Daily Quiz (152)

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded how much money from the bipartisan infrastructure law to meet the growing demand for air travel and improve passenger experience?

The Illinois Department of Transportation reported $150 million project to rehabilitate how many bridge structures in Chicago?

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration announced more than ___ million in available funding for the Port Infrastructure Development Program.

President Joe Biden recently visited New York to announce $292 million in bipartisan infrastructure law funding for the early phase of what project?

The Mix, a mixed-experience community in Frisco, Texas, will encompass how many acres?

A report from national transportation research nonprofit TRIP showed that which state’s transportation system is still in need of road and bridge improvements, as well as safety and capacity upgrades?

True or False: After finding corrosion on a bridge located over State Road 46, the Indiana Department of Transportation will implement a six-month-long detour to avoid traffic on the affected infrastructure.

What type of bridge recently collapsed in Tretten, Norway, due to significant overload?

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently awarded ICON a contract to use what to help build infrastructure?

New York City’s 91-story Steinway Tower, has earned the title of world’s ___ skyscraper.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration announced the latest round of transportation innovations would be applied to highway, transit and what other agency?

With a $4.2 billion construction and renovation project underway, the capacity of New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport is expected to increase by how many passengers per year?

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls recently opened a ___-foot-long tunnel underneath the waterfall to visitors.

The “skyscraper race,” a term coined from the number of skyline changes and proposals for record-breaking skyscrapers, refers to which Canadian city?

Which U.S. state houses the longest moveable bridge on the Northeast Corridor?

Over the summer, United States President Joe Biden launched the Infrastructure Talent Pipeline Challenge, which focuses on three sectors: Broadband, Construction and what?

In the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s extension project for the Metrorail Silver Line, __ miles will be added to the track.

A Texas water storage plant was recently approved for a $__ rehabilitation, with construction including mechanical repairs and recoated yard piping.

Construction recently began in Saudi Arabia on a linear city, which is expected to stretch ___ miles and stand 1,640 feet tall.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the first round of grants from the bipartisan infrastructure law’s competitive Bridge Investment Program, totaling $18.4 million for how many projects?

Which NFL team recently announced an agreement for a new, $2.2 billion stadium?

The Biden-Harris Administration recently announced a plan to accelerate the progress of infrastructure construction, which focuses on three main areas: delivering projects on time, staying on task and what?

Which East Coast state was recently approved for $31.3 million in funding from the state for water infrastructure projects?

The world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge, which is __ feet long, recently opened at the Boyne Mountain Resort in Michigan.

The construction industry’s “design, bid, build” process has recently been disrupted by rising costs and what?

The Forest Street Water Tower in Massachusetts will undergo a renovation project that includes upgrades to ladder systems and entrances, roof venting system and coatings work, all of which will cost how much?

Which federal government department recently issued a report outlining challenges it faces in implementing the bipartisan infrastructure law, including inflation, labor and supply chain issues?

Following its collapse earlier this year, which Pittsburgh bridge is currently being renovated?

Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures UK (Cross-UK), which compiles and publishes free safety information for built environment professionals, was founded in what year?

To address the smaller incoming workforce for the construction industry, which state announced that it would open a charter school aimed at preparing students for college and careers in construction?

The Australian Rawdon Island Bridge is reaching its final stages of repair work, after authorities found major structural issues in what part of the support structure in March 2021?

True or False: Funding for the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) competitive grant program was recently increased by 50% because of the bipartisan infrastructure law.

Which state has the lowest percentage of bridges on the National Highway System classified in “poor” condition?

True or False: The National Infrastructure Advisory Council was established in 2008.

In August, what type of 10-year-old bridge collapsed in Norway?

The Millennium Tower has been approved for a reduced scope for stabilization, which changes the 52-pile design to __ piles.

The New York State Department of Transportation owns about __ of the highway bridges in New York State.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration announced an infrastructure program that provides states with $7.3 billion in funding to make transportation infrastructure more resilient to what?

A recent federal government act would give money to American-made ___ to complete critical infrastructure inspection, maintenance or construction projects.

