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Daily Quiz (467)

True or false: The terms “theoretical coverage” and “practical coverage” that a coating can achieve mean the same thing.

Working at what height invokes OSHA's Construction Industry Fall Protection Standard?

True or false: The “cold wall effect” produces osmotic blistering.

True or false: An article on floor coatings recommended use of a specially formulated polyurethane primer to combat high alkalinity at the surface of a concrete slab.

Solvent cleaning is required before blasting to what degree of rigor?

True or false: The name of the test instrument used to determine a coating’s resistance to fading through accelerated exposure to light is Light-Resistance Chamber.

Why is a gel coat consisting of paraffin wax in styrene often used over newly applied polyester and vinyl ester linings?

True or false: A D+D article on assuring the quality of coating work on commercial buildings argues for spot inspections of each phase of cleaning, painting and paint-related work rather than having an inspector present continuously to monitor all phases of coating work.

True or false: When the blast profile on a steel substrate is lower than the specification requires, this problem can be easily remediated to meet higher specification requirements by using larger abrasive media and reblasting the under-specification surface.

True or false: According to some industry experts, atmospheric exposures that can contribute to amine blush include UV, carbon dioxide and moisture.

True or false: Increasing carbonation of concrete can increase the passivation of reinforcing steel.

True or false: Instruments based on radio frequency can be used to test for moisture in concrete or masonry walls.

True or false: Coatings can be a source of elevated exposure to crystalline silica.

True or false: Both zinc-rich coatings and potassium silicate paints provide sacrificial protection to steel substrates.

What organization validates the performance test results published by manufacturers of repellents?

Fumes from aluminum and other metals and their alloys generated during thermal spraying are unpleasant to smell and could cause flu-like symptoms for hours or days. What is this condition called?

True or false: Granules are commonly used on SPF roofing together with coating materials.

True or false: In a recent article on PaintSquare, the author argues that abrasive recycling is effective only on large projects.

True or false: An alkyd is a modified form of an acrylic resin.

Ray Weaver, Joe Brandon and what other author published a report about the peak count of surface profile?

True or false: A recent report on non-skid performance of coatings on the exterior decks of U.S. Navy ships subject to thermal loading found that thicker coatings increase the potential for premature failure.

What are the three most commonly specified coating types used over spray foam roofing?

True or false: All of SSPC’s visual reference guides and photos contain photos of steel after cleaning.

After what amount of time in outdoor exposure does new western red cedar wood require special surface preparation measures prior to painting?

What type of pigments possess colorant value and hiding power?

True or false: Typical ranges of electrostatic transfer efficiency are anywhere from 60-80%, depending on the target type and other factors, according to one estimate.

Which of the following is a test used to evaluate and select internal linings for immersion service?

True or false: Marmorino is recommended for humid environments such as bathrooms.

What is the main feature of zinc that allows it to provide cathodic protection to steel?

True or false: 10 ppm is the maximum level of carbon monoxide allowed by OSHA in breathing air for supplied-air respirators.

True or false: There are four ways that abrasive and water can be combined in a wet abrasive blast system.

Which of the following surface preparation methods for concrete produces the largest surface profile?

True or false: The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory developed an alternative to epoxy non-skid/non-slip deck coatings based on siloxane technology.

What is the name of the surface engineering network in Canada that is looking into antiviral metallic and ceramic coatings as a way to slow the transmission of COVID-19?

True or false: ASTM has developed a method for measuring and replicating concrete surface profile using replica putty.

True or false: There is a standard for determining if abrasive is contaminated with oil that involves putting abrasive in a clean glass jar with clean water, putting a lid on the jar and shaking it, and then checking for an oil film on the surface of the water or coloration or cloudiness of the water itself.

True or false: The anhydrous calcium chloride test from ASTM covers the quantitative determination of the rate of moisture vapor emitted from below-grade, on-grade and above-grade (suspended) bare concrete floors.

True or false: Lower explosive limit is defined as the concentration at ordinary ambient temperatures of a compound in air above which an explosion will not occur if the mixture is ignited.

True or false: Sprayed fire-resistive materials are intumescent coatings.

True or false: A three-year study by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation found that copper-based antifouling coatings were the most effective at combating macro-fouling organisms like zebra and quagga mussels.

True or false: Wet storage stain should be removed from galvanizing before coatings are applied.

Which of the following features of a corrosion-control coating do not contribute significantly to barrier protection?

True or false: The calcium chloride test and the plastic sheet method are both qualitative methods for determining levels of moisture in concrete floor slabs.

Silica sand particles become respirable at what diameter?

True or false: Abrasive-blast cleaned steel surfaces contain anodes but not cathodes.

True or false: Efflorescence can move through permeable paint films on masonry substrates.

True or false: SSPC-AB 3 is meant to be used as a standard for both newly manufactured abrasive media and recycled media.

True or false: HUD publishes fire resistance ratings of archaic building materials.

What is a PATTI?

What color system or standard relies on instrumental measurement?

True or false: Siloxane sealers applied to concrete often have no measurable film thickness.

True or false: According to a JPCL article, three months is a good starting interval between calibrations of a magnetic dry film thickness gage.

What is the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for crystalline silica per cubic meter of air, averaged over an eight-hour shift?

True or false: The water resistance of coatings is tested with a condensing humidity cabinet.

True or false: According to the AIA, a sustainability consultant can be an architect or a non-architect.

