Daily Quiz (127)

Why are zinc-rich coatings sometimes applied to structural concrete?

The University of Arkansas was awarded a $3 million research grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study:

The replacement bridge for the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh, which collapsed in January, will be constructed using what material?

True or False: Efflorescence can move through permeable paint films on masonry substrates.

A group of researchers are calling for “paradigm change” in the science of forecasting _________ damage within reinforced concrete structures.

What concrete method was used in a curved space as part of the American Museum of Natural History’s expansion in New York?

Researchers in Australia recently developed a smart coating for pipelines that can remove _________ from water while preventing corrosion and solvent damage.

Some bridges in Michigan are being reinforced with what material to extend lifespan and resist corrosion?

SSPC-SP 13/NACE No. 6, “Surface Preparation of ________,” has led to a debate in the industry as to whether the document should be considered more of a guide than a standard.

A team of researchers from ETH Zurich successfully created a pre-cast concrete slab using 3D-printed formwork elements made from what?

How many concrete structure categories are listed in the 2021 JPCL Coatings Systems Buying Guide for Concrete?

After about five years of service at the Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility, aggressive chemical attacks caused the loss of roughly how much concrete throughout the facility’s unlined basins?

Researchers found that concrete produced with ground-up recycled glass increases ___ in buildings significantly as compared to traditional concrete mixes.

In an effort to resolve the Millennium Tower’s sinking and tilting, the project received clearance to install ___ concrete-filled steel-pipe piles within steel casings along two sides of the building.

Korean researchers have developed a forensic tool that can inspect concrete structures that have been damaged by what?

Researchers recently announced that they would be using reinforced concrete blocks from walls of a building being renovated for a(n) ____, marking the first time this method has ever been used.

The use of thermocol or extended polystyrene as a composite material in reinforced concrete could help buildings resist ____.

The Cool Pavement Pilot Program’s results show that cool pavements have an average surface temperature of ___ to ___ degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional asphalt at noon and during afternoon hours.

Dubbed “printfrastructure,” 3D-printing technology will be tested in the United Kingdom to create concrete for a project on what type of infrastructure?

To fund Texas’s border wall, the Texas Department of Transportation has announced it will pay how much for a new, two-mile-long concrete barrier?

In Sweden, “climate-smart hydropower concrete” is being introduced, with reports that it can reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions by how much?

In April, researchers at Rice University announced that they would continue to work on converting waste from rubber tires into what substance to strengthen concrete?

True or False: When bacterial communities form in concrete, some bacteria can produce calcium carbonate for up to one year.

Researchers are using the seed of which fruit for a new technique to strengthen and heal concrete?

The New York legislature recently passed a bill that is designed to promote the use of which of the following types of material for state construction projects:

Regarding the recent replacement of the Ibis Bridge in Florida, what were the rebars made of?

Recently used for a new floor slab at a gym in Amesbury, Wiltshire, Nationwide Engineering’s “Concretene” aims to be about ___% stronger than standard concrete and is reported to reduce the need for steel reinforcement.

The Concrete Foundations Association recently announced that it is leading the charge of an industry-wide effort to mitigate the pending shortage of:

Researchers at Rice University have recently continued their work on graphene, saying that they’ve optimized a process to convert waste from what material into graphene that can then be used to strengthen concrete?

Scientists from the Polytechnic Institute of the Far Eastern Federal University announced their development of a concrete material that can reportedly seal cracks and restore strength independently, using:

Researchers at Montana State University are reportedly working on sustainable alternatives to concrete, focusing on ____________.

Engineers at Purdue University say they have discovered a way to make concrete more sustainable—by adding small amounts of nanoscale ______ ______ to the cement.

True or false: The newly updated American Concrete Institute and the International Concrete Repair Institute “Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures” is part of the ACI Concrete Repair Subscription.

Last month, researchers from Nagoya University discovered this rare concrete-strengthening mineral within the walls of a decommissioned power plant in Japan:

Regarding concrete floor covering, concrete is not dry just because it is cured. Concrete, on average, takes ______ per inch of thickness to dry enough to receive most flooring products.

What university recently claimed to have developed sensors that could safely speed up construction project timelines by determining concrete strength onsite in real time?