A proposed package of reforms to streamline infrastructure projects in San Diego could see a typical project be completed up to how much faster?

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced an investment of ___ for 11 drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and non-point source projects through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

Used by the U.S. Army Program in places where bridges aren’t available, the Improved Ribbon bridge is an example of what?

True or false: This year, government funding for sustainable infrastructure will not include money from insurance funds.

In June, the City of Portland, Oregon announced approval of recommendations to add requirements to which aspect of their infrastructure?

A contract was awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to construct the new Soo Lock in Michigan for what phase of the project?

True or False: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, consumer prices in May surged 8.6% across the board when compared to the year prior, the highest rate since 1981.

The U.S. Department of Transportation opened a call for applications last month for the competitive _______ Investment Program.

Queen’s University in Canada recently launched its new Carbon to ______ Coating Institute after receiving a $24 million grant from the Government of Canada.

Which state recently signed a directive to streamline its permitting process for infrastructure projects of $50 million or more?

The U.S. Department of Transportation issued a notice of a temporary public interest wavier regarding construction materials through the recent Buy America standards for how many days?

True or False: Cornell University is now home to a 6,000-pound robot with 3D printing capabilities.

True or False: The world’s longest suspension bridge opened last month in Arouca, Portugal, at 516 meters long.

Which state has recently presented a draft document for its largest infrastructure improvement plan to date?

True or False: Infrastructure investments planned in China this year are more than double the spending outlined in the United States’ infrastructure package passed last year.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently released a report on the commercial availability and current uses of ________ found in various paints, coatings and varnishes.

True or False: The U.S. Government Accountability Office recently released a report urging the Department of Defense to take action to better protect the nation’s critical infrastructure.

What kind of bridge was in need of repair last month in Delray Beach, Florida, due to a “significant malfunction?”

True or False: The world’s longest midspan suspension bridge opened last month in Turkey.

True or False: The largest dam removal in United States history is scheduled to begin in spring 2023.

During a winter storm last month in Texas, what kind of energy was used to provide additional power to the state’s grid?

The White House recently released the first edition of its Bipartisan Infrastructure law guidebook, containing a list of more than how many programs?

In January, a $107M bridge, inspired in shape by ___, opened in Dubai, symbolizing the city’s ambitions.

A modular steel bridge has recently been constructed to connect two Louisiana communities after which bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Ida in August?

At the end of November, infrastructure firm Webuild Group announced that its tunnel boring machine had excavated more than ___ over three and a half years.

Seattle City Councilmembers are planning to address seismic retrofitting for how many unreinforced masonry buildings?

The San Diego Association of Government announced that its 2021 Regional Transportation Plan is expected to run through 2050 and will invest how much into road and transit infrastructure?

Following the growing concern of disturbing animal habitats in Minnesota, researchers worked with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to deploy deterrent technology to discourage ____ from coming near bridge construction.

Corrosion-prevention company Cortec Corporation has coated the Peljesac Bridge in Croatia with technology that will allegedly give the bridge a service life of how many years?

The Ohio Street Lift Bridge in downtown Buffalo, New York, is a through-truss, tower-driven lift bridge over the Buffalo River, built in?

After five years of construction, the world’s second tallest building, a 118-story skyscraper, has been completed in what country?

True or False: At the end of November, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced nearly $450 million in infrastructure grants.

If the plans are approved, the Central Place Sydney dual-tower property will be powered by ___ renewable energy.

In December 2020, the Major Bridge P3 Program was approved, allowing the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to solicit proposals under ___- to ___-year concession agreements.

True or False: Canada’s Darwin Bridges won several awards for being the world’s first bridges to be built entirely from recycled glass powder.

True or False: Following the derailment of Amtrak’s Empire Builder train, railroad safety experts believe it is unlikely that the accident was caused by human error.

Following private jet travel demands, Florida-based Sheltair Aviation broke ground for a ____ hanger and office project.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority announced it has approved an agreement for the tunnel transportation system, a plan that includes the addition of ___ stations.

