Daily Quiz (188)

True or False: When painted with a thin coat of opaque paint, infrared light can be used to identify cracks in cement.

American multinational technology company Apple reports that crews have almost completed phase __ of its $1 billion office project in northwest Austin.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, what percentage of the grid’s transmission lines and transformers are over 25 years old?

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency recently announced how many projects totaling $688 million in Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loans?

The Federal Transit Administration recently upgraded the Hudson Tunnel project to what rating?

The Building Performance Standards Coalition recently announced by President Joe Biden is a first-of-its kind partnership between __ state and local governments.

True or False: Funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allocated for the Soo Locks project is one of the largest amounts ever budget for a single Army Corps construction project in one year.

A planning law for two U.K. cities are calling for all new building construction for structures measuring five meters (16 feet) or higher to require the use of special bricks capable for providing nests for _____.

The Government of Canada recently awarded funding to Queen’s University to research and develop what type of coating?

A reportedly non-toxic, fire extinguishing coating recently developed by researchers was inspired by what substance?

Approximately how many homes is New York’s first offshore wind farm, South Fork Wind, expected to power by 2023?

New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced $1.4 billion in investments to preserve or construct how many homes across the state?

Over the course of a multi-year bridge deck rehabilitation project on the Throgs Neck Bridge, how many square feet of platform is expected to be installed?

True or False: A contract was recently awarded by the German Construction Administration for the construction of a new military hospital at the Rhine Ordnance Barracks in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

What is the name of the association that recently formed to advance the interests of commercial painting contractors?

Properly installed and maintained with periodic recoats, an SPF roofing system should last how long, according to the SPF coating specialist Mason Knowles?

True or false: The Heat Island Group is a unit of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

What organization will award a $2,500 cash prize and a sculpture prize for the best paper at its conference in 2020?

True or false: SSPC was recently awarded a five-year GSA contract for training programs.

What organization describes itself as providing “the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings," while also detailing that it "recognizes and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction to in-use and refurbishment"?

At what university is a collection of more than 2,500 pigments?

True or false: Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved legislation that will transition private commercial buildings of 50,000 square feet and larger to 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

True or false: The projected date of voting by the memberships on the merger of SSPC and NACE is April 1, 2021.

What was the original name of the organization now named the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants?

What JPCL contributor is a fellow of ASTM, ICRI and ACI, as well as a recipient of JPCL’s Clive Hare Honors?

What organization is advising SSPC and NACE during merger talks?

True or false: The US Green Building Council partners with AIA and CSI to develop and publish the consensus-based United States National CAD Standard.

True or false: The Healthy Product Declaration Collaborative has three categories of members: users, manufacturers and ecosystem.

True or false: In addition to the current effort, SSPC and NACE last had extended discussions about a merger in 1985-86.

True or false: OSHA has stated that where the definition of a Construction Industry versus a General Industry confined space is unclear, compliance with the Construction Industry confined space standard will also be considered to be compliance with the General Industry confined space standard.

True or false: $12 billion in infrastructure work needed by U.S. National Parks is currently under deferred maintenance.

True or false: According to MIT News, cement production makes up about 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

True or false: A German environmental assessment methodology for new construction was adapted this year for use in the United States.

True or false: The skills required for fabrication, coating and maintenance of offshore oil and gas platforms are easily transferrable to the offshore wind turbine sector, according to a PaintSquare writer.

True or false: NACE International held a corrosion awareness day in Aberdeen, Scotland, last month.

What organization recently changed its name to the World Coatings Council?

True or false: SSPC Coatings+ is expected to attract 1,500 coatings professionals in Long Beach, California, in February 2020.

Who was chairman of the task group that created the Painting Contractor Certification Program?

True or false: More than 60 organizations have sponsored content on PaintSquare.

True or false: The American Architectural Manufacturers Association is merging with the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance.

What organization has a chemical review status tracker?

What was the top state for LEED certification in 2018, according to the U.S. Green Building Council?

True or false: The U.S. Green Building Council created the Energy Star program.

True or false: Spray foam systems can act as effective air barrier systems either externally applied over structural elements or internally applied within cavity systems.

What organization has a council that deals with architectural coatings?

When was the first national organization to represent the paint industry established?