True or false: Infrared radiation thermal imaging can be used to monitor coating application only if the coating being applied is thermosetting.

True or false: According to one industry expert, flash rust occurs on wetted steel; rust back occurs on dry steel.

True or false: Prime pigments have lower refractive indexes than extender pigments.

In what region are scientists developing anti-viral surface coatings to combat COVID-19?

True or false: Statistical data from a recent study suggest that greater precision of DFT measurements can be obtained using the scanning method over the traditional SSPC-PA 2 method.

True or false: CCS NTPEP is a study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of cool roof coatings for industrial facilities.

What is the subject of a recent NASA grant for the study of concrete?

True or false: Regarding the profile on blast-cleaned steel, a shallow peak height with a dense peak density may be beneficial, versus a deep peak height as is often specified.

True or false: According to a JPCL article, the 28-day-cure-time rule of thumb for coating concrete has substantial scientific and engineering basis.

True or false: Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resinous flooring systems should not be applied at temperatures below 40 F.

True or false: Polymer transition temperature is the term used to describe the temperature at which the non-crystalline portion of a polymer is transformed from a rubbery material to a brittle, glass-like material.

What is the difference between resistance requirements of a vapor barrier and an air barrier?

How many types of polyurethane coatings are there?

True or false: A coalescing solvent has a low boiling point.

True or false: Micaceous iron oxide pigment improves the barrier properties of a coating.

What are AIM coatings?

True or false: The recoat interval of a two-component coating is influenced by the ambient temperature.

What is the name given to the zinc ammonium chloride solution that cleans and deposits a protective layer on steel before it is immersed in molten zinc to achieve galvanizing?

True or false: The term “guard” is used to describe a product in anodizing work.

True or false: The lesser the permeability of a coating on concrete, the more effectively it will perform.

True or false: OSHA allows the use of only an irritant or an odor for qualitative fit testing of half mask respirators.

What is a name for units of viscosity of paint?

Bisphenol A is combined with which of the following to produce epoxy resins?

True or false: The two types of dehumidification for coating projects are desiccant and refrigerant.

True or false: Slip resistance of wood-floor finishes is influenced most by the gloss level of the finish material.

Choose the failure term defined by an authority as the “formation of blisters of solvent vapor in wet coating surfaces that break but do not level because of too great a viscosity."

True or false: Cratering can be caused by foreign matter in or on a wet coating film.

True or false: A laboratory study has demonstrated that feathering of sound coating around areas of repair does not influence or increase the longevity of a protective coating system applied over the repair area.

True or false: Reflectance and heat resistance are not the two main properties of cool roof coatings.

True or false: Paint brush bristles derived from mongooses can hold more paint than those acquired from hogs.

Which of the following abrasives is not among those claimed by one JPCL author to produce low dust and to contain no heavy metals?

True or false: Coatings with formaldehyde-abatement capability have been based on acrylic resins.

The most stringent performance standard for organic coatings on architectural aluminum requires how many years of successful performance on panels exposed at a South Florida test site?

True or false: Abrasive blast workers are regularly exposed to noise in excess of 140 dBA.

True or false: Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning allows some staining on the surface; Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal does not allow stains.

Many coating manufacturers recommend a maximum relative humidity within a concrete slab of what percentage before their flooring products are applied?

Intumescent coatings must contain an acid source, a carbon source and what other component?

How many courses does SSPC offer to train applicators to apply high and 100% solids coatings?

True or false: OSHA recently issued two new qualitative respirator fit testing protocols.

True or false: Plural-component spray equipment can typically handle material ratios from 1:1 to 10:1.

True or false: Both cementitious and fibrous spray-applied, fire-resistant materials can contain Portland cement binders.

True or false: Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP) combine extremely durable colorfastness, IR-reflective capability and vivid colors.

True or false: Solvent-resistance, as shown by a solvent rub test, means that coatings are sufficiently cured for service.

True or false: Methyl ethyl ketone is an oxygenated solvent.

Which of the following is not a main function of a roof coating over single-ply, modified bitumen and BUR, according to a JPCL article?

True or false: According to a preliminary study, WUFI software does not appear to be of value in making judgments on the number of re-paints of single-wythe masonry walls before problems occur with the walls’ performance.

True or false: One specialist advises that during the COVID-19 pandemic, blast helmets, including cushion suspension systems, should be disinfected by submerging in a liquid that contains 2% bleach or other approved disinfecting liquids.

True or false: While there are laboratory tests for determining the wind-driven rain resistance of masonry walls, there are no practical field tests.

True or false: Fugitive emissions, according to SSPC, are overspray particles from paint spraying operations.

True or false: 25 micrometers is the minimum surface profile required to meet SSPC’s specification, Power Tool Cleaning to Bare Metal.

True or false: According to a D+D article, most SPF systems can be installed at substrate temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

What company won a global startup challenge dealing with innovations in the paint industry?

What company recently conducted a trial of a graphene-infused coating on a 700-square-meter section of a container ship?

True or false: It takes only 30 days to simulate three years of outdoor aging of reflective roof coatings using the laboratory testing protocol developed at a national laboratory.

True or false: Countries are not required to adopt the Global Harmonized System (GHS) used to communicate the toxicological hazards of products .

True or false: The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association has members in only 25 countries.

True or false: The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry has initiated development of a cool wall rating program.

Which of the following SSPC blast cleaning standards is equivalent to the ISO 8501-1 standard, Sa2, Thorough Blast Cleaning?

