute and the International Concrete Repair Institute “Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures” is part of the ACI Concrete Repair Subscription.

True or false: Zinc carbonate is water-soluble and not very dense, while zinc oxide and zinc hydroxide are dense, insoluble materials.

When fusion-bonded epoxy coatings are exposed to UV rays, they undergo a degradation commonly referred to as:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the final risk evaluation for n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), showing that there are unreasonable risks to workers and consumers in _____ out of 37 conditions of use.

More than ________ tons of steel was galvanized for the new Champlain Bridge.

In a Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, engineers found that after 50 years under 87% of the average breaking load, the epoxy resin bonding showed:

True or false: Civil engineers from the Cork Institute of Technology are planning to recycle wind turbines blades as coastline wake brakes later this year.

True or false: California’s AB 685 law allows for state regulators to shut down jobsites should Cal/OSHA determine that the workplaces pose a risk of an “imminent hazard.”

The Washington Department of Transportation recently installed record-breaking prestressed concrete girders at its new southbound Interstate 5 Puyallup River Bridge in Tacoma. How long did the girders measure?

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) are working on developing a coating that changes color when exposed to high temperatures through friction or fire. This technology is being developed for?

Zinc oxide starts forming roughly how many hours after galvanizing?

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently made adjustments to the Occupational Safety and Health administration’s civil penalty amounts, increasing maximum penalties for serious and other-than-serious violations from $13,494 per violation to?

Last month, researchers from Nagoya University discovered this rare concrete-strengthening mineral within the walls of a decommissioned power plant in Japan:

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a final rule meant to clarify the status of ___________ contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What state recently launched a state-wide emphasis program to reduce employee exposures to respirable crystalline silica and prevent silicosis?

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development adopted how many new safe harbors as additions to its existing 10?

Fire-resistant coatings are designed:

According to recent column by TPC CEO Brion Palmer, the JPCL team is excited to reintroduce itself as the fresh, independent voice of the industry, effective starting what issue?

According to blogger Allen Zielnik, most field-applied commercial icephobic coatings today are based on superhydrophobic and ___ surface energy principles:

Which association issues standards of performance for coatings applied over aluminum panels and extrusions for commercial buildings?

True or false: Hardness pencils are used in protective coatings work to measure of coating hardness as determined by the coating's resistance to scratching by pencil leads of known hardness.

True or false: The tactic referred to as “Dutchman,” means to fill in gaps and attach necessary stone as needed.

In a “Misconception Series” on spray-applied fireproofing, critical failure of steel occurs when the steel reaches ____ degrees Fahrenheit.

Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation can serve all except what function in commercial construction?

True or false: At a pH of less than 10, corrosion can occur if there is less than one inch of cover in immersed concrete or the service environment is susceptible to biogenic corrosion.

True or false: Drainage planes were adopted in the 1990s to serve as a solution for moisture intrusion problems with EIFS cladding.

In the protective coatings industry, qualitative fit testing of respirators introduces what material near the wearer of an air-purifying or supplied-air respirator with cartridge filter to determine by smell?

What color movement eventually spread to nearly every American city with similar architecture, with notable concentrations in St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Cincinnati?

According to Kevin Morris, a 25-year veteran of the coatings industry, specializing in water and wastewater facilities, the average age of structures undergoing rehabilitation are:

True or false: the CPIA is the first and only Professional Trade Association for commercial paint contractors around the globe.

In December, the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Transit Administration and the United States Department of Transportation issued a final rule regarding the DOT Program for:

A $30 million restoration project of Missouri’s Capitol Building, in Jefferson City, was reported to use how many pounds of material?

True or false: In merging to create The Association for Materials Protection and Performance, SSPC announced that it would be discontinuing its 37-year partnership with the Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings.

True or false: According to Allen Zielnik in a 2013 D+D article, most exterior wood repair products are based on epoxy-resin technology.

According to Anders Voldsgaard Calusen, a novel type of “activated” zinc primer uses which kind of formulation:

Regarding concrete floor covering, concrete is not dry just because it is cured. Concrete, on average, takes ______ per inch of thickness to dry enough to receive most flooring products.

It is estimated that the cost of painting an offshore structure in an autonomous painting facility can be as low as 1- __% less per square meter in comparison with carrying out coating onsite.

According to an archived D+D article, customers were reported to have saved how much on overall energy bills after installing a cool roof coating?

True or false: Experienced inspectors using pull-off adhesion methods find that 7-12% of pulls end up being invalid.

True or false: At the end of December, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released for public comment a proposed set of updates to the Toxic Substances Control Act’s Fees Rule.

These two organizations recently combined to form The Association for Materials Protection and Performance:

In a 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) found that the epoxy resin bonding showed no weaknesses, with under ___% of the average breaking load.

In its most recent Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the nation’s water sector, which includes existing stormwater infrastructure, a grade of:

Officials from Seattle’s $930 million Climate Pledge Arena and Oak View Group recently submitted the project’s registration to the:

True or false: Eric Henn of Eric Henn Murals was awarded the 2020 Top People Prestige Award during a live virtual awards ceremony held at the inaugural PaintSquare Connect.

What cleaning technology are workers considering implementing for the restoration at the Notre Dame Cathedral?

SSPC’s Level 1 Concrete Coating Application Specialist course requires what percentage to pass?

In December, the EPA announced the final rule to lower the clearance levels for the amount of lead that can remain in dust on floors and windowsills after lead abatement. What are the correct new clearance levels?

