Daily Quiz (42)

The White House Council on Environmental Quality announced its plans to reinstate regulations concerning major infrastructure projects as part of which policy?

In September, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched a new training initiative that teaches safe work practices for what?

True or False: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently applied for a patent on a new testing advice to create anti-reflection systems.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued a temporary emergency statement requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workforces are either fully vaccinated or that unvaccinated employees provided negative COVID-19 tests how often?

The Washington State Department of Ecology is scheduled to propose its decision on whether to prohibit PCB levels in paint in:

To be used in food service, railcar linings must meet strict compliance requirements set forth in:

In December, the EPA announced the final rule to lower the clearance levels for the amount of lead that can remain in dust on floors and windowsills after lead abatement. What are the correct new clearance levels?

OSHA has developed regulations on abrasive blasting in how many industries?

True or false: APC is the acronym—used frequently in VOC regulations—for both architectural coatings and coatings for industrial structures.

What organization offers the credential, Certified Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider?

True or false: The EPA recently proposed an amendment to the Lead and Copper Rule, aimed at improving how communities test for lead in drinking water, as well as spurring quicker response times if problems become evident.

True or false: OSHA has stated that where the definition of a Construction Industry versus a General Industry confined space is unclear, compliance with the Construction Industry confined space standard will also be considered to be compliance with the General Industry confined space standard.

True or false: While OSHA’s Construction Industry standards require that abrasive blasting respirators be worn during abrasive blasting operations, its General Industry standards do not have this requirement.

True or false: Contractors who ignore OSHA fines can be put in jail.

What special regulatory treatment is given to solvents with negligible photochemical reactivity?

True or false: The EPA, after banning the sale of methylene chloride paint strippers to consumers, has established a training, certification and limited access program for contractors who wish to continue to use the stripper.

True or false: OSHA has been petitioned to create a standard on worker exposure to high heat.

True or false: OSHA cannot propose monetary penalties against another federal agency for failure to comply with its standards.

True or false: OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard, adopted in 2016, reduces the permissible exposure limit for respirable crystalline silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air as an eight-hour time-weighted average.

OSHA has developed regulations on abrasive blasting in the marine and construction industries, and in one other. What is it?

True or false: According to OSHA regulations, Threshold Limit Values are required limits on exposure to airborne contaminants.

True or false: The maximum level of carbon monoxide allowed by OSHA in breathing air for supplied-air respirators is 50 ppm.

True or false: A respiratory protection program administrator in a company does not need to be certified by OSHA as a program administrator.

True or false: OSHA has developed four sets of regulations on abrasive blasting in four primary industries: general industry, maritime, transportation and construction.

True or false: The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now enforcing the Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Standard, but will not require compliance with the general industry and maritime version of the standard until June 2018.

OSHA has developed how many sets of regulations on abrasive blasting?

True or false: OSHA cannot propose monetary penalties against another federal agency for failure to comply with its standards.

In 2017 what is likely to be ”the most challenging and impactful regulatory change affecting the industrial coatings industry since the OSHA Lead Standard,” according to a JPCL article?

Abrasive blast cleaning to remove lead-based paint is governed by what EPA regulation?

With regard to coating regulations, LADCO and OTC have what in common?

True or false: OSHA cannot issue a citation unless one of its regulations has been violated.

What agency tests and approves respirators for use in the workplace?

True or false: OSHA requires federal agencies to comply with its regulations.

True or false: It is likely that the VOC level for the same coating, as reported on product data sheets, will be different in Europe from the one reported in the United States.

The International Maritime Organization developed the Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for Dedicated Seawater Ballast Tanks (PSPC) as an amendment to what regulation?

What agency created the PM-10 standard?

True or false: OSHA has developed three sets of regulations on abrasive blasting in three primary industries: general industry, maritime, and construction.

Which of the following was not cited by SSPC as a reason for developing Paint 44, Coatings for Concrete Wastewater Structures?

True or false: Federal contractors are facing new hiring rules regarding women and people with disabilities.

What is the acronym, used frequently in VOC regulations, for architectural and protective coatings?

What agency produced the first VOC limits on colorants for architectural and industrial maintenance coatings?

Which of the following imposes the most stringent VOC rules on architectural and industrial maintenance coatings?


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