In response to the Millennium Tower sinking and leaning, Shimmick Construction Co. successfully installed ___ as a less-disruptive construction method.

True or False: Construction costs, including the price of some commodities, such as metals, are projected to increase throughout the rest of 2021.

Wisconsin government officials are offering the removal of three ____ for free with the goal of preserving the structures.

Researchers recently announced that they would be using reinforced concrete blocks from walls of a building being renovated for a(n) ____, marking the first time this method has ever been used.

A recent report found that one in ___ units of critical infrastructure in the United States are at risk of being rendered inoperable due to flooding.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality announced its plans to reinstate regulations concerning major infrastructure projects as part of which policy?

The New Jersey Transit Board recently approved a $1.5 billion contract, the largest in New Jersey Transit history, to replace what?

Municipal wastewater treatment plants currently treat approximately ____ billion gallons of wastewater per day.

After reducing bridge removal time to eight hours in Florida, Dutch-based contractor Mammoet has developed a unique setup of transporters that reduces bridge girder installation from one day to ____.

True or False: The first-ever 3D concrete printed bridge is currently on display in Venice, Italy.

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, an $87 million bridge set to be built in California, is critical to saving an isolated population of ___ from extinction.

Since 2016, the number of bridges in “good” condition has been:

True or False: Building emissions in the U.S. currently make up 43% of the nation’s total emissions.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation will be looking at the retired Bonner Bridge to determine how aged bridge exposure to ____ could affect future bridge design.

True or False: New York’s Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, which spans the Hudson River, is a tied-arch bridge.

The use of thermocol or extended polystyrene as a composite material in reinforced concrete could help buildings resist ____.

Following its completion, the Brenner Base Tunnel project, an ongoing construction effort to build new rail tunnels through the Alps, will be the longest rail tunnel in the world at almost ___ miles.

An art installation in Denver not only acts as a skate park, but also improves the city’s infrastructure by doing what?

Subsequent investigations following the collapse of Florida’s Champlain Towers South on June 24 led to the evacuation of a two-story building in South Beach after a ___ system failure.

True or False: The STX-22, the first-ever solar-powered locomotive, recently had a test on a railroad track on Sonoma, California, where it broke the speed record for any solar-powered vehicle.

Amendments within the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the U.S. Senate offer financial protections for construction projects that are assisted by what?

Tesla Energy, along with Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. and Dacra, announced an initiative for a neighborhood run largely on what type of renewable energy?

Opening in London in May 2021, the “Sky Pool,” a transparent pool bridge between buildings that people can swim through, is made of what type of panels?

True or False: After the Grenfell Tower, a U.K. high-rise, caught fire in 2017, subsequent investigation found that zinc cladding had been used to save money, which ultimately put the building at risk.

According to a report from the American Society of Civil Engineers, what percentage of bridges in the U.S. are at least 50 years old?

To begin restoration of the Notre Dame cathedral, officials need to remove the lattice, which is made up of how many metal tubes?

Dubbed “printfrastructure,” 3D-printing technology will be tested in the United Kingdom to create concrete for a project on what type of infrastructure?

The new Department of Veterans Affairs hospital slated to be built in Louisville, Kentucky, was recently confirmed by officials to include how much space?

What was the amount recently awarded in a contract to repaint the Calcasieu River Bridge in Louisiana?

After going live with its microgrid, the Pittsburgh International Airport is now entirely powered by what type of distributed energy?

In November 2020, the Virgin Hyperloop company announced that it had conducted a trial with human passengers in a hyperloop capsule that ultimately reached how many miles per hour?

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently announced that the INFRA discretionary grant program would receive how much money in intended awards?

True or false: Engineers recently made turbine modifications at Hoover Dam so that some electricity could be produced with as little as 950 feet of water in Lake Mead.

Regarding the recent replacement of the Ibis Bridge in Florida, what were the rebars made of?

Award-winning photographer Annette LeMay Burke recently published a collection of photographs featuring this type of infrastructure, designed to blend in with their surroundings.

Reported to be the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, how long does the infrastructure recently completed by the Institute for Research and Technological Development for Construction, Energy, Environment and Sustainability span?