True or false: SSPC certifies only industrial and commercial painting contractors and shops.

True or false: SIPP is the acronym for a robotic spray process to reline pipeline interiors.

What is another name for bruising of concrete floor slabs during surface preparation?

In speaking about a coatings inspector’s capabilities, who said, “Obtaining an inspection approval is like obtaining a driver’s license. You can sit the course and pass the examination, but it is how you perform on the road that counts.”

True or false: According to a PaintSquare writer, sealant manufacturers all require removal of the oxide layer on weathering steel substrates beneath sealants before replacement.

True or false: An amine carbamate can create surface opalescence on epoxy films.

True or false: Mathers Ratings are sometimes used to report the opacity of air pollution emissions.

True or false: An analysis of safety data sheets (SDS) for both polyurethane coatings and coatings classified as being non-isocyanate-containing revealed that there was no substantial difference between personal protective equipment requirements in the SDSs for the two types of coatings.

According to an article on PaintSquare, an unopened can of a roof coating containing silicone has a shelf life of about four years.

What organization publishes a guide specifically for measuring moisture content in concrete and masonry walls?

True or false: Another name for a portable stylus instrument is a profilometer.

Ion exchange pigments would most likely be found in what type of coating?

How much time should normally elapse after placement of a concrete floor slab before aggressive dehumidification commences?

According to an occupational health specialist, respiratory protection plans are normally implemented properly and in accordance with the written plans.

True or false: Fluoropolymer coatings on aluminum extrusions, meeting the most rigorous AAMA performance standard (AAMA 2605), are typically applied at less than 2 mils.

True or false: For porous masonry such as common brick, use of a non-breathable coating is a good choice.

True or false: On two heavily corroded, 350-foot transmission towers cleaned to SSPC-SP 2 and SP 3, a coating system consisting of one full coat of 100-percent-volume-solids epoxy penetrating sealer, followed by one full coat of silicone alkyd enamel has been used, according to a recently published case history.

True or false: White scabbing is the term used to describe the accelerated oxidation of galvanized steel caused by exposure to relatively high concentrations of moisture and oxygen trapped between pieces or sheets of steel that are closely stacked.

True or false: Magnetic induction is the principle of operation of gages used to measure the thickness of thermal spray aluminum when the base material is carbon steel only.

True or false: The blasting abrasive olivene is derived from mineral deposits.

True or false: Zinc phosphate pigments provide inhibitive rather than sacrificial protection.

True or false: Wood weathered by atmospheric exposure may contain dissolved solids such as nitrates, which are not detrimental to coating adhesion.

True or false: The service life of a duplex system consisting of galvanizing and paint has been reported in some studies to be a factor of 2.3 to 4 times the sum of the individual service lives for galvanizing and painting, depending on the exposure environment.

True or false: offshore wind farms are typically designed with an anticipated service life of 25 years, according to a PaintSquare writer.

True or false: Architectural coatings are applied by contractors; trade sales paint is applied by consumers.

True or false: OSHA was created in a Republican presidential administration, while the EPA was established during a Democratic presidential administration.

True or false: Breathing air can be a potential inhalation hazard that blasters face in air abrasive blasting operations.

Which of the following materials is not an important biocidal additive for coatings?

True or false: Levels 1 and 2 of drywall finish allow tool marks and ridges.

True or false: According to ASTM, covering power and hiding power have the same meaning when used to describe a coating’s capability.

True or false: According to recently published research, wet adhesion is not one of the primary criteria for good corrosion resistance.

True or false: Data from research on organic zinc-rich coating performance has shown that zinc metal levels can be reduced to as low as 31% by weight without compromising galvanic corrosion protection, while at the same time improving adhesion and mechanical properties of the dry film.

What acronym represents the organization that deals with color and color measurement?

True or false: OSHA issued two new protocols for respirator fit testing in the Fall of 2019.

True or false: A badger brush is used to work rolled-on paint into the crevices of concrete block.

True or false: In the NACE-SSPC merger voting, if you are a member of both SSPC and NACE, you will receive two ballots and are asked to vote in both.

In March, 2020, the American Concrete Institute announced an expanded partnership with what other association?

True or false: Breathing grade compressed air (Grade D, as specified by the Compressed Gas Association) must contain 23.5-25% of oxygen by volume.

True or false: The first 100% acrylic latex polymers for paint were introduced in 1953.

What organization used a contact stylus profilometer to create a standard?

Where would you be most likely to use an epoxy novolac?

True or false: The length of protection time hot-dipped galvanizing provides to steel is directly proportional to the weight of the zinc.

True or false: The American Concrete Institute offers certifications in what area?

True or false: A biomimetic coating is one that employs plant-based raw materials.

True or false: Inorganic zinc-rich coatings have very strong resistance to organic chemicals.

True or false: Failure analysis is not included in the SSPC definition of coating work.

True or false: MPI describes and defines even levels of gloss.

What Level of gypsum board finish requires a thin skim coat of joint compound (or a material manufactured especially for this purpose) over the entire surface of the board?

True or false: Knowing the volume solids of a coating and the wet film thickness, you can calculate what the dry film thickness will be.

True or false: SSPC published a surface preparation standard, now discontinued, describing laser cleaning of steel.

True or false: A D+D In Depth article argues that the risks of moisture-related, single-wythe CMU wall problems can be predicted based on the initial selection of the coating and number of repaints that have been conducted.

Titanium nitride is applied to stainless steel substrates to create what appearance?

