Daily Quiz (163)

Researchers from the University of Nebraska won the NATO Innovation Challenge for its work using sensors to monitor what?

Pieces of steel from a Minnesota ___ have been removed from storage to be placed in what will be the University of St. Thomas’ new engineering building.

A research team from the University of Helsinki in Finland is developing thin films needed to handle new types of what sustainable technology?

A research team from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras recently developed technology that can improve what type of coating industry tool?

A German marine biologist recently studied how ___ coatings can curb algal growth while still protecting tropical coral reefers.

An industrial doctorate student from Riga Technical University’s (RTU) Faculty of Civil Engineering, has recently developed a new construction material for building insulation made from what?

A research team from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently developed a new mechanical robust ___ coating that can be applied via spray coating.

Work recently began in North Carolina on what is expected to be the largest mixed-use research development, with the project expected to cost nearly ___.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have recently developed a copper-coated technology capable of what?

Engineers from the University of Canterbury launched a new building system designed to better protect homes in the event of an earthquake by using what?

Researchers from Washington State University recently shared that there may be a potential use for what in 3D printing?

A research team from Eastern Michigan University was recently awarded a U.S. patent for their invention of what type of coating methods?

The “world’s whitest paint,” developed by researchers at Purdue University, uses nanoparticles of barium sulfate to reflect __ of the sunlight.

Testing is currently underway in Fargo, North Dakota, where researchers are studying how what type of plant can be used as a construction material?

A team of civil and environmental engineers from the University of Notre Dame is working to better prepare homes for what?

Researchers from the University of South Australia have conducted tests to see how what part of a vehicle could be used in architecture?

Two Ohio University professors plan to remediate acid mine drainage to extract two million pounds of what per year?

Researchers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory recently corrected an error in the color of what modern technology?

True or false: Researchers from Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are reinforcing concrete with shrimp shells.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reportedly developed a biodegradable system to replace __ found in agricultural products, paints and cosmetics.

Researchers from Rice University announced that their strain-sensing smart skin system can detect what in large structures?

Researchers from the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology have reportedly developed a transparent coating material that can do what in sunlight?

Corrosion rates are increasing by how much each year?

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology are utilizing machine learning to design what type of films?

Finders University in Australia unveiled a new training center to research biofilms to prevent what?

What technology is a team of researchers from Japan studying to combat urban heat island effects?

A team of Australian researchers developed a type of coating, strong enough to be considered an alternative to bullet-proof glass, meant to protect from what?

Curtin University researchers are developing an artificial intelligence monitor to improve maintenance and prevent corrosion on what type of structure?

An ultra-black coating developed by a team of researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology can absorb what percentage of the wide light spectrum?

Texas A&M University College of Engineering was recently awarded a grant to study what type of green building material?

Queen’s University in Canada recently launched its new Carbon to ______ Coating Institute after receiving a $24 million grant from the Government of Canada.

Which means of surface preparation was not studied in a recent JPCL article on the effectiveness of different surface prep methods?

A building material using a naturally occurring _________ as a binder was recently funded for environmentally friendly precast elements and ready-mixed materials.

The European Space Agency is studying titanium oxide materials for what kind of coating on the International Space Station?

What color paint is being researched by engineers to slash carbon emissions and in some cases potentially replace air conditioning units?

True or False: Researchers from Washington State University demonstrated how old, single-use masks can be utilized in cement mixtures to make stronger, more durable concrete.

True or False: Cornell University is now home to a 6,000-pound robot with 3D printing capabilities.

The University of Arkansas was awarded a $3 million research grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study:

Researchers from which European country have recently created what's being touted as the "world's first" zero emissions cement?

Researchers from the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute have developed a nontoxic coating for medical implants that uses what metal?

True or False: Scientists have developed a low-cost iron aluminide coating that show four times increased corrosion resistance than that of mild steel.

What hydrophobic material has the Harvey Mudd College produced using a gas-phase-synthesis method?

True or False: A new method for creating four-component, titanium-based nanocomposite coatings used to protect gas turbine engines requires high temperatures to develop.

Researchers from the University of Stuttgart have developed a new method for applying ___________ coatings to 3D printed multi-lens systems.

Researchers have produced a coating with high solar-to-heat conversion efficiency using what byproduct of burned organic materials?

A research team from Northwestern University developed a sponge to clean polluted waters and can absorb ___ times its weight in oil.

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories have recently developed an environmentally friendly protective coating inspired by:

A team of researchers from Spain recently studied the use of microparticles as fillers for epoxy resins from recycled what?