True or false: The roofing contractors association recently advocated for legal immigration in a White House meeting to help solve its workforce shortages.

True or false: SSPC has certified professional blasters, painters and inspectors.

Aside from newsletters, NACE has how many print publications?

True or false: John D. Keane was the first executive director of SSPC.

What is one thing Lloyd Smith, Bernie Appleman and Bob Kogler have in common?

The United States Department of Energy recently announced $33.5 million to fund grants for advanced research with the goal of increasing the overall energy efficiency of buildings by what percentage?

SSPC’s Contractor Certification program was modeled in part on the certification program of what other organization?

True or false: In New York City’s new green roof bill, all new residential and commercial buildings must have either vegetation, solar panels, small wind turbines or a combination of these to comply.

Which of the following persons has been Director of Research at SSPC?

Early test findings from a research study have demonstrated improved mechanical properties of concrete after nano platelets of what vegetables have been added.

Where is the international commission on illumination located?

What organization held the technical conference Greencoat China in October 2018?

What organization offers the professional certification called Building Analyst?

What major coating event will be held this month in Atlantic City?

What cities have enacted green roof mandates?

True or false: PDA has the Polymeric Floor Coatings Advisory Committee.

What trade association says it consists of “a wide cross section of stakeholders in the building enclosure industry”?

True or false: The Federal Highway Administration conducts a National Transportation Product Evaluation Program.

True or false: The U.S. Green Building Council offers LEED recertification for all LEED-certified projects.

In what city is an $8.5 billion airport expansion taking place?

What organization has Training Validation and Product Validation programs?

In the Million Cool Roofs Challenge, how much money will be awarded to the winning team that has demonstrated the best sustainable and transferable model for rapid deployment of cool roofs in a developing country and best meets the judging criteria?

True or false: SSPC has approved five new chapters in Latin America since 2017.

True or false: ICRI has recently published a Concrete Coating Texture Standard.

True or false: OSHA has used drones for inspection of worksites.

True or false: Steel for the recently completed Hålogaland Bridge, located in Narvik, Norway, was coated in a U.S. fabricating shop.

Publication of JPCL was launched in what year?

True or false: SSPC Technical Proceedings papers from SSPC conferences, 2010 through 2019, are available at sspc.org.

True or false: The US Green Building Council awards a certification for conforming with the requirements in the Green Guide for Health Care.

True or false: UL publishes the technical manual, Standard Practice for the Testing and Inspection of Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials.

What state was number one for LEED certification in 2018, according to the US Green Building Council?

What organization offers a “streamlined process for pre-approving prefabricated modular classroom models that meet a criteria rating system for healthy, high-performance schools"?

True or false: The Heat Island Group is part of the U.S. Green Building Council.

True or false: One course being offered at SSPC 2019 Coatings+ is Project Management for the Industrial Painting Contractor.

What is one important difference between an air barrier and a vapor barrier in terms of resistance properties?

What organization offers certification programs called Decorative Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Decorative Concrete Flatwork Associate?

What is the basis for the U.S. Green Building Council’s planned new building certification, LEED Positive?

True or false: SSPC has a qualification and certification program for independent specification writers.

True or false: The U.S. and Russia have conducted joint research on cost-effective air barrier systems.

True or false: One NACE CORROSION Conference was held in Buffalo, New York.

True or false: One color specialist has stated that “LEDs could replace paint as the future of color in architecture.”

What is one thing FROSIO has in common with NACE International?

True or false: The American Coatings Association was called the National Paint and Coatings Association before it acquired its current name.

True or false: Australia has a painting contractor certification program similar to the one overseen by the SSPC in the U.S.

True or false: If a school system wanted to require an SSPC-certified contractor for a maintenance painting job, it would specify certification according to SSPC-QP 1.

True or false: In SSPC’s organizational structure, APAC is an advisory council set up to lobby Congress.

True or false: SSPC has a chapter in France.

What U.S. company partnered in 2016 with ITECH Engineering School in Lyon, France, to help sponsor the first chemical engineering master’s degree program dedicated to paints and coatings in Europe?

In addition to China, Japan and the Philippines, in what other Asia-Pacific country does SSPC have a chapter?

According to transmission tower coating specialist Curt Hickcox, about how many energized steel transmission towers are there in North America?

