Daily Quiz (20)

Based on ___, researchers have developed new films that don’t absorb light while still maintaining vivid color.

A new, thin film made of __ has been developed to mitigate the transfer of pathogens on high-traffic objects.

According to a team of researchers, coating single-pane windows with ___ capable of absorbing solar heat is more economical than replacing the windows with double-panes.

Traditional epoxy phenolic coating technology for CUI mitigation recommends a film thickness for each coat to be typically __ - __ mils.

What term denotes migration of a substance to the surface of a coating film?

True or false: Micaceous iron oxide pigment improves the barrier properties of a coating.

True or false: An amine carbamate can create surface opalescence on epoxy films.

At what coating film thickness are high-voltage rather than low-voltage holiday detectors used?

The thickness of a coating is sometimes expressed in mils, sometimes in micrometers or microns. Which unit is thicker, 1 mil or 1 micron?

True or false: Infrared radiation thermal imaging has been proposed as a technology for monitoring in real-time the application of certain thick-film coatings.

True or false: According to a Durability + Design article, achieving adequate film thickness is the single biggest problem with performance of paint on single-wythe CMU.

True or false: The rectangular metal tool used to deposit a specified thickness of wet coating on a test panel or other substrate is called a notch bar.

Which of the following objects can be used to check the soundness of concrete before the application of a thick-film coating?

True or false: In coating thickness measurements, it takes 50 microns to make 1 mil.

True or false: A recent JPCL research article concludes that thin-film coatings are effective in preventing corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete bridge components.

In the revised SSPC standard on applying thin film coatings to concrete, how are thin films defined?

What is continuity testing of coatings?

True or false: Wet film thickness gages are inadequate for measuring thickness of fast-set polyurea coatings.

True or false: The water vapor transmission of a coating is not a linear function of a coating’s film thickness.

True or false: Non-film-forming coatings used as sealers on concrete and masonry cannot be pigmented to alter the appearance properties of substrates.


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