Daily Quiz (214)

A paint pigment war regarding the development of blackest black paint involves British artist Stuart Semple and ____ _______.

According to Anders Voldsgaard Calusen, a novel type of “activated” zinc primer uses which kind of formulation:

In a 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) found that the epoxy resin bonding showed no weaknesses, with under ___% of the average breaking load.

True or false: Recently, NASA announced the recipients of its Early Career Faculty Award, which included an award focusing on the development of new coating materials.

Optically active pigment (OAP) technology can help uncover all of the following coating mechanisms except:

True or false: Coatings with formaldehyde-abatement capability have been based on acrylic resins.

True or false: A biomimetic coating is one that employs plant-based raw materials.

In coating work, what are fines?

What name is given to an oil-modified polyurethane?

IR pigments are most likely to be used in what type of coating?

What is the name of the association that recently formed to advance the interests of commercial painting contractors?

What organization has a standard for the evaluation of degradation of coatings, including designation of quantity and size of defects and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance?

What organization offers an certification program for aerospace coating applicators?

True or false: Ammonium polyphosphate can be found in intumescent coatings.

True or false: Silicone foul-release coatings on ship’s hulls now require repair approximately every 10 years, according to a JPCL article writer.

True or false: Epoxy coatings formulated for application over green concrete (less than 28 days of cure) must contain inhibitive pigments.

True or false: In coating work, a spark tester is used to check the flammability of coatings and linings.

What organization maintains a database giving the results of bridge coatings’ performance testing?

What is the relationship between a discontinuity and a holiday in a coating?

Which of the following words describing a characteristic of pigments does not fit with the other three?

True or false: At the DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference this year, one presentation dealt with the use of dry ice for cleaning topside and non-skid ship coatings.

What organization has published a classification system for textures of floor coating finish coats and a set of tactile comparators?

True or false: In coating work the term "operating mix" refers to the proportioning of components in a plural component spray operation.

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate depends partially upon chemical bonding of the coating to the steel.

True or false: Methyl methacrylate coatings are not specified for concrete floors.

Mango leaf extract is being studied for what application?

What polymer concrete resin is based on an alcohol derived from agricultural wastes such as rice and oat hulls and corn cobs?

Generally, coating materials with what perm rating or higher are considered permeable?

What organization recently changed its name to the World Coatings Council?

In a private survey of architects and hospital administrators, what was the least important attribute of wall coatings for hospitals?

True or false: A mechanical rubbing machine is used to test a coating for solvent resistance.

True or false: A three-year research study found that foul-release coatings were the most effective at combating macro-fouling organisms like zebra and quagga mussels.

True or false: For spot repair of coatings, the selection of abrasive blasting as the surface preparation method is questionable.

True of false: The steel used in the overhead canopy of the Banc of California Stadium for major league soccer was coated with a zinc/epoxy/polyurethane system in the shop to achieve speed and efficiency.

Polyesters modified with fatty acids and other components produces what coating type?

True or false: Epoxy novolacs are not good candidates for food processing facilities.

What causes solvent popping?

True or false: In coating work, the cold wall effect is created with a liquid-applied air barrier.

Who said: “There was some pining for the old, forgiving lead-based paints, but the data clearly shows that modern coatings outclass the old technology and certainly have achieved and even exceeded environmental and worker-safety goals that initially seemed so challenging.”?

True or false: In coating work, “open time” refers to the pot life of a two-component coating after the two components have been mixed together.

Who wrote a book on the degradation of paint films?

True or false: When two materials are incapable of being mixed uniformly, the are said to be miscible.

True or false: SSPC has a performance standard for coating systems used on offshore structures.

In coating work, how is replica putty used?

What type of coating material does SSPC recommend for repairing imperfections in galvanized, organic zinc- or inorganic zinc-coated steel?

True or false: Breathability is an important requirement for exterior wall coatings on concrete, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Erosion resistance is the ability of a coating to withstand being worn away by what means?

True or false: Industry experts universally agree that sweep blasting is the best remedy for exceeding the coating manufacturer’s maximum recommended interval for topcoating a primer or intermediate coat.

True or false: MPI has a product validation program for deck coatings.

What organization is forming a committee to create a performance-based standard for fluoropolymer coatings?

What is the function of a fire-retardant paint, according to ASTM?

True or false: According to ASTM, the term “oil-based” to describe a paint is acceptable, but “water-based” is not.

What organization publishes the document, “Standard Terminology for Paint, Related Coatings, Materials and Applications"?

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate depends entirely upon the chemical bonding of the coating to the steel.

True or false: The paint companies CIN and Kansai offer paints that kill mosquitoes.

Resins combining vinyl neoesters and alkoxysilane monomers have been proposed to replace what more conventional resin systems?

True or false: Polyaspartic coatings cure more slowly than polyureas.