True or False: The new ACI 301-20, Specifications for Concrete Construction, has been updated to align with ACI 318-19, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.

According to the PaintSquare Connect Webinar, “100%-Solids Linings for the Water/Wastewater Market” by Brian Cheshire, Market Manager - Water/Wastewater, Carboline Company, what percentage of wastewater substrates are made of concrete?

True or false: Stationary wheel blast machines can be used to clean concrete substrates.

How many categories were featured in the JPCL 2020 Coating Systems Buying Guide for Concrete?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently awarded what university for the continued research on premature degradation of concrete foundations that contain pyrrhotite?

What SSPC Guide covers field methods for determining levels of moisture in concrete and masonry walls and ceilings?

True or false: Imperial College London developed a biodegradable concrete alternative made of desert sand.

True or false: Siloxane sealers applied to concrete often have no measurable film thickness.

What is the subject of a recent NASA grant for the study of concrete?

True or false: According to a JPCL article, the 28-day-cure-time rule of thumb for coating concrete has substantial scientific and engineering basis.

True or false: The lesser the permeability of a coating on concrete, the more effectively it will perform.

How much time should normally elapse after placement of a concrete floor slab before aggressive dehumidification commences?

True or false: A badger brush is used to work rolled-on paint into the crevices of concrete block.

In March, 2020, the American Concrete Institute announced an expanded partnership with what other association?

What organization used a contact stylus profilometer to create a standard?

Which of the following is not a concrete hardener or densifier used in the creation of a polished concrete floors?

True or false: Light etching creates sufficient surface profile on concrete for successful performance of a siloxane sealer.

True or False: Power tools used on concrete to remove contaminants and create a profile are typically the impact type.

True or false: Water beading on a new concrete floor indicates it is not ready for application of a chemically reactive stain.

Burnishing, polishing and abrasive blasting are examples of what?

True or false: Moisture-cured polyurethanes are two-component materials.

True or false: The plastic sheet method is a quantitative test for determining the extent of moisture in a concrete slab.

True or false: one drawback of a polished concrete floor is the innate slipperiness of the surface.

True or false: The ICRI concrete surface profile level with the greatest amplitude measures 0.25 inches.

True or false: One-day results of relative humidity testing of concrete floors with in-situ probes is typically not accurate enough to judge if it is acceptable to apply materials that can tolerate higher moisture content.

According to a concrete surface preparation specialist, how does moisture move through concrete?

True or false: SSPC has a performance standard for elastomeric coatings on masonry and concrete.

True or false: Epoxy coatings formulated for application over green concrete (less than 28 days of cure) must contain inhibitive pigments.

True or false: When installing flooring materials, commercial flooring contractors are not concerned about the level of fly ash in the concrete mix.

True or false: Radio frequency technology is sometimes used in instruments for detection of moisture levels in concrete.

True or false: Methyl methacrylate coatings are not specified for concrete floors.

True or false: Citric acid is not an environmentally benign material for etching concrete.

True or false: High-build coatings can protect concrete from carbonation.

True or false: Scabbling, scarifying and rotomilling can bruise concrete.

What term is used to denote “interconnected microcracks in concrete substrates caused by the use of high-impact, mechanical methods of concrete removal and surface preparation"?

Early test findings from a research study have demonstrated improved mechanical properties of concrete after nano platelets of what vegetables have been added.

True or false: ICRI recommends 6 to 9 mils of profile in its surface preparation requirements for polymer overlays on concrete.

What is the name of the reaction in concrete that produces a gel with negative consequences?

True or false: ACI has a specification for pigments used to create integrally colored concrete.

True or false: One mil of surface profile is required on concrete to be treated with a siloxane sealer.

True or false: A portable centrifugal wheel blast machine typically uses steel grit abrasive to clean and profile concrete floors.

True or false: Fred Goodwin says that “crazing” is the term used to describe the creation of microcracks in a concrete substrate after surface preparation by impact, pulverizing or other mechanical surface preparation methods.

What organization recently published a standard on the texture of coatings applied to concrete substrates?

True or false: A PaintSquare blogger recently stated that “Concrete, on average, takes one month per inch of thickness to dry enough to receive most flooring products.”

True or false: Citric acid is not strong enough to etch concrete before painting.

True or false: The anhydrous calcium chloride test for measuring moisture in concrete slabs is a quantitative rather than a qualitative test.