Researchers from Iowa State University are developing a framework to improve the efficiency, accuracy and efficacy of bridge ____________.

A group of researchers are calling for “paradigm change” in the science of forecasting _________ damage within reinforced concrete structures.

Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago recently developed more than 80 environmentally friendly, anti-________ coatings.

A team of researchers recently reviewed several plant-based extracts as an environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor for ________ in the oil and gas industry.

A team of international researchers developed the first color spectra catalog to facilitate the search for extraterrestrial signs of life in the cosmos using microbes found in _______ conditions.

A research team from the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xiamen University recently announced the results of its study of a natural-based coating, which reportedly exhibited effective ________ and lower toxicity.

A team of researchers from Texas A&M University recently presented a new type of coating that could limit the __________ of wood used in construction.

Canadian development and commercialization company Zentek Ltd. recently conducted testing on its __________ coating.

Researchers in Australia recently developed a smart coating for pipelines that can remove _________ from water while preventing corrosion and solvent damage.

A recent study published by the Swiss-based Environmental Action has found that paint accounts for what percentage of microplastics in the world’s oceans and waterways?

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently announced the selection of three university-led proposals for the development of technologies for living and working on:

A new solar panel coating recently developed by researchers from Chiang Mai University increased the panels’ power yield by over what percent?

Researchers from the University of Minho’s School of Engineering conducted a sustainability analysis related to the prevention of the development of ______ in building structures using nanotechnology.

Researchers in China reportedly developed a superhydrophobic coating to prevent corrosion inspired by what insect?

A new computational tool for architects and engineers was recently developed by MIT to avoid construction materials that contain _______.

A new all-season _____ coating was recently designed by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory to keep homes warm during the winter months and cool throughout the summer without consuming natural gas or electricity.

What seaweed derivative did researchers from the University of Genoa recently use to test a coating’s tensile properties?

True or False: Researchers from MIT have recently developed a new material reported to be stronger than steel and as light as plastic.

According to a team of researchers, coating single-pane windows with ___ capable of absorbing solar heat is more economical than replacing the windows with double-panes.

A team of researchers from ETH Zurich successfully created a pre-cast concrete slab using 3D-printed formwork elements made from what?

Researchers from the University of Toronto reportedly developed a new coating that allows for certain liquids to move across surfaces without what?

According to researchers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, what is the most common and adverse anomaly in tunnels, indicating that the structure’s stability may be affected?

Researchers from the University of Waterloo discovered that by applying a thin-film ___ coating, SARS-CoV-2 could be more easily inactivated or destroyed.

BMW unveiled a car that can do what to reduce the amount of energy on the vehicle’s electrical system and lower the amount of fuel or energy consumption?

Researchers with the Technical University of Denmark used a computer-aided product design method for the design and solvent selection of what?

True or False: In a December JPCL feature, when working on two membrane bioreactor basin projects, teams used the same lining approach to treat corrosion and deterioration.

Researchers developed a more precise method to observe early-stage mineral corrosion by finding ___ in solution, which influences the type of carbonate films grown in air exposure.

Researchers found that concrete produced with ground-up recycled glass increases ___ in buildings significantly as compared to traditional concrete mixes.

True or False: The amount of microplastic particles and paint fragments is substantially higher in the Antarctica compared to nearby populated areas.

True or False: According to a recent study, smooth hydrophobic coatings are better than rough superhydrophobic coatings in relation to treatment of anti-icing fluids.

Researchers announced that they have created a coating for solar panels to reduce snow and ice accumulation, enabling panels to generate ___ more energy in tests.

A team of researchers recently developed concrete that generates ____ as a way of contributing net-zero energy.

Artist Stuart Semple has created new white paint that he says reflects ___ of light, making it 50% brighter than any other white paint.

Zentek Ltd. announced the development of a carbon-based, nanotechnology-enhanced ___ coating that is intended to be used on drones, aircraft and wind turbines.

Korean researchers have developed a forensic tool that can inspect concrete structures that have been damaged by what?

Tulane University is conducting research into ___ found in wastewater intended for water reuse.

Hadrian X, a robot created by FBR Limited, has used clay blocks to complete its first ____ structure.

True or False: Canada’s Darwin Bridges won several awards for being the world’s first bridges to be built entirely from recycled glass powder.

This year, German airline company Lufthansa and global chemical company BASF announced a new surface coatings technology inspired by what marine creature?

A research team at the University of Idaho has been awarded nearly $4 million to turn ___ into 3D-printed building construction materials.

