Daily Quiz (69)

A new study observed the ___ behavior of coatings in real-time, allowing researchers to better understand and design coatings.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have recently developed a copper-coated technology capable of what?

A research team from Eastern Michigan University was recently awarded a U.S. patent for their invention of what type of coating methods?

By using the polymer ____, a coating from Mussel Polymers, Inc. has been used to strengthen carbon and aramid fibers, which allows for stronger, more lightweight materials.

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore recently invented a __ coating to protect wood surfaces and materials.

A team from Florida International University has reportedly developed a coating material to shield structures from what when travelling to space?

An Iowa public pool closed earlier this year because of what type of paint defect?

Researchers from the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology have reportedly developed a transparent coating material that can do what in sunlight?

Street crews and city officials recently applied the first-ever cool pavement coating in _____________ as part of a $1 million project to combat heat and address heat-related illness and death.

Decorative paints company Coral, an AkzoNobel-owned brand, has recently developed a _________-repellent coating to fight against dengue fever in Brazil.

An ultra-black coating developed by a team of researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology can absorb what percentage of the wide light spectrum?

How many finalists were chosen for the paint design on the “One Week Wonder” project at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture convention later this month?

Grambling State University received how many gallons of paint from coatings manufacturer Benjamin Moore for renovations?

When you add exempt solvents as thinners to a high solids coating, what happens to the VOC content?

At what level of permeability is a coating generally considered to be breathable?

True or False: Scientists have developed a low-cost iron aluminide coating that show four times increased corrosion resistance than that of mild steel.

When is NSF 600, a new health requirement requiring all coatings in contact with potable water to meet new, lower extraction levels, slated to go into effect?

Last month, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the Seattle Space Needle in Seattle was repainted what color?

What color paint was recently spilled by a truck on Kelly Avenue in Edmond, Oklahoma?

With an expected increase in demand for ships to transport and store gas globally, Nippon Paints Marine is advising shipowners and shipyards to ensure that their fuel, water and cargo tanks are protected from __________.

According to ASTM D1653, Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films, a coating is classified as vapor permeable at greater than how many perms?

A water tower painted to resemble a __________ in Huron, Ohio, will be getting a new paint job due to the structure’s sponsor changing its name and logo.

True or False: An aircraft owner recently had his plane color-matched and painted to match his Tesla.

According to a team of researchers, coating single-pane windows with ___ capable of absorbing solar heat is more economical than replacing the windows with double-panes.

In a December JPCL project case study, crews worked to rehabilitate and apply new coatings to this type of U.S. food and beverage manufacturing facility:

Researchers announced that they have created a coating for solar panels to reduce snow and ice accumulation, enabling panels to generate ___ more energy in tests.

Studies suggest that counterfeit and falsified coatings currently make up ___ and could reach ___ of the Russian coatings market.

This year, German airline company Lufthansa and global chemical company BASF announced a new surface coatings technology inspired by what marine creature?

True or false: SSPC-CS23.00, “Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel,” is the industry’s primary source of information regarding metalized coatings and their surface preparation and application requirements.

Researchers have reportedly developed a water-resistant coating made from self-healing what?

The Russian Army is planning to use a coating on its military vehicles that does what?

According to a JPCL article, a comprehensive assessment of the marine coating process was made in the:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order for what type of coating?

Developed by engineers at Purdue University, “the whitest paint yet” reflects up to how much sunlight?

True or false: There is a mood coating available in the commercial industry that uses biomimicry, a unique formulation that contains modified thermotropic liquid crystals that respond to pheromones given off by people nearby, causing its color to change.

In March, an electric-resistant coatings technology was utilized to avoid the demolition of a Victorian-era railway bridge. What university was credited for developing the specialty coating?

A paint pigment war regarding the development of blackest black paint involves British artist Stuart Semple and ____ _______.

Researchers from what federal laboratory are working on developing a coating that changes color when exposed to high temperatures through friction or fire?

When is NSF 600, a new health requirement requiring all coatings in contact with potable water to meet new, lower extraction levels, slated to go into effect?

True or false: Recorded webinars and keynote speeches from TPC’s PaintSquare Connect event will be available to registrants until May 31, 2021.

Recently, researchers from the University of Liverpool were awarded 615,000 pounds (roughly $809,235) in funding for the development of this type of coating:

Roughly how much paint was used to coat more than 400 homes during AkzoNobel’s “Let’s Colour” initiative in Kusadasi, Turkey, last year?

Optically active pigment (OAP) technology can help uncover all of the following coating mechanisms except:

True of False: Prime pigments possess colorant value and hiding power.

True or false: Infrared radiation thermal imaging can be used to monitor coating application only if the coating being applied is thermosetting.

How many types of polyurethane coatings are there?

What is a name for units of viscosity of paint?

Bisphenol A is combined with which of the following to produce epoxy resins?

Choose the failure term defined by an authority as the “formation of blisters of solvent vapor in wet coating surfaces that break but do not level because of too great a viscosity."

True or false: Coatings with formaldehyde-abatement capability have been based on acrylic resins.

True or false: Another word for the coating failure term, “bleeding,” is “exudation.”

A German scientist developed a highly durable paint in the 1800s that remains an important type of coating technology today. What type of paint is this?

True or false: The National Transportation Product Evaluation Program includes coatings for steel but not for concrete.

True or false: Fire-resistive, thin-film intumescent coatings for interior use are typically waterborne.

In coating work, a working mix or operating mix is a mix of what material?

True or false: Unheated material introduced into a plural component spray system can shock the system, creating cold patches in the pumps and hoses and potentially throwing the system off ratio.

True or false: The terms “weatherproof” and “water repellent” typically denote resistance to the passage of water not subjected to hydrostatic pressure.

What is continuity testing of coatings?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed waterborne epoxy coatings that exceed the performance of high-VOC coatings that were traditionally used for locks and dams.

SSPC is seeking nominations for a Board position in the category, “other product suppliers.” How is this supplier category defined?

Who was the original author of the NACE publication, Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings?

ISO/TC 35/SC 14 is in charge of a standard on what topic?

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate can be achieved by both mechanical attachment and chemical bonding.

A new guide from SSPC published at the end of 2016 deals with what topic?

True or false: Two-coat polyaspartic urethane coating systems are sometimes recommended for protection of steel bridges.

True or false: An adhesive failure of a coating layer occurs at the bottom of the layer; a cohesive failure occurs at the top of the layer.

Where is silica found in the coatings industry?

True or false: In severe cases of saponification, coating films may be completely liquefied.

WUFI software has been used to calculate the effect of coating permeance on wall system performance. Translated from German, what does WUFI stand for?


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