Daily Quiz (113)

A research team at the Kunming University of Science and Technology in Kunming, China, recently created a new high-throughput multiscale evaluation method for __ in coatings.

The University of Buffalo is holding what is being called the largest-ever United States __ test of a brick-and-mortar building.

Following a risk evaluations review in February 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a list of ____ chemicals expected to lose confidential status.

Which of the following companies was not a recipient of the first test order for the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act under the National Testing Strategy for PFAS substances found in commercial firefighting foam and other uses?

True or False: The filing and mandatory testing requirements of imported paint and coatings in China has been revoked as a result of a recent order.

Google recently announced it was awarding $3 million in grants to build an open-source tool that does what?

The EPA announced that it intends to change what can and cannot be risk evaluated beginning with a screening-level approach for ___ and water fenceline assessments.

In a Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, engineers found that after 50 years under 87% of the average breaking load, the epoxy resin bonding showed:

In the protective coatings industry, qualitative fit testing of respirators introduces what material near the wearer of an air-purifying or supplied-air respirator with cartridge filter to determine by smell?

True or false: Experienced inspectors using pull-off adhesion methods find that 7-12% of pulls end up being invalid.

In a 50-year-old experiment involving an epoxy resin and steel reinforcements on concrete, researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) found that the epoxy resin bonding showed no weaknesses, with under ___% of the average breaking load.

What is the common name for a loading fixture that is secured to the coating surface with an adhesive in pull-off testing?

Crews used this machine to determine what mystery metallics were used on a building exterior featured in the fall issue of PaintSquare Press.

What SSPC Guide covers field methods for determining levels of moisture in concrete and masonry walls and ceilings?

True or false: The Atlas cell test is used to evaluate and select internal linings for immersion services.

For soluble salt testing, ISO 8502-6 guides a process that involves injecting distilled water into a patch placed on a steel surface. This testing method is also known as:

What is a PATTI?

True or false: Statistical data from a recent study suggest that greater precision of DFT measurements can be obtained using the scanning method over the traditional SSPC-PA 2 method.

True or false: OSHA allows the use of only an irritant or an odor for qualitative fit testing of half mask respirators.

True or false: OSHA recently issued two new qualitative respirator fit testing protocols.

True or false: Solvent-resistance, as shown by a solvent rub test, means that coatings are sufficiently cured for service.

What is the name of the coatings exposure testing device that intensifies outdoor UV exposure by a factor of 10 to 12 and simulates South Florida nighttime exposure?

True or false: The plastic sheet method is a quantitative test for determining the extent of moisture in a concrete slab.

True or false: One-day results of relative humidity testing of concrete floors with in-situ probes is typically not accurate enough to judge if it is acceptable to apply materials that can tolerate higher moisture content.

What organization maintains a database giving the results of bridge coatings’ performance testing?

True or false: Jet fire tests are not used to determine the heat-insulating capabilities of intumescent coatings in cellulosic fires.

True or false: A destructive test for measuring humidity in concrete requires holes to be drilled into a floor slab to accept sleeves into which probes are inserted.

True or false: A German environmental assessment methodology for new construction was adapted this year for use in the United States.

True or false: A manufacturer’s claims that a microbicidal coating kills 99.9% of certain infectious bacteria does not require verification testing by the EPA.

What is the name of an accelerated weathering apparatus that operates on a condensation type of water exposure at elevated temperature?

True or false: Testing of fire-resistive materials for a cellulosic fire requires a gradually increasing temperature until it reaches 2,000 F after an hour.

True or false: A mechanical rubbing machine is used to test a coating for solvent resistance.

True or false: The SWR Institute validates the performance test results published by manufacturers of sealants.

What is checked by a blotter test?

What organization developed synthetic dirt for coatings testing?

True or false: The NFPA publishes a test method for determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels.

What organization patented the use of a magnetic field sensor array that’s placed in a pipeline after installation via horizontal directional drilling in order to send back information that engineers can analyze to identify coating damage that may have occurred during the installation process?