True or false: Coalescing agents in a waterborne coating do not contribute to VOC levels.

True or false: Chief among byproduct abrasives used for blast cleaning are agricultural products.

True or false: The tin coating applied to stainless steel, formerly an alloy of lead and tin, is called titania.

True or false: Cure temperature is the term for the temperature at which the non-crystalline portion of a polymer is transformed from a rubbery material to a brittle, glass-like material.

True or false: According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, Atlanta is now one of the several cities that have a cool roof mandate.

True or false: The current version of ISO 12944 has a very high durability classification of 25 years duration or greater and required testing for coating systems in the most severe onshore environments.

In mid-2019 the US Green Building Council issued a report that listed the top ten states having the most LEED-certified residential structures. What state headed that list?

What is the name of the coatings exposure testing device that intensifies outdoor UV exposure by a factor of 10 to 12 and simulates South Florida nighttime exposure?

What is an acronym for one pneumatic adhesion tester?

True or false: Carbon dioxide can contribute to the deterioration of steel-reinforced concrete.

True or false: Potassium silicate paints provide inhibitive protection to steel substrates.

True or false: The American Concrete Institute provides education and certification for concrete slab moisture testing technicians.

True or false: SWR Institute offers a technical bulletin on air barriers.

True or false: According to NIOSH, the hierarchy of hazard controls considers administrative controls to be the least desirable among all the available control types.

Many coating manufacturers recommend what maximum relative humidity within a concrete slab before their flooring products are applied, according to a D+D article?

True or false: High volume, low pressure (HVLP) spraying has greater transfer efficiency than electrostatic spraying.

True or false: Atmospheric exposures that can contribute to amine blush include carbon dioxide.

OSHA has developed regulations on abrasive blasting in how many industries?

True or false: The level of permeance of a coating determines its breath-ability.

What is the acronym for the Italian ship classification society?

True or false: Russia was the first country to build and deploy a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP).

True or false: The New York State Department of Transportation has a test procedure, titled “Determining the Graffiti Resistance of Anti-Graffiti Coatings.”

True or False: Testing standards for measuring dry film thickness of coatings (SSPC, IMO, ISO, and AS) are remarkably similar in their requirements for sampling and the number of measurements that have to be taken.

What organization is working with ASTM to develop new test methods to evaluate air/water leakage through fasteners and cladding attachments.

In what area of the world have dams been recently proposed to protect land from rising seas, according to a PaintSquare story?

What organization publishes the “Standard for Shop Application of Complex Protective Coating Systems”?

Which of the following does not have a significant effect on the solar reflectance level or reflective roof coatings over time, according to a study reported in Durability & Design?

What is one result of the removal of an oxide layer from steel?

True or false: SSPC recently developed an architectural painting specification manual.

True or false: Sa2, Thorough Blast Cleaning, is the ISO blast standard that most closely resembles SSPC-SP 6, Commercial blast.

The use of what machine is described in an ASTM standard on measuring the static coefficient of friction of polish-coated flooring surfaces?

True or false: Dry ice pellets used as abrasive can produce a profile on steel.

True or false: APC is the acronym—used frequently in VOC regulations—for both architectural coatings and coatings for industrial structures.

Who wrote an article claiming that engineer/specifiers were as much to blame as painting contractors for coating failures?

Which of the following is not a concrete hardener or densifier used in the creation of a polished concrete floors?

True or false: Relative humidity sensors used to determine moisture content of concrete slabs require three days to provide accurate results after probes are inserted into a slab.

True or false: The NCAA has developed specifications, tests, and an approved supplier and products list for finishes used on athletic wood floors.

Which of the following respirator types is classified by OSHA as an engineering control?

True or false: The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard is aligned with a UN chemical labeling system.

True or false: UL1709 is the test that provides a method of determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels.

What organization published a new standard in 2019 that aims to improve the reliability and sustainability of iron water pipes that provide clean drinking water?

True or false: OSHA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

True or false: Recently, Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens announced that its Center for Sustainable Landscapes has achieved LEED Platinum certification.

True or false: Inorganic Zinc-rich coatings are often used on the faying surfaces of slip-critical joints.

True or false: If a coating has 50 grams per liter or less of VOCs, it is said to be HAPS-free.

SSPC has a Qualification Procedure on installation of tank linings in the field.

In what country is there a college focused on education and training in the creation of murals?

True or false: Another word for the coating failure term, “bleeding,” is “exudation.”

True or false: Positive claims have been made for use of surface-tolerant coatings in shipbuilding operations.

True or false: In North America, SSPC is not the sole publisher of hand- and power-tool cleaning standards.

True or false: Tests of fire resistive materials are conducted in real fire conditions.

True or false: The portable stylus instrument used to measure surface roughness of blast-cleaned steel is called a roughness gage.

What association is establishing Owner Peer Groups and Key Employee Peer Groups?

A German scientist developed a highly durable paint in the 1800s that remains an important type of coating technology today. What type of paint is this?

True or false: Light etching creates sufficient surface profile on concrete for successful performance of a siloxane sealer.

True or false: In the mid-1990s, SSPC held the first industrial painters competition.

True or false: Paint knife is another name for a draw down bar.

True or False: Power tools used on concrete to remove contaminants and create a profile are typically the impact type.

Examining the drip pattern from a burst of paint sprayed onto a vertical surface with an airless spray gun will reveal what possible problem?

