Daily Quiz (82)

This month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency granted $3 billion to help every state and territory find and replace an estimated __ lead pipes.

According to a report from The Washington Post, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration currently has a $2.1 billion backlog of projects in need of relief funds and has a budget of what?

Researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology are conducting a study analyzing the impacts of tractor-trailers doing what to perform more effective repairs?

The largest dam removal project in the United States is being finalized along which state borders?

The Washington Bridge in Providence, Rhode Island, was discovered to have a critical structural failure because of damaged __, which were part of the original structure built in 1968.

The Texas Department of Transportation awarded a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington a $997,275 grant to review the performance of what type of deteriorating and aging infrastructure?

True or False: Researchers at the University of Central Florida developed four new manual inspection systems to maintain and repair aging infrastructure.

Funding was award to two universities to research and create sustainable materials that can repair themselves and do what?

A report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association found that which state is the number one state in the country for the number of structurally deficient bridges?

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated in an interview that a massive backlog of broken what may mean that aging structures in need of repairs won’t be fixed soon?

The American Road and Transportation Builders Association has announced that over ___ bridges in the United States are in need of major repair work or need to be replaced.

To develop a tool that better estimates the cost of future dam removals, scientists at Oregon State University have analyzed over __ dam removal projects.

Federal data shows the unexpected difficulties in repairing how many bridges in the nation that are corroded, cracked and at a heightened risk of being shut down?

In July, the Notre Dame Cathedral just marked a major milestone in reconstruction efforts, with what part of the roof officially raised in place?

A $100 million construction project was recently completed to fix structural issues of which well-known United States structure?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation held a public meeting to hear residents’ concerns and give updates about the next steps being taken after what began falling off of the Tobin Bridge.

True or False: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has awarded a $4 million contract for the rehabilitation of four existing bridge structures.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has awarded a contract in the amount of __ for concrete sealing and rehabilitation to several existing bridge structures.

The Biden-Harris Administration announced $749 million in funding for the construction and repair of roads and bridges damaged by what?

California plans to invest up to $180 billion over the next 10 years in ___, with an anticipated 400,000 jobs created in the process.

The National Transportation Safety Board announced new recommended actions for bridge maintenance for bridges made of what material?

Researchers have developed a new method to assess the safety of ___ constructions, which could help preserve historic buildings and bridges.

According to the lead member of planning for transport and sustainable development in London, paintwork should be renewed on bridges every __ years, which is why the Lowry Bridge is getting a “facelift.”

The California Department of Transportation has awarded a contract of over $2 million for the rehabilitation of what?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is looking to adopt the use of __ concrete panels for lock wall rehabilitation projects, replacing traditional concrete.

How much money is estimated to be needed for the rehabilitation of non-federal dams?

A research team is studying how recycled __ could help repair bridges and buildings.

Touted as the largest of its kind in the city’s history, a bridge from which U.S. city was recently received a $148 million replacement?

A final deal has been reached in the $1.5 billion stadium for which National Football League team?

The “Paint the Rock Challenge” is seeking donations to repair and paint what type of structure in Michigan?

True or False: Washington’s Meeker Street Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that will undergo repairs, including repainting and deck resurfacing.

The Texas Department of Transportation provided an update on the ongoing progress of the new ___, following delays over design safety concerns.

The Illinois Department of Transportation reported $150 million project to rehabilitate how many bridge structures in Chicago?

Minnesota bridges were recently examined as part of a project to develop guidance and methods to estimate __ reinforcement section loss for bridge maintenance.

A century-old historic building at which Pennsylvania university recently received a $4 million state grant for major renovations.

A Texas water storage plant was recently approved for a $__ rehabilitation, with construction including mechanical repairs and recoated yard piping.

The Buffalo Bills released the first renderings of its new open-air stadium, a project expected to cost how much?

Which historic Kennywood roller coaster in Pittsburgh has been closed to receive a full-scale repaint?

Renovations to the former Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant in Pittsburgh were recently completed, turning the plant into what?

The Australian Rawdon Island Bridge is reaching its final stages of repair work, after authorities found major structural issues in what part of the support structure in March 2021?

Newly repaired, the West Seattle Bridge was closed for two and a half years because of accelerated cracking likely caused by overuse. On average, the bridge sees ___ drivers and 25,000 transit riders per day.

True or False: Repainting on a water tower in Perrysburg, Ohio, including stencil work and updated paint color, was completed in May.