Jerome Curran investigated pull-off strength when looking at polysiloxane alternatives to polyurethane systems used at:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued its annual reminder to specific employers to submit the required injury and illness date for 2020 by:

True or false: A form of biogenic corrosion can be caused by fats, oils, and grease in the form of food waste.

True or false: The Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. and ASTM International have finalized an agreement to link CSI’s Uniformat standards and ASTM’s E1557 standards within Crosswalk, a web service of the CSI-owned Construction Information Network, LLC, and a platform that integrates CSI classifications into construction technology.

In December, the American Concrete Institute announced that it had released an updated version of what publication?

A temporary Pandemic Response Unit built in preparation for COVID-19 patients at the Joseph Brant Hospital, in Burlington, Ontario, used what type of supports to construct?

Diversified natural resources company, Teck Resources Limited (Vancouver, Canada) recently announced that it would be testing its antimicrobial copper coatings on what type of high-touch surfaces?

During a live virtual event at the inaugural PaintSquare Connect, it was announced that _________ was awarded the 2020 Elevation Award for Floor Coatings:

In a recent JPCL Investigating Failure article, a laboratory investigation was conducted regarding the delamination of paint on the exterior panels of this machine:

What alliance aims to draw attention to the need for more action on lead paint and other sources of lead exposure?

What standard covers the determination of the pull-off strength of a coating or coating system, by determining the greatest perpendicular force (in tension) that a surface area can bear before a plug of material is detached?

What American Institute of Architects contract document represents Sustainability Consultant Scope of Services?

Abstracts for what industrial coatings event are due today?

True or false: Last year, crews in Shanghai’s eastern Huangpu district “walked” an historic school building to avoid demolition.

What is the common name for a loading fixture that is secured to the coating surface with an adhesive in pull-off testing?

What is the specific term for the corrosion process caused by the biological conversion of hydrogen sulfide gas to sulfuric acid in sewers and wastewater facilities?

In November, the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a new city ordinance, banning the use of what in all new residential and commercial building construction projects?

One of the requirements for prequalification of zinc primers according to ISO 20340 is rust creep below:

Bjarke Ingels Group recently partnered with ICON, a construction technology developer, and SEArch+, to begin designing a sustainable habitat for where?

According to a recent JPCL article, what is the third leading cause of ship coating failures?

Throughout FY 2020 (Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2020), the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted how many inspections in response to worker complaints, injuries and fatalities, and referrals impacted by COVID-19?

True or false: It is still free to register to PaintSquare Connect?

In December, the American Institute of Architects Board of Directors adopted new rules into the association’s Code of Ethics, prohibiting certain designs of what types of facilities?

According to SSPC, the following standards were revised in December 2019, except:

What university recently claimed to have developed sensors that could safely speed up construction project timelines by determining concrete strength onsite in real time?

According to PaintSquare Connect Webinar, “Advanced IUPAT Training and Certifications that Make a Difference on a Project” by Rick Matthews, Industry Liaison Industrial Coatings Finishing First International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, the IUPAT International Finishing Trades Institute is accredited by:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report for 2019, the construction industry saw how many fatal injuries?

According to “The Future of Ship Painting” by Andy Hopkinson, Ralitsa Mihaylova and Raouf Kattan, Safinah Group Ltd., the average economic ship life is:

True or False: The new ACI 301-20, Specifications for Concrete Construction, has been updated to align with ACI 318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.

True or false: SSPC and NACE International will officially combine on Jan. 1, 2021.

The Painting Contractors Association has been developing Industry Standards since:

Ground corn cob, rice hulls, walnut shells and fruit pits are all examples of what type of abrasive?

According to the PaintSquare Connect Webinar, “Coatings That Work: Providing Long-Term Solutions That Set You Apart from Your Competition and Help Your Customers Get the Most Out of Their Projects” by Hank Meinking, Area Account Executive - Architectural Services, Sherwin-Williams, the following tools can be used to navigate coatings product claims, except:

In which PaintSquare Connect Keynote did the speaker review a case study where they were the lead consultant in the matter of a 96-foot-diameter x 31-foot-tall anaerobic digester tank?

What coatings organization announced the launch of its association in October 2019?

What transportation technology company successfully completed its first trial involving human passengers last month?

According to Jim McBrayer, CEO, McBrayer & Associates, in his PaintSquare Connect Webinar, “How to Secure Meetings with Decisionmakers and Keep Them Captivated,” the five valid business reasons to meet include all of the following except:

What certification does a lining require when coating water tanks that are slated to house drinking water?

True or false: PCA’s Industry Standard 19 covers the definition and application of decorative finishes.

According to the PaintSquare Connect Webinar, “100%-Solids Linings for the Water/Wastewater Market” by Brian Cheshire, Market Manager - Water/Wastewater, Carboline Company, what percentage of wastewater substrates are made of concrete?

The Commercial Painting Industry Association lists all except what as part of its Core Values:

When is NSF 600, a new health requirement requiring all coatings in contact with potable water to meet new, lower extraction levels, slated to go into effect?

According to recent reports, work on the LAX International Airport Terminals 2, 3, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (Terminal B) is slated to finish how many months ahead of schedule?

True or false: NASA selected 20 American companies for 20 partnerships to mature industry-developed space technologies.

What U.S. city recently issued an ordinance banning the use natural gas or other fossil fuels in all new residential and commercial building construction projects?

Although the PaintSquare Connect event has ended, registrants can still earn points through the Connect Rewards Program in all of the following ways, except:

In a Special Edition Newsletter from PaintSquare focusing on Green Coatings, this association announced it would be providing funding for 500 people in underserved communities:

What pipeline project was recently shut down by the state’s governor?

