Daily Quiz (30)

True or false: Although the term “sandblasting” is still often used to describe abrasive blasting industry, sand contains free silica and due to its classification as a carcinogenic, is widely banned for blasting purposes.

True or false: In abrasive blasting work, 100-micron-sized dust particles are respirable and therefore dangerous to health.

What is the non-abrasive cleaning method used where laser energy is focused and absorbed by the surface to produce favorable modifications?

Rotating flaps with hard metallic tips are components of what piece of surface preparation equipment?

As reported in a JPCL article, when being rehabilitated, the interior of the Sterling Ave. water tower in Maplewood, Minnesota was prepared to what standard?

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Paint and Blasting Shop (Code 970, Shop 71) in Portsmouth, Virginia, recently received an equipment upgrade. What piece of equipment did Shop 71 receive?

True or false: In May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and several companies that produce or use blasting materials containing trace amounts of beryllium were unable to reach a settlement regarding communications about the beryllium rules.

True or false: Stationary wheel blast machines can be used to clean concrete substrates.

Carl Reed, Kat Coronado and what other author published an article covering solutions for when a blast profile on a steel substrate is lower than the specification.

What does the term "fines" describe?

In addition to carbon steel, what other metals are covered by an SSPC blast-cleaning standard?

True or false: When the blast profile on a steel substrate is lower than the specification requires, this problem can be easily remediated to meet higher specification requirements by using larger abrasive media and reblasting the under-specification surface.

True or false: Abrasive blast workers are regularly exposed to noise in excess of 140 dBA.

True or false: One specialist advises that during the COVID-19 pandemic, blast helmets, including cushion suspension systems, should be disinfected by submerging in a liquid that contains 2% bleach or other approved disinfecting liquids.

True or false: The blasting abrasive olivene is derived from mineral deposits.

True or false: Sa2, Thorough Blast Cleaning, is the ISO blast standard that most closely resembles SSPC-SP 6, Commercial blast.

Which of the following is an abrasive media used in a blasting system on delicate substrates?

True or false: Abrasive in a centrifugal wheel blast operation is never recycled and reused more than twice.

In addition to SSPC, what other organization has standards for measuring surface profile of blast-cleaned steel?

What are the levels of cleanliness of SSPC’s new abrasive blast cleaning standards for concrete substrates?

True or false: SSPC has certified professional blasters, painters and inspectors.

True or false: Venturi blast nozzles create a narrower blast pattern than straight bore nozzles.

If you need to answer a question about the surface profile requirements for blasted surfaces on a job, what document would you consult?

Which method of blasting produces the least blast debris, presuming the same substrate in the same condition is being cleaned by each method?

True or false: Opacity observations of dust emissions from blasting operations are sometimes reported using the Smoke Density Scale.

True or false: When using steel abrasive for blast cleaning, the initial condition of steel has no effect on the end condition after cleaning.

Where is silica found in the coatings industry?

In abrasive blasting work, how small do dust particles have to be to make them respirable?

True or false: A Durability + Design article says that wet abrasive blasting is the best method for totally removing coatings from brick while at the same time minimizing substrate damage and airborne dust.

True or false: A White Metal Blast, SSPC-SP 5, allows stains to remain on 5 percent of the surface after blast cleaning.


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