True or false: The Texas Department of Transportation has a test procedure titled “Determining the Graffiti Resistance of Anti-Graffiti Coatings.”

True or false: According to a PaintSquare blogger in speaking about the Grenfell Tower fire, fire-resistive tests “serve as comparative, and not predictive, tools.”

True or false: Neither the irritant smoke test nor the banana oil test are quantitative fit test methods for air-purifying and supplied-air respirators.

True or false: Testing blasting abrasive by placing it in a clean glass jar containing clean water and shaking the jar with the lid on is a test for salt contamination.

True or false: ASTM publishes a solvent rub tests for inorganic but not organic coatings.

True or false: The American Iron and Steel Institute publishes a test method for measuring the slip coefficient of coatings used on the faying surfaces of bolted joints.

True or false: Salt spray accelerated testing of coating performance correlates well with atmospheric exposure testing.

What is another name for the Tooke Gauge?

What does the blotter test determine?

True or false: If coatings were removed before abrading a concrete floor slab to conduct the ASTM anhydrous calcium chloride test, four hours must elapse between grinding and conducting the test.

True or false: ASTM has a quantitative test method for evaluating the adhesion of a coating by cutting and probing it with a utility knife.

True or false: You fingerprint a coating to determine its resistance to staining.

True or false: A dolly is used to test the cure of elastomeric coatings on concrete.

True or false: Synthetic dirt was developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for accelerated testing of pavement markings.

True or false: In a state highway department test, reported in JPCL, a two-coat elastomeric acrylic system and a zinc-rich moisture cure urethane/polyaspartic system both outperformed a conventional organic zinc/epoxy/polyurethane system.

True or false: Forest Products Laboratories validates the results of performance tests published by manufacturers of deck coatings.

True or false: Continuity testing of non-conductive coatings applied to a steel substrate is carried out with an eddy current gage.

True or false: The anhydrous calcium chloride test for measuring moisture in concrete slabs is a quantitative rather than a qualitative test.

True or false: The rectangular metal tool used to deposit a specified thickness of wet coating on a test panel or other substrate is called a notch bar.

True or false: The Brierly Method is the name for measuring soluble salt conductivity on steel before painting by applying a special patch to the substrate, injecting deionized water beneath it and then extracting the water to assess its conductivity.

Which of the following objects can be used to check the soundness of concrete before the application of a thick-film coating?

What organization now offers guidance on the amount and locations of soluble salt testing on new steel?

What AAMA specification for coatings over aluminum extrusions and panels requires 10 years of successful exposure at a South Florida test site?

True or false: According to a recently published Durability + Design article, there are no firmly established standards and test methods to determine the effectiveness of ice-resistant coatings.

True or false: All the ASTM test methods for measuring moisture in concrete are non-destructive.

True or false: The Cool Roof Rating Council’s SRI measurements, which combine solar reflectance and thermal emittance into one value, are usually between 0 and 100, with particularly cool materials exceeding 100.

True or false: SSPC has a test method for determining the size of abrasives.

True or false: The anhydrous calcium chloride test for measuring moisture in concrete slabs is a quantitative rather than a qualitative test.

True or false: In coating inspection work, a holiday detection test is carried out with a black light.

True or false: In determining the type and color of original finishes on historical structures, sophisticated techniques of chemical analysis are not effective.

What organization recently issued a publication that offers guidance on where and how frequently to test for salts on steel that is either previously uncoated or was shop-coated and requires further coating in the field?

True or false: An Atlas Test Cell is normally used to test the performance of liquid-applied air barriers.

True or false: Wet-dry cyclic tests of a coating’s corrosion resistance, conducted in the laboratory, have the same correlation to field performance as steady-state salt spray (fog) corrosion tests, such as ASTM B117 and ISO 9227.

True or false: Test fences are often faced at a 45-degree angle toward the south to maximize sunlight exposure on coated test panels.

True or false: According to a recent JPCL article, “freckles”—which pinpoint areas of corrosion consisting of spots of black iron oxide—appeared after accelerated corrosion testing of steel coated after reblasting to reduce an excessively high profile.