Researchers from this university recently developed an eco-friendly smart coating that’s designed for sub-ambient, radiative cooling in buildings as a way to combat active coolants:

True or false: TPC awarded the first 10 awardees of PaintSquare Connect’s Connect Rewards Program directly following the virtual conference’s commencement and plans to award an additional 10 awardees over the coming months.

True or false: ASTM’s D3730 standard guide is used for testing high-performance interior architectural wall coatings.

This SSPC Standard was recently revised in September 2019

In a new study by the University of Oregon’s Institute for Health in the Built Environment, a team of academics and industry partners are looking at how mass timber could be used in what type of construction?

True or false: Recorded webinars and keynote speeches from TPC’s PaintSquare Connect event will be available to registrants until May 31, 2021.

What Painting Contractors Association industry standard is responsible for the levels of surface preparation for repainting and maintenance projects receiving architectural coatings?

According to this PaintSquare Press contributor, cycloaliphatic epoxies offer a favorable solution for wastewater structures that undergo aggressive immersion services and are highly susceptible to degradation from UV-light exposure.

ASTM says that this standard is responsible for conducting exterior exposure tests of paints on wood:

According to a JPCL article, when rail cars are taken out of service to be lined, must be inspected for corrosion, followed by abrasive blasting to what SSPC/NACE standard?

Of the following, which university wasn’t recently reported to begin offering new courses designed to promote sustainability and a variety of green building practices?

In December 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency designated 10 substances up for evaluation, which included all except:

True or False: ICS No. 1 and ICS No. 5 meet the American Water Works Standard D102.

What ISO standard is typically used when deciding on a protective coating for steel wind towers?

Recently, researchers from the University of Liverpool were awarded 615,000 pounds (roughly $809,235) in funding for the development of this type of coating:

True or false: SSPC Guide 15 references “Soluble Salt Testing Frequency and Locations on New Steel Surfaces.”

According to David Wawer, Executive Director of the Color Pigments Manufacturers Association, around the beginning of this year, the industry began to see an accelerated interest in these types of coatings:

Over the last decade, bridge painting costs have risen how much?

Last year, Chicago’s Crown Fountain had its different coexisting systems evaluated with the help of what technology?

True or false: The FAA recently launched a second program focusing on integrating unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system.

What pigment did the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently release a revised draft risk evaluation for?

In the coatings industry, DTM stands for?

In “2020 Vision” published earlier this year, coatings manufactures released annual color trends focusing on all except:

True or false: According to an archived PaintSquare Press article, when using vacuums to reclaim abrasives, it is a rule to use the largest hose possible from the inlet of the vacuum to the vacuuming site.

True or false: Shop-fabricated insulation blocks installed on the roof of New York City’s Madison Square Garden last year for a waterproofing project exceeded 18 inches in thickness.

During a 2019 lining project to protect process vessels at the largest oil field in Iraq, what type of epoxy was chosen for the job?

Roughly how much paint was used to coat more than 400 homes during AkzoNobel’s “Let’s Colour” initiative in Kusadasi, Turkey, last year?

True or false: Recently, NASA announced the recipients of its Early Career Faculty Award, which included an award focusing on the development of new coating materials.

Researchers from Rice University recently developed a process to make flash graphene out of recycled what?

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture, CEE and CS/Machine Learning departments are currently working to establish this first-ever type of institute:

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, in Huntsville, Alabama, recently tapped what local college to help research 3D-printing technologies?

True or false: SSPC-SP 5 (NACE No. 1) is used for Commercial Blast Cleaning.

True or false: the American Institute of Architects recently announced a new strategic partnership with True Capital Wind to invest in AIA’s Contract Document Program.

True or false: The four SSPC/NACE joint waterjetting standards range from SSPC-SP WJ-1/NACE WJ-1 to SSPC-SP WJ-4/NACE WJ-4, with WJ-1 representing the lowest level of waterjetting and WJ-4 representing the most thorough level of waterjetting.

True or false: SPIRE Smart Buildings Program is an objective assessment and rating program for smart buildings, built by the Telecommunications Industry Association and UL.

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings published its “Fact Sheet: Use of Hazardous Materials including Flammables in Confined Spaces” at the request of the Chemical Safety Board after what deadly fire?

According to a report by insurance company AdvisorSmith, what is the highest paying job in the United States that doesn’t require a college degree?

CUI is widely described as occurring in the temperature range of:

True or false: Exudation denotes migration of a substance to the surface of a coating film.

True or false: Stationary wheel blast machines can be used to clean concrete substrates.

During a renovation project at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, crews applied what type of paint to the interior steel surfaces?

True or false: SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings offers a jointly issued standard on thermal spraying with the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials and the National Steel Bridge Alliance.

Traditionally, following cleaning efforts, what color oxide rust-inhibitor is applied to heavy steel mainframes for pre-engineered metal buildings?

According to SSPC’s Protective Coatings Glossary, the typical range for the peak-to-valley height of surface profile created on steel by Power-Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal or Abrasive-blast Cleaning is?

Crews used this machine to determine what mystery metallics were used on a building exterior featured in the fall issue of PaintSquare Press.

True or false: The Naval Research Laboratory recently used organosilane polymers as a means to create a healthier and more user-friendly topcoat for their aircrafts.

Over what percentage of contractors recently reported to be negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are expecting to see the implications continue into 2021?