True or false: There is no quantitative test method for measuring the surface profile of concrete.

What is the typical reason for using citric rather than another acid to etch concrete?

True or false: Epoxies to be used over green concrete should be formulated for impermeability.

According to Fred Goodwin in a JPCL article, the three Ds negatively affecting the durability of concrete are deterioration, damage and what else?

True or false: High alkalinity on the surfaces of concrete and galvanizing can cause saponification of some coating types.

True or false: ICRI has published changes to the Concrete Aggregate Exposure Chart, eliminating the medium aggregate surface exposure and the approximate surface cut depths for all classes.

True or false: When a concrete floor slab is scarified in preparation for coating, bruising of the surface is not likely.

What can make concrete difficult to protect with coatings?

True or false: Replica putty can can be used to create a quantitative method for measuring the surface profile on concrete.

True or false: Because dyes do not react chemically with concrete, they are true to their color charts.

True or false: Spidering is the name given to the creation of microcracks in a concrete surface through use of impact, pulverizing or other mechanical surface preparation methods.

Who is the organizer of the Concrete Décor Show, expected to attract 3,000 participants at Palm Harbor, Florida, on Nov. 6-10?

According to an industry glossary, a microtopping over concrete is generally how thick?

True or false: Photographic standards from the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) can be used to judge the degree of surface profile on concrete.

True or false: Polyester resins are sometimes used as binders for mortars and concretes.

When specifying epoxies for green concrete, what attributes are important?

Which of the following organizations has standards for selecting and using concrete repair materials?

True or false: Use of replica putty, as described in an ASTM standard, provides only a visual assessment of surface profile on concrete.

True or false: Acrylic resins are sometimes used to make polymer mortars and concretes.

One coating failure type manifests itself by stickiness and discoloration of the paint and in severe cases by complete liquefaction. What is the failure?

True or false: The gel produced by alkali-silica reaction in concrete has a benign effect on the performance of the concrete.

True or false: According to a D+D article, “Polished concrete is gaining in popularity not only for its aesthetic potential, but also for its tolerance to moisture from within the concrete.”

SSPC is seeking nominations for a Board position in the category, “other product suppliers.” How is this supplier category defined?

ISO/TC 35/SC 14 is in charge of a standard on what topic?

True or false: SSPC-SP 13 describes the commercial power tool cleaning of steel.

True or false: Microcracking of concrete due to mechanical surface preparation methods is sometimes called spidering.

For successful application to green concrete, epoxies must be vapor-permeable and must have what other characteristic?

True or false: The calcium chloride moisture test for concrete, ASTM F1869, measures the amount of moisture emission in only about the top inch of a slab’s depth.

True or false: SSPC has several standards for surface preparation of concrete.

What organization recently published Placing and Finishing Decorative Concrete Flatwork?

True or false: Shotcreting produces a surface profile too rough for thin coatings.

What is the term for the destructive reaction that occurs in concrete between cement paste and amorphous silica found in certain aggregates in the presence of moisture?

True or false: Laitance, sealers and other surface contaminants do not have to be removed prior to performing a moisture test on a concrete floor slab, according to a recent JPCL article.

What organization produces rubber replica templates to judge the degree of surface profile on concrete?

True or false: According to a recent JPCL article, the threshold values in ASTM standards for deeming concrete suitable to be coated are neither achievable nor realistic for below-grade structures.

What organization is developing the “Guide for Fluid Applied Air Barrier Coatings for Concrete Masonry Units”?

What organization produces standards for the surface preparation of concrete?

True or false: The plastic sheet method of detecting moisture in concrete substrates can be used only on floors or other horizontal surfaces.

ASTM standards describe how many methods of measuring moisture in concrete?

True or false: Aggressive application of dehumidification to dry a concrete floor slab should begin within the first 10 days after placement.

True or false: A clear polyurethane used to seal a coated concrete surface should exhibit maximum turbidity.

True or false: Bugholes can be caused by oil and grease on the surface being coated.

Meters for determining moisture content of concrete slabs are based on what principle of operation?

True or false: Crystalline waterproofing materials can be used only after concrete cures.

True or false: Rubber replica templates from the American Concrete Institute can be used to judge the degree of surface profile on concrete.


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