A needle gauge is used to check what process?

True or false: A rapid rise fire test is typically used to evaluate the performance of thin-film intumescents on commercial buildings.

What noted coating specialist famously said, “I do not advocate the specification of 'sniff tests' because I don’t know how to calibrate a nose”?

True or false: Test kits that contain small containers of pre-weighed, unhydrated calcium chloride are used to determine the corrosion resistance of coatings applied over soluble salts on steel substrates.

True or false: A Schmidt hammer is a rotary impact scarifier.

True or false: Modified salt spray testing is described in an ASTM standard.

True or false: The SSPC CAS Interim Written Exam is now available in Spanish and Greek.

What coating properties are assessed in a bend test?

True or false: The banana oil test is recognized as a quantitative fit test of an air-purifying respirator.

True or false: Krebs units are used to express values derived from the Knoop hardness test.

True or false: A pencil hardness test is sometimes recommended to evaluate the cure of a coating.

True or false: A recent JPCL article made the point that accelerated corrosion testing as a means to predict what occurs in the real world today must be deemed irrelevant.

A chain, a golf ball and a hammer can all be used to check for what condition, according to the “Solve It” forum in Durability + Design News?

True or false: Extensive testing shows that the dynamic coefficient of friction of polished concrete floors exceeds requirements, even at very high gloss levels, according to a polishing industry trade group.

What test produces blue spots on test paper when soluble salts are present?

True or false: Double rubs with fine steel wool are used in a test method to determine the cure of coatings.

True or false: Moisture meters based on electrical impedance testing indicate the presence of moisture only on the surface of CMU walls.

In what SSPC standard can you find requirements for frequency and location of instrument readings and evaluation criteria to ensure that the surface profile over the entire prepared surface complies with project requirements are included?

True or false: ASTM has a test method for determining if an abrasive is contaminated with oil.

True or false: MEK is specified for use in the ASTM solvent rub test for organic zinc-rich coatings.

What is the name of an accelerated weathering apparatus that operates on a condensation type of water exposure at elevated temperature?

True or false: U.S. EPA Method 24 for calculating VOC levels of coatings is not used outside the United States, according to a recent JPCL article.

True or False: ASTM D3359, “Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test,” measures the tensile adhesion of a coating.

What is the name of the test instrument used to determine a coating’s resistance to fading through accelerated exposure to light?

A drawdown bar and a dolly have what in common?

True or false: ASTM 4541, describing a test method for assessing the pull-off strength of coatings using portable adhesion testers, is designed for metal substrates but may also be used on wood and plastic but not concrete.

What is another name for a dolly used in coating testing?

What is the acronym for an instrument used to conduct the ASTM 4541 test, Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers?

What is the name of a rigid cell used to collect soluble salts from a contaminated surface to determine the concentration of the salt?

True or false: Laitance, sealers and other surface contaminants do not have to be removed prior to performing a moisture test on a concrete floor slab, according to a recent JPCL article.

True or false: The water vapor transmission of a coating is not a linear function of a coating’s film thickness.

What organization produces rubber replica templates to judge the degree of surface profile on concrete?

In a study of shop-applied topcoats reported in JPCL, which generic type achieved a hardened film that resisted handling damage at lower temperatures (50°F) and higher humidity (75 percent RH) in the shortest amount of time?

True or False: ASTM D3359, “Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test,” measures the tensile adhesion of a coating.

What organization claims to offer “the world's leading environmental assessment method to assess new, existing buildings and community scale development”?

A test that requires rubbing a clean black fabric across a painted surface evaluates what attribute of the paint?

True or false: A discontinuity in a coating is a more serious flaw than a holiday.

True or false: There is no quantifiable test method for determining the surface profile on concrete substrates.

Which of the following coating adhesion tests is the least quantitative?

True or false: It is better to use a pull stub than a dolly on pull-off adhesion testing.

Synthetic dirt was recently developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for accelerated testing of what kind of coating?


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