What general name is given to a coating that responds with corrective measures when corrosion is detected beneath the coating?

What organization developed synthetic dirt for coatings testing?

True or false: A siloxepoxy is formed by the combination of epoxy with siloxane.

True or false: Elastomeric polyurethane coatings are not suitable for stucco, according to an article on PaintSquare.

True or false: A two-part modified epoxy novolac polysulfide coating was applied successfully to aged concrete fuel storage tanks.

True or false: In accelerated QUV exposure tests, FEVE fluoropolymer-based coatings have outperformed acrylic polyurethane and polysiloxane topcoats in terms of color and gloss retention.

True or false: A recently described coating containing resins combining vinyl neoesters and alkoxysilane monomers is claimed to have several advantages over two-component polyurethane topcoats.

True or false: The Naval Research Laboratory developed a single-component polyaspartic topcoat replace silicone alkyds used on ships’ topsides to achieve significant performance upgrades.

In coating work, what is PSPC?

What type of cure is described as fusing of adjacent particles following water evaporation?

True or false: Inorganic zinc-rich coatings are very resistant to strong acids and alkalis.

In coating work, how is a PATTI used?

True or false: Non-film-forming coatings used as sealers on concrete and masonry can be pigmented to alter the appearance properties of substrates.

The cliché about “location, location, location” being the three most important things in assessing the value of a house is mirrored by what similar phrase offered by a PaintSquare coating specialist on the three most important considerations in painting a bridge?

True or false: Ion exchange pigments provide antifouling properties to coatings.

True or false: A high-solids version of a polyaspartic coating is designed for direct-to-concrete application.

True or false: Steel for the recently completed Hålogaland Bridge, located in Narvik, Norway, was coated in a U.S. fabricating shop.

According to a recent JPCL article, coatings that combat noise, heat or air pollution have what general name?

True or false: For exposed structural steel on a stadium located in a cold, damp environment, moisture-cured polyurethane was recommended in a Problem Solving Forum.

True or false: The official name of the color continuously used on the Golden Gate Bridge is Golden Harvest.

True or false: While polyurethane coatings exhibit strong weathering and water resistance when applied to metal roofs, polyurea elastomeric coatings do not.

Which of the following organizations does not certify the performance of coating materials?

True or false: Silicone-modified polyester coating systems are often used for high-end architectural metal roofing.

Which of the following terms is generally considered synonymous with the term “trade sales paint”?

What organization recently published a standard on the texture of coatings applied to concrete substrates?

True or false: Talc is a widely used extender pigment in coatings.

True or false: The American Iron and Steel Institute publishes a test method for measuring the slip coefficient of coatings used on the faying surfaces of bolted joints.

True or false: A PaintSquare blog has described a paint store that provides contractors with freshly made paint, mixed on demand, onsite, by an automated paint machine.

What is the consensus among coating specialists about the percentage of deterioration that is acceptable at a one-year warranty inspection of water tank linings before a contractor must repair the coating job?

True or false: The Federal Highway Administration is engaged in performance testing of bridge coatings for state highway departments.

True or false: Most field-applied commercial icephobic coatings today are based on superhydrophobic and low surface energy principles.

In coating work, what is PLURAL?

True or false: Acrylic resin can be used in a polysiloxane coating.

True or false: In coating work, carbon black is used as a scouring abrasive.

What was the topic of a coating conference held in Antwerp, Belgium, in June this year?

True or false: You fingerprint a coating to determine its resistance to staining.

True or false: It takes 25.4 mils to make 1 micron.

True or false: An anti-mosquito paint has been approved by the EPA.

True or false: Continuity testing of non-conductive coatings applied to a steel substrate is carried out with an eddy current gage.

True or false: An alkyd is a modified form of a polyester resin.

True or false: The American Coatings Association was called the National Paint and Coatings Association before it acquired its current name.

True or false: Cashew nut shells are used to create color pigments.

True or false: Performance specifications for coatings applied to curtain wall aluminum are published by the Aluminum Association.

True or false: HAPS and VOCS are synonymous.

True or false: According to Clive Hare, the threat of mudcracking in thick, heavily pigmented coatings is more likely with platey than with spherical pigments.

What type of raw material allows dark-colored paints to achieve Energy Star requirements for solar reflectance?

True or false: Zinc dust is an inhibitive pigment used in coatings for corrosion control.

True or false: The Federal Highway Administration maintains a database describing the results of performance testing of bridge coatings.

True or false: According to a Durability + Design In Depth feature, only silyl-terminated polyethers perform successfully as liquid-applied flashing materials for rough openings and penetrations.

A recent JPCL article described a novel and solvent-free, low-temperature-cure, epoxy-polysulfide coating for what service?

What AAMA specification for coatings over aluminum extrusions and panels requires 10 years of successful exposure at a South Florida test site?

