Daily Quiz (52)

A paint job at a church in Tenerife, Spain, caused a public outcry and an investigation as the renovation work covered government-protected, 300-year-old what?

A team from Mercer University reported that it has created a faster, less expensive method to identify and quantify what in new paint?

An artist added texture to her paint by putting what kitchen item into her white paint?

Green Seal plans to exclude “forever chemicals” from any of its certified paints and coatings, prohibiting approximately how many chemicals in this class?

As part of a 155,000-square-foot reimagined workspace, a mural on a newly renovated building in Southampton will use what type of sustainable paint?

The University of Bergen has received funding for a multi-year research project to examine the impact of ___ in white paint on a variety of factors.

The Biden-Harris Administration announced new actions and progress to remediate what type of toxic paint?

Each state in the United States has its own shade of yellow paint for what?

Boeing recently explained that peeling paint on various surfaces of its 787 Dreamliner jetliners are due to exposure to what?

A __ paint was recently applied at the largest school system in South Texas, Northside Independent School District.

The “world’s whitest paint,” developed by researchers at Purdue University, uses nanoparticles of barium sulfate to reflect __ of the sunlight.

German automobile factory and motorcycle manufacturer BMW is teaming up with global chemical company BASF to create a new sustainable paint made from what organic material?

What color were the paint flakes found in a Maryland neighborhood from work on a nearby television tower?

How many finalists were chosen for the paint design on the “One Week Wonder” project at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture convention later this month?

Grambling State University received how many gallons of paint from coatings manufacturer Benjamin Moore for renovations?

The Wheeling ________ Bridge is undergoing repainting as part of an ongoing $17 million restoration project.

What structure in Coventry, Rhode Island, will receive a fresh coat of paint using funds received from the American Rescue Plan Act?

Which company recently donated paint for a maintenance project on the world’s largest Radio Flyer wagon attraction?

True or False: Paint knife is another name for a draw down bar.

At the end of May, a mural artist in Florida was rescued from the ___________ he was working on after the motor on his lift equipment failed.

Which coatings company was recently named the official paint of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort?

What is a name for units of viscosity of paint?

Independent paint manufacturing company Kelly-Moore Paints has teamed up with which retailer to offer same- and next-day deliveries of its paint and paint products?

The first aircraft to be on route with German leisure airline Condor’s new vacation-inspired striped livery was completed in what color?

Last month, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the Seattle Space Needle in Seattle was repainted what color?

What color paint was recently spilled by a truck on Kelly Avenue in Edmond, Oklahoma?

A 2,670-foot pedestrian bridge in need of restoration that connects Cincinnati and Kentucky is painted what color?

A painting created by Polish-American artist Agnieszka Pilat and a robotic _______ sold for $40,000 in March at a charity benefit for Ukrainian refugees.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will oversee the cleanup of how many total acres of the Beck’s Lake Superfund site?

An estimated ____ gallons of waste product associated with the manufacture of paint was spilled by truck hauling company, Action Enterprise, while leaving a coatings plant in Illinois last month.

True or False: The filing and mandatory testing requirements of imported paint and coatings in China has been revoked as a result of a recent order.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was coated with ______ gallons of paint in 2021.

A report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the prices of construction materials in January have jumped more than what percentage year-over-year?

A final ban for consumer and residential uses of lead-based paints was issued in what year?

An unintended byproduct of the paint manufacturing process results in ___ being added, which could be harmful in concentration to aquatic animals and could lead to human dietary exposure.

Prior to the use of oil paints, what type of paint was most commonly used amongst Renaissance artists?

European paint brand YesColours announced its new recycling program, partially in response to the fact that only __ of paint tins make it through the entire recycling process in the United Kingdom.

Artist Stuart Semple has created new white paint that he says reflects ___ of light, making it 50% brighter than any other white paint.

If paint contains underlying rust, it will reflect what differently?

Featured in the July 2021 issued of JPCL, about how many gallons of paint were used for the coatings rehabilitation project at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina?

In April, the Yenkin-Majestic Paints plant experienced an explosion, resulting in one fatality and numerous injuries. Where is the plant located?

True or false: In a PaintSquare Blog, Jason Loehr, Global Product Manager, Datacolor, highlights the issue of paint retailers not storing customer paint formulas in an index card filing system.

Earlier this year, China REACH went into effect, which aims to streamline the registration process for new _______ going into the country.

A German scientist developed a highly durable paint in the 1800s that remains an important type of coating technology today. What type of paint is this?

True or false: If a paint crawls, it has a good spreading rate.

True or false: One innovation in coatings technology, described on PaintSquare, foresees solar energy delivered by a paint film containing carbon nanotubes attached to a buckyball.

True or false: A PaintSquare blog has described a paint store that provides contractors with freshly made paint, mixed on demand, onsite, by an automated paint machine.

Who said: “Paint is dead. It just doesn’t know it yet"?

True or false: Australia has a painting contractor certification program similar to the one overseen by the SSPC in the U.S.

True or false: The threat of mud cracking in highly pigmented paints applied at high film builds is likely to be diminished in coating films that employ platey pigments.

What association in the U.S. now deals with the science and technology of formulating and making paint?

SSPC issued a new performance specification last month for what paint type?


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