How many SSPC-NACE joint surface preparation standards are there for waterjetting?

Technology Publishing Co.’s upcoming virtual event, PaintSquare Connect, plans to give away how many prizes to participants competing in the Connect Rewards Program?

Technology Publishing Co.’s upcoming virtual event, PaintSquare Connect, is comprised of four curriculum tracks including all except:

Which ISO standard, introduced in December 2018, mandates a series of tests in an attempt to capture the exposure cycle a typical CUI coating might encounter during the construction, transport and operational phases?

True or false: The American institute of Architects recently updated its B109-2020, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Multi-Family Residential or Mixed-Use Residential Project.

What two associations created the 2011 Color Coding for High Pressure Hoses?

According to the American Wood Council, what percentage of U.S. homes are built using wood-frame construction each year?

What is the name of the infrastructure that was recently successful in protecting the city of Venice from acqua alta?

True or false: Having a USGBC membership represents one’s understanding of LEED certification.

SSPC-SP 5 White Metal Blast Cleaning is equivalent to what NACE International standard?

What entity regulates all types of construction except detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses not more than three stories high?

What is the minimum water pressure that constitutes ultra-high-pressure waterjetting?

True or false: NFPA 34 is the standard for the manufacture of organic coatings.

In the October issue of JPCL, what process did Alison B. Kaelin compare similarities to the protective coatings industry?

What university recently received a commercialization grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for the development of drywall bricks?

How many categories were featured in the JPCL 2020 Coating Systems Buying Guide for Concrete?

True or false: A three-component zinc-rich epoxy primer was used on the Allegiant Stadium as a means of corrosion protection.

True or false: The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General recently issued a No Objection Letter for the combination of SSPC and NACE International.

What new organization was formed after memberships of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) both voted to form an alliance?

How many languages does SSPC offer translated materials?

What two associations recently announced the renewal of their alliance?

True or false: Thermal spraying is a group of processes where the thermal spray feedstock (aluminum, zinc or a combination of alloys developed in the form of a wire or powder) is heated, atomized and propelled by a conveying gas stream and deposited to form a thermal spray metallic coating (TSC) on the cleaned steel.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently awarded what university for the continued research on premature degradation of concrete foundations that contain pyrrhotite?

Rail officials working on South Florida’s $2.7 billion, 170-mile Brightline high-speed rail extension were able to shave its project timeline by utilizing what technology?

Awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects and approved by Her Majesty The Queen, who was the 2021 recipient of the Royal Gold Medal?

As part of the 2020 SSPC Structure Awards, City of Celina Elevated Water Tank was reported to receive the organization’s Industry Spirit Award. Who was the project’s coating material supplier?

Skeletons of this animal recently caused repeated construction pauses at the new Santa Lucia airport in New Mexico.

In this Off the Wall story, bridge inspectors saved this stranded animal from a bridge in Mississippi.

In the PaintSquare Press article, “I’m Taking Good Care of You,” what is the first solution Pittsburgh conservator Rhonda Wozniak uses in completing the annual cleaning of a bronze alloy statue?

What organization recently published, “Recommended Practices for Remote Virtual Inspections,” a guideline that it says governmental jurisdictions should consider for effective and consistent remote virtual inspections.

Recently, the American Institute of Architects and the American Institute of Steel Construction joint-issued a paper to describe the roles and responsibilities of project participants in design collaboration scenarios. The paper was born out of noticing what two commonly used terms?

What high-speed rail project in the U.S. recently achieved two major milestones in pushing the project forward?

What U.S. university was recently awarded a $1.8 million grant to develop a safer ladder?

According to this JPCL article, historical records, field investigations and laboratory investigations have revealed that the following factors may influence surface casing corrosion, except:

According to Edye Fox Abrams, VP of Business Development, The ChemQuest Group, this color choice has been increasing in popularity in waterborne wood coatings over the last several years.

In a Summer 2020 PaintSquare Press article, Majestic Fast Ferry reported that this type of coating provided energy savings and allowed for improved speeds at sea.

True or false: New western cedar wood requires special surface preparation 1-2 weeks prior to coating applications?

According to the U.S. Defense Acquisition University, over the course of 30 years, this percentage range of systems acquisition can be attributed to the life cycle cost of a project.

The Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration Institute doesn’t have a Validation Program for which product?

In a JPCL article, Dudley Primeaux concludes that this type of coating holds up both elastomeric and appearance properties when exposed to ultraviolet light.

A team from Switzerland’s University of Geneva recently published an article in the journal Nature discussing a new nanocoating with anti-reflective and anti-adhesive properties. The eyes of what insect inspired their discovery?

Next week, comments are due to the U.S. Navy for a new proposed submarine dry dock for which public shipyard?

True or false: NFPA 285 is a test that provides a method of determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load bearing wall assemblies/panels?

True or false: According to SSPC, a cohesive failure of a coating is described as, “breaking within itself.”

Regarding Technology Publishing Company’s upcoming PaintSquare Connect event, when will attendees be able to access/edit their personalized schedules?

Carl Reed, Kat Coronado and what other author published an article covering solutions for when a blast profile on a steel substrate is lower than the specification.

What SSPC Guide covers field methods for determining levels of moisture in concrete and masonry walls and ceilings?

True or false: Both metal-fume fever and white-metal fever are terms used to describe a condition where fumes generated from aluminum and other metals and their alloys during thermal spraying are unpleasant to smell and could cause flu-like symptoms for hours or days.

Which state doesn’t hold general contractors accountable for their subcontractors’ unpaid wages to employees?