True or false: The National Transportation Product Evaluation Program includes coatings for steel but not for concrete.

True or false: ACA has a council that deals with architectural coatings.

Which of the following is an abrasive media used in a blasting system on delicate substrates?

True or false: Fire-resistive, thin-film intumescent coatings for interior use are typically waterborne.

True or false: The Standard Test Method for Replication and Measurement of Concrete Surface Profiles Using Replica Putty was developed by ICRI.

True or false: Water beading on a new concrete floor indicates it is not ready for application of a chemically reactive stain.

True or false: RCMA has more than 150 members that manufacture roof coatings.

True or false: A recently reported study on abrasive blasting media refutes the conclusions of Roper et al. by asserting that the peak density of surface profile is not as important as peak height in contributing to the performance of corrosion control coatings.

True or false: UV-cured waterborne coatings can be successfully used on wood floors.

True or false: According to an SSPC news release, the merger of SSPC and NACE, if consummated, will result in an organization that can lobby Congress and government agencies.

Burnishing, polishing and abrasive blasting are examples of what?

Where would you expect to find an air wash separator?

At what coating film thickness are high-voltage rather than low-voltage holiday detectors used?

True or false: ASHRAE developed a standard practice for building enclosure commissioning.

True or false: Paint and coating manufacturing is one of the targeted industries in OSHA’s revised National Emphasis Program for respirable crystalline silica.

A “titania” coating is being developed with support from a Federal grant for what application?

True or false: Moisture-cured polyurethanes are two-component materials.

True or false: ICRI recommends a profile of 10 mils to a quarter inch in its surface preparation requirements for polymer overlays on concrete.

Corrosion of rebar is likely to cause which of the following conditions in concrete?

The thickness of a coating is sometimes expressed in mils, sometimes in micrometers or microns. Which unit is thicker, 1 mil or 1 micron?

True or false: Metal mold is another common name for the wet storage stain that occurs on galvanized metal.

True or false: The plastic sheet method is a quantitative test for determining the extent of moisture in a concrete slab.

What organization offers the credential, Certified Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider?

True or false: A wet blasting system requires water pressure to provide a cleaning force.

How old will the EPA be this year?

How many joint SSPC/NACE standards are there?

True or false: one drawback of a polished concrete floor is the innate slipperiness of the surface.

By what process is steel covered with an impervious oxide to inhibit chemical or electrochemical reactions on the surface?

True or false: When used as reflective roof coatings, polyureas provide more heat resistance than polysiloxanes.

Which of the following is an anti-graffiti coating that functions by low "surface-free energy"?

True or false: In SSPC’s standard for visual evaluation of pinholes in coatings over concrete, a magnifying glass is required for the assessment.

Rotating flaps with hard metallic tips are components of what piece of surface preparation equipment?

In the list below, which organization focuses its services on building enclosure consultants?

Which of the following associations does not fit with the other three?

True or false: Some paint brands claim 100% transparency in their labeling, according to a PaintSquare publication.

True or false: The ability to wet the substrate upon application is one of the weakest performance properties of polyurea coatings.

What is considered to be the main advantage of an HVLP spray system?

In coating work, what are fines?

Who has been chairman of ASTM Committee D1, Chair of the SSPC Surface Preparation Committee and president of SSPC?

True or false: It is possible to predict the risk of moisture-related, single-wythe CMU wall problems based on the initial selection of the coating and number of prior repaints.

True or false: Powder coatings tend to be about 90% solids materials.

True or false: Abrasive in a centrifugal wheel blast operation is never recycled and reused more than twice.

What coating technology was used to create a reflective roof coating claimed to be the coolest white paint ever formulated?

True or false: The first large-scale application of polyurea coatings was on the Morgan Whyalla Pipeline in Australia.

Which of the following terms is out of place in the list?

True or false: Rogue peaks are most likely to be created on steel substrates when the surface preparation abrasive is steel shot.

True or false: ICRI’s rubber replica chips indicates levels of cleanliness of concrete after surface preparation.

Which of the following is not a naturally occurring abrasive?

The term, “wet storage stain,” is used to describe a condition of what substrate?

True or false: SSPC and ASTM have not worked cooperatively on dry coating thickness standards.

In addition to SSPC, what other organization has standards for measuring surface profile of blast-cleaned steel?

True or false: A liquid-applied air barrier is claimed to seal cracks, rough openings, seams and sheathing joints on above-grade walls.

What name is given to an oil-modified polyurethane?

What are the levels of cleanliness of SSPC’s new abrasive blast cleaning standards for concrete substrates?

True or false: Resistance to heat exposure is a significant test in the AAMA performance standard for liquid-applied flashing.

True or false: Zinc dust is an inhibitive pigment used in coatings for corrosion control.

The “spreading rate of a coating to a completely flat surface, assuming no losses in handling” defines what term?

A lamellar pigment, such as mica, to which combinations of white and colored pigments have been chemically attached to the surface, is called what?

What is the name of the new US Green Building Council initiative announced in December 2019?

In dealing with coating thickness requirements, 25 microns equals approximately how many mils?

True or false: Zinc dust is an inhibitive pigment.

True or false: Topcoats based on vinyl silane binders exhibit lower costs than alternative chemistries such as polyurethane, while offering overall improved performance, according to a JPCL article.

True or false: Anatase and rutile are types of Isocyanates.

True or false: One study has found that a spray polyurethane roofing systems is recoated every 15 years, on average.