A professor from the Queensland University of Technology has created a way to better protect buildings from collision and high-impact damages using material commonly found in what?

Researchers have recently developed a polymer coating that can accelerate the electrochemical CO2 conversion when it’s applied to what?

Researchers are studying a 2,050-year-old Roman tomb, built using volcanic aggregate, for insight into what?

Researchers recently announced that they would be using reinforced concrete blocks from walls of a building being renovated for a(n) ____, marking the first time this method has ever been used.

Building materials company LafargeHolcim and ECOncrete Tech have announced plans for an ecologically beneficial concrete score protection unit for what?

True or False: Developers plan to install solar panels that are designed to float in human-made bodies of water in Massachusetts.

A study conducted by the University of Plymouth and the Marine Biological Association observed that ____ could be one of the most abundant types of microplastic particles found in the ocean.

Researchers have reportedly developed a water-resistant coating made from self-healing what?

The Russian Army is planning to use a coating on its military vehicles that does what?

German company Kewazo reported recently that it had created a material-handling robot capable of what?

Researchers working with rubber tires are attempting to create a renewable ___.

Google recently announced it was awarding $3 million in grants to build an open-source tool that does what?

According to a study published in Nano Energy, researchers have developed a paste made from ____ and resonant silicon nanoparticles to increase solar cell efficiency.

The Cool Pavement Pilot Program’s results show that cool pavements have an average surface temperature of ___ to ___ degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional asphalt at noon and during afternoon hours.

Researchers with Fraunhofer Institute of Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut are reportedly developing a bio-based, _____ paint to protect wood.

A plan for a $400 billion city, dubbed Telosa, will reportedly have shared ownership of land for residents, a transparent governance, eco-friendly architecture and room for ____ people.

Following Hurricanes Ike and Harvey, Texas submitted plans for coastal protection. After conducting a three-year study on protecting Texas’ coasts from hurricanes and storm surges, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced its preference for which of the plans’ three options?

True or False: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently applied for a patent on a new testing advice to create anti-reflection systems.

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology are reporting that they have developed a new method of prevention infections by using ____ coatings.

One of the winners of Elon Musk’s tunneling solution contest developed a hard rock tunnel boring machine that simultaneously bores while using 3D printing to do what?

The Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces announced that it has developed a programmable photocatalyst that can distinguish between ___ of light.

In an attempt to combat biofouling on ships and vessels, 90% of coatings developers use what in their antifoulant solutions?

In an attempt to keep homes cooler, an India startup company is using the waste of what material to create a lightweight roofing option?

True or False: Research conducted at the University Toronto has found that a form of abrasive blasting could make fingerprinting more efficient.

During a presentation at the CoatingsTech Conference, Research Fellow Wenjun Wu explained that what type of polymer is the cornerstone of waterborne paint formulations?

Researchers at Simon Fraser University developed a new waterproof coating based on a combination of chemicals known as what?

University of Central Florida researchers announced that they were working on a protective coating that would target and kill the COVID-19 virus using what type of radiation?

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Concrete Sustainability Hub studied how urban heat island effects can be intensified by an impermeable surface like a roadway, raising the air temperature by up to how many degrees?

True or False: Researchers have recently conducted experiments in South Australia on the benefits of using electrically charged surface coatings on various aircrafts.

In April, researchers at Rice University announced that they would continue to work on converting waste from rubber tires into what substance to strengthen concrete?

Researchers have recently discovered that using a transparent graphene veil can prevent up to what percentage of pigment fading in painted artworks?

Engineers based out of the University of Maryland, College Park, recently developed a compression method for wood that removed the polymer lignin, which made the wood how many times stronger?

True or False: Polyelectrolyte polymer, the main ingredient in a new transparent coating, can also be found in cosmetic products.

Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Toronto recently announced the development of a nanocoating designed for commercially available sponges to recover ______ from water.

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently confirmed that the ___________________________ is piloting a new credit for the installation of cool exterior walls in new homes, schools and commercial buildings for the purpose of mitigating urban heat islands.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded computational materials design specialist QuesTek Innovations LLC (Evanston, Illinois) $1.1 million in Small Business Innovation Research Phase II funding for research in:

Recently used for a new floor slab at a gym in Amesbury, Wiltshire, Nationwide Engineering’s “Concretene” aims to be about ___% stronger than standard concrete and is reported to reduce the need for steel reinforcement.

Researchers from this university recently developed a new waterproof coating that they say is cheaper to produce, free of fluorinated compounds and effective on a wide variety of materials, compared to other products:

Engineers from what university have recently created what they’re calling “the whitest paint yet”—a cool coating that aims to reduce buildings’ needs for air conditioning?