Recently, PaintSquare Daily News announced session information regarding its upcoming virtual event, PaintSquare Connect. What date will all main pages for the event become active?

True or false: Waterglass is another name for mineral paint.

True or false: The Atlas cell test is used to evaluate and select internal linings for immersion services.

True or false: Alkyds are polyesters modified with fatty acids and other components.

True or False: Reducing the number of bolted connections in gravity sludge thickener components can help reduce the risk of galvanic corrosion.

True or False: Rutile titanium dioxide is often used to provide color (white) and opacity to coatings.

Optically active pigment (OAP) technology can help uncover all of the following coating mechanisms except:

What metals are covered by SSPC-SP16?

For soluble salt testing, ISO 8502-6 guides a process that involves injecting distilled water into a patch placed on a steel surface. This testing method is also known as:

True or False: According to a recent PaintSquare Press article, if a pre-engineered metal building is slated to receive a fireproof coating or epoxy application, the item will not receive traditional oxide or galvanization treatments.

True or False: Localized galvanic corrosion at bolted connections is commonplace on rake mechanisms in gravity thickeners and clarifiers.

What type of coating was recently used to protect the interior steel trusses of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California?

This type of additive, used in petroleum and water storage tank linings, help make holidays and pinholes visible when illuminated with an eye-safe LED light.

True of False: Prime pigments possess colorant value and hiding power.

True or false: One organic zinc-rich coating has a silicate binder.

In an air abrasive blasting system, the blast hose ID should be at least how many times the size of the nozzle orifice to achieve productive blasting results?

True or false: There are four ways that abrasive and water can be combined in a wet abrasive blast system.

True or false: SSPC-AB 3 is meant to be used as a standard for both newly manufactured abrasive media and recycled media.

True or false: HUD publishes fire resistance ratings of archaic building materials.

What is a PATTI?

What color system or standard relies on instrumental measurement?

True or false: Siloxane sealers applied to concrete often have no measurable film thickness.

True or false: According to a JPCL article, three months is a good starting interval between calibrations of a magnetic dry film thickness gage.

What is the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for crystalline silica per cubic meter of air, averaged over an eight-hour shift?

True or false: The water resistance of coatings is tested with a condensing humidity cabinet.

True or false: According to the AIA, a sustainability consultant can be an architect or a non-architect.

True or false: Infrared radiation thermal imaging can be used to monitor coating application only if the coating being applied is thermosetting.

True or false: According to one industry expert, flash rust occurs on wetted steel; rust back occurs on dry steel.

True or false: Prime pigments have lower refractive indexes than extender pigments.

In what region are scientists developing anti-viral surface coatings to combat COVID-19?

True or false: Statistical data from a recent study suggest that greater precision of DFT measurements can be obtained using the scanning method over the traditional SSPC-PA 2 method.

True or false: CCS NTPEP is a study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of cool roof coatings for industrial facilities.

What is the subject of a recent NASA grant for the study of concrete?

True or false: Regarding the profile on blast-cleaned steel, a shallow peak height with a dense peak density may be beneficial, versus a deep peak height as is often specified.

True or false: According to a JPCL article, the 28-day-cure-time rule of thumb for coating concrete has substantial scientific and engineering basis.

True or false: Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resinous flooring systems should not be applied at temperatures below 40 F.

True or false: Polymer transition temperature is the term used to describe the temperature at which the non-crystalline portion of a polymer is transformed from a rubbery material to a brittle, glass-like material.

What is the difference between resistance requirements of a vapor barrier and an air barrier?

How many types of polyurethane coatings are there?

True or false: A coalescing solvent has a low boiling point.

True or false: Micaceous iron oxide pigment improves the barrier properties of a coating.

What are AIM coatings?

True or false: The recoat interval of a two-component coating is influenced by the ambient temperature.

What is the name given to the zinc ammonium chloride solution that cleans and deposits a protective layer on steel before it is immersed in molten zinc to achieve galvanizing?

True or false: The term “guard” is used to describe a product in anodizing work.

True or false: The lesser the permeability of a coating on concrete, the more effectively it will perform.

True or false: OSHA allows the use of only an irritant or an odor for qualitative fit testing of half mask respirators.

What is a name for units of viscosity of paint?

Bisphenol A is combined with which of the following to produce epoxy resins?

True or false: The two types of dehumidification for coating projects are desiccant and refrigerant.

True or false: Slip resistance of wood-floor finishes is influenced most by the gloss level of the finish material.

Choose the failure term defined by an authority as the “formation of blisters of solvent vapor in wet coating surfaces that break but do not level because of too great a viscosity."

True or false: Cratering can be caused by foreign matter in or on a wet coating film.

True or false: A laboratory study has demonstrated that feathering of sound coating around areas of repair does not influence or increase the longevity of a protective coating system applied over the repair area.

True or false: Reflectance and heat resistance are not the two main properties of cool roof coatings.

True or false: Paint brush bristles derived from mongooses can hold more paint than those acquired from hogs.

Which of the following abrasives is not among those claimed by one JPCL author to produce low dust and to contain no heavy metals?

True or false: Coatings with formaldehyde-abatement capability have been based on acrylic resins.

The most stringent performance standard for organic coatings on architectural aluminum requires how many years of successful performance on panels exposed at a South Florida test site?

True or false: Abrasive blast workers are regularly exposed to noise in excess of 140 dBA.

True or false: Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning allows some staining on the surface; Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal does not allow stains.