Curtin University researchers are developing an artificial intelligence monitor to improve maintenance and prevent corrosion on what type of structure?

The U.S. Department of Transportation opened a call for applications last month for the competitive _______ Investment Program.

What structure in Coventry, Rhode Island, will receive a fresh coat of paint using funds received from the American Rescue Plan Act?

The City of Long Beach tried to auction off lifeboats from the historic RMS ____________, but lead paint and a lack of bids are leading to the disposal of the boats.

Which state has recently presented a draft document for its largest infrastructure improvement plan to date?

A 2,670-foot pedestrian bridge in need of restoration that connects Cincinnati and Kentucky is painted what color?

The S.S. Badger, a ferry in Ludington, Michigan, was recently drydocked and repainted, using how many gallons of paint?

What kind of bridge was in need of repair last month in Delray Beach, Florida, due to a “significant malfunction?”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will oversee the cleanup of how many total acres of the Beck’s Lake Superfund site?

What color will nine bridges in West Virginia be painted as part of a “massive” cleaning and painting project awarded by the state’s Department of Highways?

A Washington couple recently discovered a hidden ______ while remodeling a circa 1907 commercial building.

Contractors plan to replace an existing flood wall with what shape as part of the Port Arthur Project?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently issued a Consolidated Notice, allotting funding for ________.

A pipeline near New Orleans ruptured and spilled more than 300,000 gallons of diesel fuel after repairs needed to fix corrosion damage on a ___-foot section of pipe.

In a December JPCL project case study, crews worked to rehabilitate and apply new coatings to this type of U.S. food and beverage manufacturing facility:

Local Pittsburgh amusement park, Kennywood Park, recently invited park visitors to vote on the new color for which roller coaster?

In June 2021, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued how much money in grants for repairs for the West Seattle High Rise Bridge?

Where functional specifications have been fully deployed on newbuild vessel and repair projects in recent years, significant cost savings have been made in the range of __-__% against the original budget and scheme selection.

According to a report from the American Society of Civil Engineers, what percentage of bridges in the U.S. are at least 50 years old?

To begin restoration of the Notre Dame cathedral, officials need to remove the lattice, which is made up of how many metal tubes?

Featured in the July 2021 issue of JPCL, approximately what amount of steel surfaces were coated during a multi-year rehabilitation project at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina?

What was the amount recently awarded in a contract to repaint the Calcasieu River Bridge in Louisiana?

Featured in the July 2021 issued of JPCL, about how many gallons of paint were used for the coatings rehabilitation project at the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station in North Carolina?

In June, a 1.5-million-gallon water tank exploded at which water facility in Lemoore, California?

What World War II submarine recently traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania, in June for dry docking and repairs?

When is exterior work at the $1.1 billion Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium rehabilitation project expected to wrap up?

Closing in on the month of May, Little Island officially opened to the public in New York City. The project rehabilitated which previously damaged pier?

Which glass-bottomed bridge in China recently shattered as a result of extreme winds?

During a renovation project on the 600 block of Race in the Central Business District, in Cincinnati, crews from non-profit real estate development company 3CDC discovered a second building, likely constructed in what decade?

What historical landmark recently sought bids from engineers to rebuild a new retractable floor?

True or false: The newly updated American Concrete Institute and the International Concrete Repair Institute “Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures” is part of the ACI Concrete Repair Subscription.

According to Kevin Morris, a 25-year veteran of the coatings industry, specializing in water and wastewater facilities, the average age of structures undergoing rehabilitation are:

True or false: Last year, crews in Shanghai’s eastern Huangpu district “walked” an historic school building to avoid demolition.

True or false: Silicone foul-release coatings on ship’s hulls now require repair approximately every 10 years, according to a JPCL article writer.

In what state was a $2.5 million fine levied upon a gas utility for failing to provide timely repairs to deficient cathodic protection systems?

True or false: For spot repair of coatings, the selection of abrasive blasting as the surface preparation method is questionable.

According to a Durability + Design article, most exterior wood repair products are based on what coating technology?

What organization’s members “specialize in design, investigation, repair and management of roofing, exterior wall and waterproofing systems”?

True or False: Some cementitious liners for repairing manholes contain chemical additives to kill bacteria that cause microbiologically induced corrosion.

Which process aims to depict a building at a particular time in its history by preserving materials from the period of significance and removing materials from other periods?


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