True or false: Under LEED v4, architectural paints and coatings can now help contribute points in three different credit categories: emissions (EQ Credit); product disclosure and material ingredients (MR Credit); and integrated analysis of building materials (Pilot Credit).

True or false: According to a recently published Durability + Design article, there are no firmly established standards and test methods to determine the effectiveness of ice-resistant coatings.

True or false: Alkyl (solvent-borne) zinc silicates for cargo tank coatings cure initially by absorbing water from the surrounding atmosphere into the film.

What name is given to a paint component that will cause two immiscible liquids to mix?

True or false: The term “industrial coatings” refers to high-performance coatings applied in the field to resist moderate to heavy industrial atmospheres.

What is the name of a tin-zinc alloy used as a coating?

True or false: Epoxies are sometimes hybridized with silicones to achieve both anti-corrosive properties and UV resistance.

True or false: When two materials are capable of being blended satisfactorily, they are said to be immiscible.

True or false: Shotcrete can be used to create an intumescent coating over steel in building interiors.

Mineral paints with inorganic potassium silicate binders are recommended mainly for what substrate type?

What is the term used for the measure of fineness of dispersed particles in a coating?

What do aluminum, mica and stainless steel pigments have in common?

What is the common name for the coating “defect in which the wet film recedes from localized areas of the substrate (usually caused by insufficient wetting) leaving those areas uncoated”?

True or false: Ammonium polyphosphate is typically found in antifouling coatings.

Which of the following statements about moisture-cured urethanes is true?

What term describes the degree of drying of paint “when no loosening, detachment, wrinkling or other distortion of the film occurs when the thumb is borne downward while simultaneously turning the thumb through an angle of 90 degrees in the plane of the film ... and maximum pressure is exerted by the arm”?

Crack-bridging is normally associated with what type of coating?

True or false: Some types of fire-resistant intumescent coatings for steel have required as many as six coats to meet standards.

True or false: Exposure to solvents used in paints can cause hearing loss.

True or false: A coating with a heavy loading of zinc phosphate pigment achieves sacrificial protection of steel.

True or false: A coating’s resistance to fading is tested in an instrument called a light resistance chamber.

What three organizations have a joint specification for the application of thermal spray coatings?

True or false: Not all generic coating types have the same susceptibility to mildew growth.

True or false: Coatings created with silicone resins have strong resistance to oxidation.

What was the first organization to initiate painter competitions, in which teams of three painters competed against one another in demonstrating their craft by coating a large steel panel with attached angles and pipe sections?

Which of the following statements about inorganic zinc (IOZ) pre-construction primers for shipbuilding is true?

True or false: Test fences are often faced at a 45-degree angle toward the south to maximize sunlight exposure on coated test panels.

True or false: Architectural coatings are sometimes called “Trade Sales Coatings.”

True or false: According to the Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary, the term “industrial coatings” is synonymous with the term “industrial maintenance paints.”

True or false: According to ASTM, coatings include, but are not limited to, paints, varnishes, sealers and stains.

What term is defined as the percentage of coating solids actually applied to the substrate by spray application?

True or false: Polymeric membranes for both plaza and green roof waterproofing often employ the same materials.

True or false: Wood can degrade when ultraviolet light passes through clear, ultraviolet-transparent varnishes.

True or false: Duplex galvanizing is an alloy coating comprised of tin and zinc sometimes used to coat stainless steel.

True or false: A polyaspartic is an organic/inorganic hybrid coating.

True or false: Urethane acrylates are used to create UV-cure waterborne coatings for wood.

True or false: Zinc-rich coatings work extremely well in protecting steel substrates in predominantly wet, highly alkaline exposure environments.

What name is sometimes given to a coating system comprised of galvanizing together with an organic coating?

True or false: Zinc phosphate provides galvanic corrosion protection to coatings.

True or false: A recent JPCL research article concludes that thin-film coatings are effective in preventing corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete bridge components.

What organization offers training and certification as a thermal spray coatings inspector?

True or false: Efflorescence at the surface of masonry wall is not readily removable with water.

According to ASTM, what is the function of a fire-retardant coating?

True or false: Thermoplastic powders cannot be applied by thermal spraying.

What can make concrete difficult to protect with coatings?

What kind of plaster contains lime and marble dust?

A recent JPCL article proposes what type of new test method to better qualify bridge coating systems?

Polyesters modified with fatty acids and other components form what kind of coating?

True or false: Conventional air spray application of coatings causes more overspray than airless spray.

True or false: The slip-resistance of wood-floor finishes is influenced most by the gloss level of the finish material.

True or false: According to a D+D article, the industry’s rule of thumb is that it takes one month per inch of a concrete slab’s thickness before non-breathable flooring can be applied.

True or false: The threat of mud cracking in highly pigmented paints applied at high film builds is likely to be diminished in coating films that employ platey pigments.