What country is slated to build the world’s first tunnel for ships?

Which glass-bottomed bridge in China recently shattered as a result of extreme winds?

The current life expectancy for protective coatings on new steel bridges is roughly:

What is slated to be the nation’s first large-scale offshore windfarm?

True or false: In April, the new Wellsburg Bridge connecting Brooke County, West Virginia’s Route 2 and Brilliant, Ohio’s Route 7, was floated into place by a couple of barge captains.

According to an analysis conducted by the American Road and Transportation Association, what state has the most serious or worst bridge conditions?

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the North Central Texas Council of Governments recently funded two grants to evaluate and measure the resilience of a variety of infrastructure networks. The grants were awarded to what Texas University?

In a recent analysis conducted by the American Road and Transportation Association, more than _________ of the nation’s bridges need major repair or should be replaced.

True or false: The Chenab Bridge, located in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kahmir, India, is slated to become the world’s highest railway bridge.

Regarding the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, of the 17 categories making up the overall C- grade, 11 were in the D range, including all except:

According to the 2021 Dangerous by Design report recently released by Smart Growth America, the number of pedestrians struck and killed by drivers nationwide over the last decade has increased:

INFRA grants can be used to cover as much as ____% of a project’s cost.

Last month, engineers from Network Rail—owner of Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd in London—recently avoided the demolition of a Victorian-era railway bridge by utilizing a _______-resistant coating.

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently released its 2021 Infrastructure Report Card, revealing a mediocre, but passing grade of:

In a study conducted by Stanford University, researchers found that the United States has spent nearly $___________ in flood damages over the last three decades.

In January, President Joe Biden revoked the permit for which pipeline upon taking office?

True or false: Civil engineers from the Cork Institute of Technology are planning to recycle wind turbines blades as coastline wake brakes later this year.

In its most recent Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the nation’s water sector, which includes existing stormwater infrastructure, a grade of:

What transportation technology company successfully completed its first trial involving human passengers last month?

What pipeline project was recently shut down by the state’s governor?

What is the name of the infrastructure that was recently successful in protecting the city of Venice from acqua alta?

Skeletons of this animal recently caused repeated construction pauses at the new Santa Lucia airport in New Mexico.

True or false: Russia was the first country to build and deploy a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP).

In what area of the world have dams been recently proposed to protect land from rising seas, according to a PaintSquare story?

True or false: $12 billion in infrastructure work needed by U.S. National Parks is currently under deferred maintenance.

True or false: In the construction of transmission towers, one of the durability-enhancing measures on structures for severe environments is to increase the film build of the zinc/iron and pure zinc layers during galvanizing and one method to reliably achieve this is by abrasive blasting the steel before galvanizing, says a JPCL author.

True or false: The Federal Highway Administration conducts a National Transportation Product Evaluation Program.

True or false: Steel for the recently completed Hålogaland Bridge, located in Narvik, Norway, was coated in a U.S. fabricating shop.

While the three most important things about selling a house are location, location, location, the three most important things about painting a bridge are access, access, access, according to what coating specialist?

True or false: The Federal Highway Administration maintains a database describing the results of performance testing of bridge coatings.

True or false: The recent cable failure on the James B. Edwards Bridge, in Charleston, South Carolina, was not caused by corrosion, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

According to transmission tower coating specialist Curt Hickcox, about how many energized steel transmission towers are there in North America?

What organization published guidelines for selecting materials to assure the sustainability of transit terminals?

According to a recent PaintSquare Daily News article, what two states lead the nation in the number of deficient bridges needing repair?

True or false: “International Orange” is the official name for the color of paint used on the Golden Gate Bridge.

For the most part, lattice-type transmission towers are painted with what application tool?

True or false: A Maryland State Highway Administration study of coatings’ field performance confirmed that two-coat bridge painting systems are more cost-effective than the standard three-coat, zinc-epoxy-urethane system.

What is one name for roofs with storm water detention systems?

True or false: The Federal Highway Administration creates and maintains a database reporting the results of performance testing of coatings for bridges.


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