Many coating manufacturers recommend a maximum relative humidity within a concrete slab of what percentage before their flooring products are applied?

Intumescent coatings must contain an acid source, a carbon source and what other component?

How many courses does SSPC offer to train applicators to apply high and 100% solids coatings?

True or false: OSHA recently issued two new qualitative respirator fit testing protocols.

True or false: Plural-component spray equipment can typically handle material ratios from 1:1 to 10:1.

True or false: Both cementitious and fibrous spray-applied, fire-resistant materials can contain Portland cement binders.

True or false: Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP) combine extremely durable colorfastness, IR-reflective capability and vivid colors.

True or false: Solvent-resistance, as shown by a solvent rub test, means that coatings are sufficiently cured for service.

True or false: Methyl ethyl ketone is an oxygenated solvent.

Which of the following is not a main function of a roof coating over single-ply, modified bitumen and BUR, according to a JPCL article?

True or false: According to a preliminary study, WUFI software does not appear to be of value in making judgments on the number of re-paints of single-wythe masonry walls before problems occur with the walls’ performance.

True or false: One specialist advises that during the COVID-19 pandemic, blast helmets, including cushion suspension systems, should be disinfected by submerging in a liquid that contains 2% bleach or other approved disinfecting liquids.

True or false: While there are laboratory tests for determining the wind-driven rain resistance of masonry walls, there are no practical field tests.

True or false: Fugitive emissions, according to SSPC, are overspray particles from paint spraying operations.

True or false: 25 micrometers is the minimum surface profile required to meet SSPC’s specification, Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal.

True or false: According to a D+D article, most SPF systems can be installed at substrate temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

What company won a global startup challenge dealing with innovations in the paint industry?

What company recently conducted a trial of a graphene-infused coating on a 700-square-meter section of a container ship?

True or false: It takes only 30 days to simulate three years of outdoor aging of reflective roof coatings using the laboratory testing protocol developed at a national laboratory.

True or false: Countries are not required to adopt the Global Harmonized System (GHS) used to communicate the toxicological hazards of products .

True or false: The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association has members in only 25 countries.

True or false: The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry has initiated development of a cool wall rating program.

Which of the following SSPC blast cleaning standards is equivalent to the ISO 8501-1 standard, Sa2, Thorough Blast Cleaning?

True or false: SSPC certifies only industrial and commercial painting contractors and shops.

True or false: SIPP is the acronym for a robotic spray process to reline pipeline interiors.

What is another name for bruising of concrete floor slabs during surface preparation?

In speaking about a coatings inspector’s capabilities, who said, “Obtaining an inspection approval is like obtaining a driver’s license. You can sit the course and pass the examination, but it is how you perform on the road that counts.”

True or false: According to a PaintSquare writer, sealant manufacturers all require removal of the oxide layer on weathering steel substrates beneath sealants before replacement.

True or false: An amine carbamate can create surface opalescence on epoxy films.

True or false: Mathers Ratings are sometimes used to report the opacity of air pollution emissions.

True or false: An analysis of safety data sheets (SDS) for both polyurethane coatings and coatings classified as being non-isocyanate-containing revealed that there was no substantial difference between personal protective equipment requirements in the SDSs for the two types of coatings.

According to an article on PaintSquare, an unopened can of a roof coating containing silicone has a shelf life of about four years.

What organization publishes a guide specifically for measuring moisture content in concrete and masonry walls?

True or false: Another name for a portable stylus instrument is a profilometer.

Ion exchange pigments would most likely be found in what type of coating?

How much time should normally elapse after placement of a concrete floor slab before aggressive dehumidification commences?

According to an occupational health specialist, respiratory protection plans are normally implemented properly and in accordance with the written plans.

True or false: Fluoropolymer coatings on aluminum extrusions, meeting the most rigorous AAMA performance standard (AAMA 2605), are typically applied at less than 2 mils.

True or false: For porous masonry such as common brick, use of a non-breathable coating is a good choice.

True or false: On two heavily corroded, 350-foot transmission towers cleaned to SSPC-SP 2 and SP 3, a coating system consisting of one full coat of 100-percent-volume-solids epoxy penetrating sealer, followed by one full coat of silicone alkyd enamel has been used, according to a recently published case history.

True or false: White scabbing is the term used to describe the accelerated oxidation of galvanized steel caused by exposure to relatively high concentrations of moisture and oxygen trapped between pieces or sheets of steel that are closely stacked.

True or false: Magnetic induction is the principle of operation of gages used to measure the thickness of thermal spray aluminum when the base material is carbon steel only.

True or false: The blasting abrasive olivene is derived from mineral deposits.

True or false: Zinc phosphate pigments provide inhibitive rather than sacrificial protection.

True or false: Wood weathered by atmospheric exposure may contain dissolved solids such as nitrates, which are not detrimental to coating adhesion.

True or false: The service life of a duplex system consisting of galvanizing and paint has been reported in some studies to be a factor of 2.3 to 4 times the sum of the individual service lives for galvanizing and painting, depending on the exposure environment.

True or false: Architectural coatings are applied by contractors; trade sales paint is applied by consumers.

True or false: Levels 1 and 2 of drywall finish allow tool marks and ridges.

True or false: OSHA issued two new protocols for respirator fit testing in the Fall of 2019.

True or false: A badger brush is used to work rolled-on paint into the crevices of concrete block.

True or false: In the NACE-SSPC merger voting, if you are a member of both SSPC and NACE, you will receive two ballots and are asked to vote in both.

In March, 2020, the American Concrete Institute announced an expanded partnership with what other association?