True or false: Silicone elastomers are considered “soft” as opposed to “hard” biocide-free, foul-release coatings for ships’ hulls.

What organization recently formed a Task Group on the use of rust converters?

True or false: Uralkyds are two-component materials.

True or false: Inhibitive, platey or sacrificial pigments can be used in coatings on steel for corrosion prevention.

In coating work, what does Japan usually refer to?

According to a recent D+D article, what attribute defines a “functional coating”?

True or false: There is a standard for coating wastewater facilities similar to the one for water tanks, American Water Works Association D102, Coating Steel Water-Storage Tanks.

Which of the following coating types is an inorganic/organic hybrid?

Talc is what type of component in a coating?

True or false: The non-volatile vehicle of a coating includes resin or binder and pigment.

True or false: Carbon blacks are prime pigments.

What is something common to both a baby and paint when its surface tension is greater than the surface tension of the substrate?

Consisting of casein, clay, earth pigments and lime, this material is used mostly by decorative painters to create a flat, coarse finish on antiques and historic substrates.

True or false: According to a recent D+D In Depth article, “While there are exceptions, the majority of roof coating systems are used as recovery systems as opposed to new construction.”

True or false: Inorganic zinc coatings are very resistant to strong acids.

What organization has standards for silicone and moisture cure polyurethane coatings to be used over spray polyurethane foam roofing?

An oil-modified polyurethane is sometimes called by what name?

True or false: There are industry standard categories distinguishing among sealers, stain blockers and primers.

True or false: Polyester resins are sometimes used as binders for mortars and concretes.

What organization defines 6 types of urethane coatings?

What association in the U.S. now deals with the science and technology of formulating and making paint?

In a recent D+D In Depth article, what name is given to coatings that do one or more of the following: work to maintain surface quality, provide signals about a surface condition, change sensory perception of the surrounding environment or interact with or change the surrounding environment?

True or false: A wash primer is a conversion coating.

True or false: Some intumescent coatings can require up to 100 days to apply.

True or false: According to a recent JPCL article, freshly applied thermal spray aluminum is close in appearance to steel newly blasted to white metal.

True or false: Moisture-cure polyurethanes are sometimes used to create organic zinc-rich coatings.

When you add exempt solvents as thinners to a high solids coating, what happens to the VOC content?

SSPC issued a new performance specification last month for what paint type?

True or false: A water glass is an implement for drinking, but water glass has another definition relevant to coatings.

True or false: The use of copper in antifouling coatings has been approved in Europe through 2026.

What topcoat technology is most noted for its high degree of thermal stability and heat-resistance?

True or false: The architecture firm Perkins + Will and the non-profit Health Building Network published a paper recently confirming the effectiveness of antimicrobial building products, including antimicrobial paints.

What generic coating type has been tested by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and shown to resist corrosion while at the same time improving ballistic protection of armored amphibious assault vehicles?

What organization conducted a study showing that cool roof coatings with ruby red pigment, because of fluorescence, or photoluminescence, performed just as well as or better than lighter-colored roofs?

True or false: Application of silver leaf to a prepared surface is called gilding.

For the most part, lattice-type transmission towers are painted with what application tool?

True or false: Silicone coatings for flat roofs have strong resistance to ponding water and UV exposure.

True or False: Ion exchange pigments are typically used in anti-corrosion coatings.

True or false: The addition of mica flakes to fluoropolymer coatings can create a pearlescent sheen that mutes the color slightly and provides a softer visual aesthetic than metallic-flake fluoropolymer coatings.

In a live poll conducted at the Plenary Session of the recent European Coatings Show, what future coatings technology area was cited as the most significant?

When one coating specialist wrote in a JPCL article, “I do not advocate the specification of 'sniff tests' because I don’t know how to calibrate a nose,” he was discussing what coating failure phenomenon?

How do thermoplastic coatings cure?

In coating work, what is “crackle"?

True or false: Single-component, ambient-cured formulations of coatings based on PVdF resins emulsified in water see use in roof coatings, consumer house paints and wood composite deck finishes.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed waterborne epoxy coatings that exceed the performance of high-VOC coatings that were traditionally used for locks and dams.

Who was the original author of the NACE publication, Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings?

True or false: A visible exudate of efflorescence on the surface of a material is in some circles called a “bloom."

True or false: ASTM standards come up for review every 15 years.

ISO/TC 35/SC 14 is in charge of a standard on what topic?

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate can be achieved by both mechanical attachment and chemical bonding.

A new guide from SSPC published at the end of 2016 deals with what topic?

True or false: Two-coat polyaspartic urethane coating systems are sometimes recommended for protection of steel bridges.

True or false: Some single-component intumescent coatings, such as acrylics, may require up to six coats to complete the system.

WUFI software has been used to calculate the effect of coating permeance on wall system performance. Translated from German, what does WUFI stand for?


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