Which one of the following organizations does not train and certify paint inspectors?

True or false: Powder coatings are sometimes used on architectural aluminum.

What organization worked with the Department of Energy to develop synthetic dirt for accelerated testing of roof coatings?

True or false: Bernard Appleman was the first recipient of SSPC’s John D. Keane Award.

True or false: OSHA administers the whistleblower provisions of more than 20 whistleblower statutes.

What organization recently published a guidance document on detection and remediation of of soluble salts on bridges before painting?

Which of the following is used for in-service inspection of CUI systems?

What special regulatory treatment is given to solvents with negligible photochemical reactivity?

True or false: One PaintSquare webinar deals with architectural powder coatings.

True or false: Olivine is an agricultural blasting abrasive derived from olive pits.

True or false: The resin and curing agent of a two-component coating are immiscible.

True or false: SSPC has a procedure to test the performance of immersion linings.

True or false: SSPC’s Coating Application Specialist Standard is issued jointly with the American Coatings Association.

True or false: The International Commission on Aesthetics deals with color and color measurement.

True or false: Hypodermic pressure gauges are used to check abrasive flow rates in a blast hose.

True or false: “Angle of attack” in coating work applies to the pattern of application of thermal spray materials.

According to Fred Goodwin in a JPCL article, the three Ds negatively affecting the durability of concrete are deterioration, damage and what else?

What organization publishes a guide that addresses the structural performance of the most commonly used composite thermal barrier framing systems?

The term “monolithic EIFS” is now used to describe an old-fashioned EIFS system without the incorporation of a drainage plane.

In abrasive blasting work, how small do dust particles have to be to make them respirable and therefore dangerous to health?

True or false: Ammonium polyphosphate is used as a blowing agent in intumescent coatings.

True or false: The pencil hardness test is used mainly to determine the abrasion resistance of coatings.

True or false: SSPC has a performance standard for polymeric materials used to protect the interiors of concrete potable water storage tanks.

Which of the following is an oxygenated solvent?

True or false: The healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente recently mandated that wall and ceiling coatings in its facilities must contain antimicrobial additives.

What do MPCAC and PLURAL have in common?

What organization offers the training, “Exterior Envelope—Doing It Right”?

True or false: ASTM D4417 describes three methods for measuring surface profile of blast-cleaned steel using either a digital profile gage or a surface profile comparator or a portable stylus instrument.

True or false: When a specification requires that a concrete surface be dry before painting, the word “dry” could be interpreted to mean visibly dry, dry to touch, dry when using moisture meters on the surface, or dry by instrumentation or test methods that examine moisture in the substrate below the paint.

What organization produces rubber replica templates to judge the degree of surface profile on concrete?

True or false: According to a recent D+D In Depth article, hygienic paint coatings with controlled release nano-silver ions have the most effective antimicrobial property for long-lasting hygiene protection.

Who said, “There are three keys to preserving wood: (1) keep wood dry, (2) keep wood from getting wet and (3) keep water away from wood”?

In a study of shop-applied topcoats reported in JPCL, which generic type achieved a hardened film that resisted handling damage at lower temperatures (50°F) and higher humidity (75 percent RH) in the shortest amount of time?

True or false: NACE and SSPC are the only organizations that certify coating inspectors.

What organization has a standard measuring the functional durability of spray-applied, fire-resistive coatings?

What performance property of epoxy resins makes them useful as wood repair products?

Which of the following formulating or application strategies can increase the hiding of a coating?

True or false: Photographic standards are sometimes used to assess the degree of cracking of exterior coatings.

True or false: Products for exterior wood are sometimes formulated with high pigment concentrations to provide hiding power and to help seal the exposed wood microstructure.

True or false: According to a recent JPCL article, the threshold values in ASTM standards for deeming concrete suitable to be coated are neither achievable nor realistic for below-grade structures.

What is the name of the coatings exposure testing device that intensifies outdoor UV exposure by a factor of 10 to 12 and simulates South Florida nighttime exposure?

True or false: The American Coatings Association issues the Green Mark Certification for environmentally friendly paints.

What organization has validated a Wall Coating Applicator Training Program?

True or false: No more than 30 percent of SSPC technical committee members may represent a single stakeholder interest category (e.g, contractors, coating manufacturers, consultants, equipment manufacturers).

What is the acronym for gypsum-based or cementitious fire-resistant materials?

Which of the following is not a strength of anodizing aluminum substrates?

PVDF is an essential component of what generic coating type?

True or false: Thermoplastic is another name for thermoset resins.

True or false: Fire-resistive, intumescent coatings sometimes have epoxy and sometimes acrylic resin systems.

True or false: Atlas Test Cells are sometimes used to test the performance of immersion linings.

True or false: Flake-filled epoxy novolacs have been used to protect metal in flue gas desulfurization units.

True or false: Negative-side waterproofing applied to dry interior surfaces has to have some water-vapor permeability.

True or False: ASTM D3359, “Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test,” measures the tensile adhesion of a coating.

How is profile measured in ASTM D4417?

True or false: Abrasive used for abrasive blast cleaning to remove rust and mill scale should have a Mohs hardness of 1.

What organization is developing the Guide for Detection of Moisture in Walls and Ceilings?

True or false: Vinyl ester floor coatings are ineffective at resisting harsh chemical exposures.

True or false: The Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) was created by ISO.

True or false: Red iron oxide pigment is stable at temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

What name is sometimes given to a faux version of marble?