True or false: Breathing grade compressed air (Grade D, as specified by the Compressed Gas Association) must contain 23.5-25% of oxygen by volume.

True or false: The first 100% acrylic latex polymers for paint were introduced in 1953.

What organization used a contact stylus profilometer to create a standard?

Where would you be most likely to use an epoxy novolac?

True or false: The length of protection time hot-dipped galvanizing provides to steel is directly proportional to the weight of the zinc.

True or false: The American Concrete Institute offers certifications in what area?

True or false: A biomimetic coating is one that employs plant-based raw materials.

True or false: Inorganic zinc-rich coatings have very strong resistance to organic chemicals.

True or false: Failure analysis is not included in the SSPC definition of coating work.

True or false: MPI describes and defines even levels of gloss.

What Level of gypsum board finish requires a thin skim coat of joint compound (or a material manufactured especially for this purpose) over the entire surface of the board?

True or false: Knowing the volume solids of a coating and the wet film thickness, you can calculate what the dry film thickness will be.

True or false: SSPC published a surface preparation standard, now discontinued, describing laser cleaning of steel.

True or false: A D+D In Depth article argues that the risks of moisture-related, single-wythe CMU wall problems can be predicted based on the initial selection of the coating and number of repaints that have been conducted.

Titanium nitride is applied to stainless steel substrates to create what appearance?

True or false: Coalescing agents in a waterborne coating do not contribute to VOC levels.

True or false: Chief among byproduct abrasives used for blast cleaning are agricultural products.

True or false: The tin coating applied to stainless steel, formerly an alloy of lead and tin, is called titania.

True or false: Cure temperature is the term for the temperature at which the non-crystalline portion of a polymer is transformed from a rubbery material to a brittle, glass-like material.

True or false: According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, Atlanta is now one of the several cities that have a cool roof mandate.

True or false: The current version of ISO 12944 has a very high durability classification of 25 years duration or greater and required testing for coating systems in the most severe onshore environments.

In mid-2019 the US Green Building Council issued a report that listed the top ten states having the most LEED-certified residential structures. What state headed that list?

What is the name of the coatings exposure testing device that intensifies outdoor UV exposure by a factor of 10 to 12 and simulates South Florida nighttime exposure?

What is an acronym for one pneumatic adhesion tester?

True or false: Carbon dioxide can contribute to the deterioration of steel-reinforced concrete.

True or false: Potassium silicate paints provide inhibitive protection to steel substrates.

True or false: The American Concrete Institute provides education and certification for concrete slab moisture testing technicians.

True or false: SWR Institute offers a technical bulletin on air barriers.

True or false: According to NIOSH, the hierarchy of hazard controls considers administrative controls to be the least desirable among all the available control types.

Many coating manufacturers recommend what maximum relative humidity within a concrete slab before their flooring products are applied, according to a D+D article?

True or false: High volume, low pressure (HVLP) spraying has greater transfer efficiency than electrostatic spraying.

True or false: Atmospheric exposures that can contribute to amine blush include carbon dioxide.

OSHA has developed regulations on abrasive blasting in how many industries?

True or false: The level of permeance of a coating determines its breath-ability.

What is the acronym for the Italian ship classification society?

True or false: Russia was the first country to build and deploy a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP).

True or false: The New York State Department of Transportation has a test procedure, titled “Determining the Graffiti Resistance of Anti-Graffiti Coatings.”

True or False: Testing standards for measuring dry film thickness of coatings (SSPC, IMO, ISO, and AS) are remarkably similar in their requirements for sampling and the number of measurements that have to be taken.

What organization is working with ASTM to develop new test methods to evaluate air/water leakage through fasteners and cladding attachments.

In what area of the world have dams been recently proposed to protect land from rising seas, according to a PaintSquare story?

What organization publishes the “Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems”?

Which of the following does not have a significant effect on the solar reflectance level or reflective roof coatings over time, according to a study reported in Durability & Design?

What is one result of the removal of an oxide layer from steel?

True or false: SSPC recently developed an architectural painting specification manual.

True or false: Sa2, Thorough Blast Cleaning, is the ISO blast standard that most closely resembles SSPC-SP 6, Commercial blast.

The use of what machine is described in an ASTM standard on measuring the static coefficient of friction of polish-coated flooring surfaces?

True or false: Dry ice pellets used as abrasive can produce a profile on steel.

True or false: APC is the acronym—used frequently in VOC regulations—for both architectural coatings and coatings for industrial structures.

Who wrote an article claiming that engineer/specifiers were as much to blame as painting contractors for coating failures?

Which of the following is not a concrete hardener or densifier used in the creation of a polished concrete floors?

True or false: Relative humidity sensors used to determine moisture content of concrete slabs require three days to provide accurate results after probes are inserted into a slab.

True or false: The NCAA has developed specifications, tests, and an approved supplier and products list for finishes used on athletic wood floors.

Which of the following respirator types is classified by OSHA as an engineering control?

True or false: The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard is aligned with a UN chemical labeling system.

True or false: UL1709 is the test that provides a method of determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels.

What organization published a new standard in 2019 that aims to improve the reliability and sustainability of iron water pipes that provide clean drinking water?

True or false: OSHA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

True or false: Recently, Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens announced that its Center for Sustainable Landscapes has achieved LEED Platinum certification.

True or false: Inorganic Zinc-rich coatings are often used on the faying surfaces of slip-critical joints.

True or false: If a coating has 50 grams per liter or less of VOCs, it is said to be HAPS-free.