Thanks to the Apprenticeship Works program offered by the Robert C. Byrd Institute at Marshall University and partner Applied Systems & Technology Transfer (AST2), sailors aboard U.S. Navy ship USS Tulsa will now have access to:

Robotics researchers from what university were recently reported to be developing exoskeleton legs capable of “thinking and making control decisions” using artificial intelligence technology?

Researchers from what university recently reported that they’ve begun developing a new drone technology to help predict what areas and specific pipes are at risk of water loss through corrosion?

Researchers at Rice University have recently continued their work on graphene, saying that they’ve optimized a process to convert waste from what material into graphene that can then be used to strengthen concrete?

Recently, researchers from the University of Delaware have received an NSF Career Award to create new durable adhesive joints for concrete structures. What creature are they attempting to mimic the adhesion properties of?

Scientists from the Polytechnic Institute of the Far Eastern Federal University announced their development of a concrete material that can reportedly seal cracks and restore strength independently, using:

Recently, researchers from the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science announced the development of a new coating strategy for __________ that provides corrosion protection.

Researchers at Montana State University are reportedly working on sustainable alternatives to concrete, focusing on ____________.

According to researchers from Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials at Graz University of Technology, adding supplementary cementitious materials such as metakaolin or ______ can help to reduce the contribution of shotcrete to sinter formations (process of calcium carbonate precipitation).

Recently, a team of researchers from the Oregon State University’s College of Engineering conducted a study using supercomputer simulations to observe how _________ causes corrosion and degrades iron.

Engineers at Purdue University say they have discovered a way to make concrete more sustainable—by adding small amounts of nanoscale ______ ______ to the cement.

Researchers from what federal laboratory are working on developing a coating that changes color when exposed to high temperatures through friction or fire?

In a Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, engineers found that after 50 years under 87% of the average breaking load, the epoxy resin bonding showed:

True or false: Civil engineers from the Cork Institute of Technology are planning to recycle wind turbines blades as coastline wake brakes later this year.

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) are working on developing a coating that changes color when exposed to high temperatures through friction or fire. This technology is being developed for?

In a 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) found that the epoxy resin bonding showed no weaknesses, with under ___% of the average breaking load.

True or false: NASA selected 20 American companies for 20 partnerships to mature industry-developed space technologies.

Researchers from this university recently developed an eco-friendly smart coating that’s designed for sub-ambient, radiative cooling in buildings as a way to combat active coolants:

Recently, researchers from the University of Liverpool were awarded 615,000 pounds (roughly $809,235) in funding for the development of this type of coating:

Researchers from Rice University recently developed a process to make flash graphene out of recycled what?

What university recently received a commercialization grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for the development of drywall bricks?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently awarded what university for the continued research on premature degradation of concrete foundations that contain pyrrhotite?

True or false: The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory developed an alternative to epoxy non-skid/non-slip deck coatings based on siloxane technology.

What is the name of the surface engineering network in Canada that is looking into antiviral metallic and ceramic coatings as a way to slow the transmission of COVID-19?

What was the acronym for SSPC’s early research program on environmentally friendly coatings?

True or false: Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently published results of a study about how cool roofs can mitigate the effect of urban heat waves.

True or false: A three-year research study found that foul-release coatings were the most effective at combating macro-fouling organisms like zebra and quagga mussels.

In what country did a university develop a polymer coating said to be so versatile it can be compared to the iconic Swiss army knife?

Early test findings from a research study have demonstrated improved mechanical properties of concrete after nano platelets of what vegetables have been added.

True or false: The Department of Transportation awarded funds to an engineering company in Hawaii to develop a corrosion-resistant, non-toxic coating for retrofitting the interiors of potable water pipelines.

True or false: The U.S. and Russia have conducted joint research on cost-effective air barrier systems.

Researchers in Australia recently published a paper on advances in robotic abrasive blast cleaning. What was the main subject of the paper?

What organization developed an icing research tunnel to evaluate the ice-resistance of coatings?

True or false: The Shipbuilding Group in the U.S. is comprised of the Shipbuilders Council of America and the Naval Research Laboratory.

“Simply put, we aim to decipher the fundamental mechanisms that cause corrosion so that we can combat it more effectively in the future.” So said a researcher at the University of Manchester about a new project partially funded by what oil company?

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed what single-component coating type to replace silicone alkyds used on ships’ topsides to achieve significant performance upgrades?


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