What makes crushed glass a “green” abrasive, according to the JPCL article, “What is a Green Abrasive?”

True or false: Spraying of in-place pipeline interiors with lining materials can be commercially completed by robotic systems on both straight runs and 45- and 90-degree radius bends.

What elastomeric coating type is listed as acceptable by the International Code Council (ICC) for application over spray polyurethane foam roofing?

What organization claims to offer “the world's leading environmental assessment method to assess new, existing buildings and community scale development”?

True or false: Germany has a painting contractor certification program modeled after the one overseen by SSPC in the U.S.

Which of the following pigment types are sometimes used as extenders?

With specific values required in several energy codes, reflectance is an important performance property of a cool roof coating. What is another?

What organization jointly publishes a QP (Qualification Procedure) standard with SSPC?

What organization is developing the “Guide for Fluid Applied Air Barrier Coatings for Concrete Masonry Units”?

How many days does it take to simulate three years of outdoor aging of reflective roof coatings using the laboratory testing protocol developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory?

True or false: Prior to being used for measurements, all thermometers should be exposed to the environment they will be used in for sufficient time to allow them to stabilize, according to a recent JPCL article.

What organization produces standards for the surface preparation of concrete?

Where does a cohesive coating failure occur?

What name is sometimes given to a coating system comprised of galvanizing together with an organic coating?

True or false: Additives based on hydrated lime are sometimes used to create anti-bacterial coatings.

True or false: It is possible to write performance-based specifications for surface preparation prior to painting.

True or false: All of the SSPC mechanical surface preparation standards require solvent cleaning to SSPC-SP 1 prior to performing any additional cleaning required by the project specification.

What is the coating term used to describe the action of flake metallic pigments, such as aluminum, and certain other pigments aligning with or floating near or at the coating surface when mixed with a suitable vehicle?

True or false: Waterborne acrylic primers for steel cannot be formulated with inhibitive pigments.

What organization has a certification program for installing spray polyurethane foam on roofs?

In a centrifugal wheel blast machine, what is another name for “operating mix?"

True or false: Fire-resistive and fire-retardant paints perform the same function.

True or false: According to a JPCL article, one year is a good starting interval between calibrations of a magnetic dry film thickness gage.

True or false: A recent Naval Research Laboratory study determined that coating performance is not adversely affected by chloride contamination.

True or false: SSPC is developing a quantitative coatings texture guide as an aid in specifying flooring systems that will improve traction on floors expected to be wet or covered with contaminants.

True or false: Methyl methacrylate membranes have been used as water and root barriers beneath roof gardens.

One mil of coating thickness equals approximately how many microns?

A test that requires rubbing a clean black fabric across a painted surface evaluates what attribute of the paint?

What association is focused on thick-film high performance elastomer technologies?

True or false: Air abrasive blast workers are regularly exposed to noise in excess of 120 dBA.

True or false: Acrylic coatings are effective as reflective roof coatings, but not as air barriers.

True or false: SSPC certifies contractors that apply polymeric coatings and surfacings to concrete and other cementitious substrates.

True or false: SSPC-SP 10 is the most rigorous degree of cleaning steel by abrasive blasting.

True or false: In coating work, a jeep test is a quantitative fit test for a respirator.

True or False: The International Standards Organization published the International Green Construction Code in 2012.

True or false: In creating the best appearance on a concrete polished floor, it is more important to achieve a higher specular gloss value than it is to achieve a high distinctness of image value.

True or false: Cathodic protection of steel pipe is sometimes achieved with anodizing.

True or false: The words “hardening” and “curing” of coatings have the same meaning, according to a recent JPCL article.

Sulfate-reducing bacteria that cause corrosion of steel and concrete are likely to be found in what media?

Which of the following terms is another name for wet abrasive blasting?

True or false: The installed cost of thick-film resinous coating systems, such as high-build epoxies and polyureas, on concrete floors ranges from $3.50 to $7.00 per square foot, according to a recent D+D In Depth article.

Opacity observations of air pollution emissions are sometimes reported using what rating system?

What is the name of a rectangular metal tool used to deposit a specified thickness of wet coating on a test panel or other substrate?

If a mural fools the eye, what is the name of the technique used to create it?

True or false: ICRI recommends a profile of 10 mils to 1/4 inch in its surface preparation requirements for polymer overlays on concrete.

True or false: Aggressive application of dehumidification to dry a concrete floor slab should begin within the first 10 days after placement.

Which of the following coating adhesion tests is the least quantitative?

Which of the following is not classified as an additive in a coating formulation?

True or false: A clear polyurethane used to seal a coated concrete surface should exhibit maximum turbidity.

True or false: In air abrasive blasting operations, the same particle size mix of silica sand and coal slag yield the same profile ranges on steel.

True or false: Polyaspartic coatings cure more quickly than polyureas.

True or false: Among the performance properties of polyureas, according to a JPCL article by Mike O’Donoghue and Vijay Datta, tolerance of low-temperature application is the weakest.

True or false: Waterborne coatings require special spray guns when applied by electrostatic spray.

In concrete polishing work, an appearance defined as a Level 4 sheen and a cream aggregate exposure is the most expensive to produce.

True or false: Bugholes can be caused by oil and grease on the surface being coated.

In addition to trisodium phosphate, used for cleaning in painting operations, what other material has the acronym TSP?

What coating material would be least likely to be specified for high heat applications?