SSPC has a Qualification Procedure on installation of tank linings in the field.

In what country is there a college focused on education and training in the creation of murals?

True or false: Another word for the coating failure term, “bleeding,” is “exudation.”

True or false: Positive claims have been made for use of surface-tolerant coatings in shipbuilding operations.

True or false: In North America, SSPC is not the sole publisher of hand- and power-tool cleaning standards.

True or false: Tests of fire resistive materials are conducted in real fire conditions.

True or false: The portable stylus instrument used to measure surface roughness of blast-cleaned steel is called a roughness gage.

What association is establishing Owner Peer Groups and Key Employee Peer Groups?

A German scientist developed a highly durable paint in the 1800s that remains an important type of coating technology today. What type of paint is this?

True or false: Light etching creates sufficient surface profile on concrete for successful performance of a siloxane sealer.

True or false: In the mid-1990s, SSPC held the first industrial painters competition.

True or false: Paint knife is another name for a draw down bar.

True or False: Power tools used on concrete to remove contaminants and create a profile are typically the impact type.

Examining the drip pattern from a burst of paint sprayed onto a vertical surface with an airless spray gun will reveal what possible problem?

True or false: The National Transportation Product Evaluation Program includes coatings for steel but not for concrete.

True or false: ACA has a council that deals with architectural coatings.

Which of the following is an abrasive media used in a blasting system on delicate substrates?

True or false: Fire-resistive, thin-film intumescent coatings for interior use are typically waterborne.

True or false: The Standard Test Method for Replication and Measurement of Concrete Surface Profiles Using Replica Putty was developed by ICRI.

True or false: Water beading on a new concrete floor indicates it is not ready for application of a chemically reactive stain.

True or false: RCMA has more than 150 members that manufacture roof coatings.

True or false: A recently reported study on abrasive blasting media refutes the conclusions of Roper et al. by asserting that the peak density of surface profile is not as important as peak height in contributing to the performance of corrosion control coatings.

True or false: UV-cured waterborne coatings can be successfully used on wood floors.

True or false: According to an SSPC news release, the merger of SSPC and NACE, if consummated, will result in an organization that can lobby Congress and government agencies.

Burnishing, polishing and abrasive blasting are examples of what?

Where would you expect to find an air wash separator?

At what coating film thickness are high-voltage rather than low-voltage holiday detectors used?

True or false: ASHRAE developed a standard practice for building enclosure commissioning.

True or false: Paint and coating manufacturing is one of the targeted industries in OSHA’s revised National Emphasis Program for respirable crystalline silica.

A “titania” coating is being developed with support from a Federal grant for what application?

True or false: Moisture-cured polyurethanes are two-component materials.

True or false: ICRI recommends a profile of 10 mils to a quarter inch in its surface preparation requirements for polymer overlays on concrete.

Corrosion of rebar is likely to cause which of the following conditions in concrete?

The thickness of a coating is sometimes expressed in mils, sometimes in micrometers or microns. Which unit is thicker, 1 mil or 1 micron?

True or false: Metal mold is another common name for the wet storage stain that occurs on galvanized metal.

True or false: The plastic sheet method is a quantitative test for determining the extent of moisture in a concrete slab.

What organization offers the credential, Certified Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider?

True or false: A wet blasting system requires water pressure to provide a cleaning force.

How old will the EPA be this year?

How many joint SSPC/NACE standards are there?

True or false: one drawback of a polished concrete floor is the innate slipperiness of the surface.

By what process is steel covered with an impervious oxide to inhibit chemical or electrochemical reactions on the surface?

True or false: When used as reflective roof coatings, polyureas provide more heat resistance than polysiloxanes.

Which of the following is an anti-graffiti coating that functions by low "surface-free energy"?

True or false: In SSPC’s standard for visual evaluation of pinholes in coatings over concrete, a magnifying glass is required for the assessment.

Rotating flaps with hard metallic tips are components of what piece of surface preparation equipment?

In the list below, which organization focuses its services on building enclosure consultants?

Which of the following associations does not fit with the other three?

True or false: Some paint brands claim 100% transparency in their labeling, according to a PaintSquare publication.

True or false: The ability to wet the substrate upon application is one of the weakest performance properties of polyurea coatings.

What is considered to be the main advantage of an HVLP spray system?

In coating work, what are fines?

Who has been chairman of ASTM Committee D1, Chair of the SSPC Surface Preparation Committee and president of SSPC?

True or false: It is possible to predict the risk of moisture-related, single-wythe CMU wall problems based on the initial selection of the coating and number of prior repaints.

True or false: Powder coatings tend to be about 90% solids materials.

True or false: Abrasive in a centrifugal wheel blast operation is never recycled and reused more than twice.

Which of the following terms is out of place in the list?

True or false: Rogue peaks are most likely to be created on steel substrates when the surface preparation abrasive is steel shot.

True or false: ICRI’s rubber replica chips indicates levels of cleanliness of concrete after surface preparation.

Which of the following is not a naturally occurring abrasive?

The term, “wet storage stain,” is used to describe a condition of what substrate?

True or false: SSPC and ASTM have not worked cooperatively on dry coating thickness standards.

In addition to SSPC, what other organization has standards for measuring surface profile of blast-cleaned steel?

What name is given to an oil-modified polyurethane?

What are the levels of cleanliness of SSPC’s new abrasive blast cleaning standards for concrete substrates?

True or false: SSPC’s Coating Application Specialist Standard is issued jointly with the American Coatings Association.


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