True or false: It is better to use a pull stub than a dolly on pull-off adhesion testing.

Cutter bundles are used on what devices?

Which process aims to depict a building at a particular time in its history by preserving materials from the period of significance and removing materials from other periods?

What is the content of the non-mandatory appendix of SSPC-SP 1, Solvent Cleaning, added during the 2015 revision of the standard?

Meters for determining moisture content of concrete slabs are based on what principle of operation?

True or false? Inorganic zinc pre-construction primers for shipbuilding normally have more zinc content than inorganic zinc primers applied after fabrication.

True or false: A Tooke gauge can sometimes be used to measure the thickness of individual coats of paint within a multicoat system.

True or false: Seismic retrofits of bridge piers can be carried out with Bresle patch fabric.

True or false: Written descriptions of end conditions of steel after blast cleaning take precedence over visual photos in judging conformance with SSPC blast cleaning standards.

True or false: Some organic zinc-rich coatings have silicate binders.

What organization will present the 2016 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology?

Micaceous iron oxide provides what type of anti-corrosion protection to coatings?

According to the Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary (originally published by the FSCT, now part of the American Coatings Association), "Venetian mosaic" is a synonym for what?

Which one of the following coating types is the least commonly used as an air barrier?

A mandrel is used to test what coating characteristic?

True or false: Color and gloss retention is one of the main strengths of anodizing on aluminum.

True or false: Inorganic zinc-rich coatings are very resistant to solvents and oils.

True or false: Aliphatic polyurea coatings provide UV stability for their elastomeric properties but not for color and gloss retention.

True or false: Crystalline waterproofing materials can be used only after concrete cures.

SSPC recently entered into an agreement with what organization to provide global applicator training?

True or false: Methyl methacrylate (MMA) resinous flooring systems should not be applied at temperatures below 40 degrees F.

True or false: One kind of wet blast system uses air rather than water pressure as the cleaning force.

True or False: Anodizing provides excellent corrosion resistance in coastal settings.

True or false: Silanes are classified as semi-permanent anti-graffiti coatings.

Among the performance properties of polyureas, according to a JPCL article by O’Donoghue and Datta, which of the following is the weakest?

True or false: SSPC-VIS 1, Visual Standards for Blast Cleaned Steel, was initially produced by the Institute of Corrosion in the U.K.

True or false: SSPC and NACE recently worked cooperatively to revise their standards on measuring dry film thickness of coatings.

Which of the following is not a term used for application of metallic wire, metallic powder or thermoplastic powder?

True or false: Parking decks are always sealed with penetrating sealers.

True or false: A hygro thermometer is used to measure the moisture content and temperature of insulation on hot piping.

True or false: Calcium sulfonate alkyds are non-toxic, inhibitive primers.

What organization provides education and certification for concrete slab moisture testing technicians?

Cementitious, fire-resistive coatings for unexposed structural steel in buildings often contain which of these materials?

Which of the following organizations provides information about good practice in the selection and use of sealants in expansion joints?

True or false: The threat of mud cracking in highly pigmented paints applied at high film builds is likely to be diminished in coating films that employ spherical pigments.

Barrier protection can be achieved in a coating with all but which of the following means?

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was just recognized as the 2015 Outstanding Structure Award from what industry association?

What organization recently published a technology update on fluoropolymer coatings?

What is the name of the technique used to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life from cradle to grave?

What type of polyurethane yellows and chalks in direct sunlight?

What is the name of a British publication on coating defects?

True or false: An extract from fish scales is used to create a mother-of-pearl effect.

True or false: According to the Coatings Encyclopedic Dictionary, “patina” is defined in part as “a thin layer of corrosion, usually green or brown."

True or false: The “Cold Wall Effect” on tank linings refers to a temperature differential between the ambient air outside the tank and the temperature of the product stored inside.

Pressurized pots are used for what type of spray painting?

True or false: “Solvent pop” occurs because of hackles in a steel substrate.

True or false: Breathable coatings often incorporate platey pigments.

True or false: Polypropylene powder is sometimes applied by flame spray to create a field joint coating system for transmission pipeline.

A thin, pasty liquid used for adhering gold leaf and filling surface imperfections is called what?

A chopper gun would most likely be used for what application?

What coating type is used to penetrate and line the pores of concrete to achieve water repellency?

What is an alternative to hot potting?

True or false: The ASTM standard for moisture mitigation systems on concrete slabs for use under resilient flooring requires that the coating system have a permeance of 6 perms or less.

True or false: The SSPC Committee on Commercial Coatings is developing guides for laboratory testing, selecting, and assuring the quality of thick-film coatings on CMU assemblies.

How can paints be made conductive for electrostatic spraying?

What organization published a revised standard in 2012 on measuring dry film coating thickness that focuses on frequency of measurements and acceptablility of acquired results?

True or false: When dissimilar metals are in contact in the presence of an electrolyte, the more noble metal will experience galvanic corrosion.

Which of the following is not the subject of an SSPC Qualification Procedure (QP)?

True or false: SSPC has a qualification procedure (QP) to assure the qualifications of installers of liquid-applied air barriers.

According to Fred Goodwin, one of JPCL’s Top Thinkers, the three Ds negatively affecting the durability of concrete are deterioration, damage and ... what else?

True or false: ASTM has separate test methods for steel and concrete substrates in determining the pull-off adhesion of coatings.

The migration of asphalt from a roof to the surface of a white roof coating applied over it is called what?


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