True or false: President Lyndon Johnson signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act, establishing OSHA.

What shipping exhibition will be held in June this year?

Which of the following is an organization for paint chemists in the U.K.?

True or false: In a recent article, Lydia Frenzel said that both the waterjetting industry and the paint and coatings industry have been very supportive of waterjetting as a surface preparation activity.

True or false: NACE and SSPC were started in the same year.

What award winner at the recent SSPC conference in New Orleans on Jan. 15 said, “SSPC is my competitive advantage?"

True or false: The SSPC CAS Interim Written Exam is now available in Spanish and Greek.

According to a recent PaintSquare Daily News article, what two states lead the nation in the number of deficient bridges needing repair?

The first SSPC Conference and Exhibition was held in what city?

What demographic category constitutes nearly half of SSPC’s individual members?

True or false: SSPC has a committee for developing a classification scheme and standard for texture of floor coatings.

True or false: “International Orange” is the official name for the color of paint used on the Golden Gate Bridge.

True or false: The Shipbuilding Group in the U.S. is comprised of the Shipbuilders Council of America and the Naval Research Laboratory.

“Simply put, we aim to decipher the fundamental mechanisms that cause corrosion so that we can combat it more effectively in the future.” So said a researcher at the University of Manchester about a new project partially funded by what oil company?

True or false: Australia has a painting contractor certification program similar to the one overseen by the SSPC in the U.S.

True or false: Gunnar Ackx from SCICON Worldwide will complete his term as SSPC president at the end of 2017.

True or false: SSPC publishes its disciplinary actions against PCCP-certified contractors.

In what country are these coatings and coatings-related associations headquartered: OCCA, BCF, PRA, ICORR?

In what geographic regions has SSPC recently set up Advisory Councils?

True or false: Ryan Zinke is in charge of the cabinet department that sets standards for the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction of historic structures.

True or false: A contractor with no experience in industrial or marine painting projects can apply for contractor certification.

True or false: During the whole time John Keane was executive director of SSPC, Tenny Hull was executive director of NACE.

The composition of the SSPC Board of Governors includes all but which one of the categories below?

According to a JPCL article, which of these statements about Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is not true?

What do John Keane, Joe Bigos, and Bernie Appleman have in common?

True or false: SSPC recently signed a partnership agreement with a publisher who will create the primary media communication channel for SSPC in the Asia-Pacific region.

True or false: On all SSPC technical committees, no stakeholder category, such as coating suppliers, can have more than 33 percent representation.

True or false: No more than 30 percent of SSPC technical committee members may represent a single stakeholder interest category (e.g, contractors, coating manufacturers, consultants, equipment manufacturers).

What organization jointly publishes a QP (Qualification Procedure) standard with SSPC?

What organization has the Polymeric Floor Coatings Advisory Committee?

What was the name of the American Coatings Association before its merger with the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology?

SSPC technical committees are organized under Interest Categories, including coating materials; surface preparation; application, inspection, and quality control; and coatings for cementitious substrates. Which Interest Category is missing from this list?

SSPC technical committees must achieve a balance of interests among suppliers, end users and what other constituency?

True or false: To be eligible for an SSPC college scholarship, an applicant must be an SSPC member or the son or daughter of an SSPC member.

In the list of actions below, which one precedes all the others in development of a maintenance painting program?

True or false: SSPC’s Board of Directors has no provision for international representation on the Board.

True or false: ASTM publishes performance standards for coatings applied over aluminum extrusions.

True or false: The Norwegian organization offering coating inspector training and certification is called BLESIO.

True or false: SSPC’s CCI certification of concrete coating inspectors applies to architectural coatings as well as protective coatings.

What organization has published a 5th edition of a manual on test sieving methods?

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was just recognized as the 2015 Outstanding Structure Award from what industry association?

Which SSPC Board member has a PhD in corrosion engineering?

What organization published a voluntary standard in 2015 on reactive coatings for fire protection of metallic substrates?

What organization conducts a National Transportation Product Evaluation Program?

True or false: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed replacement coatings that exceed the performance of high-VOC vinyls for locks and dams.

True or false: The SWR Institute issues performance standards for coatings over aluminum extrusions and panels.

True or false: SSPC Guide 15 describes methods to analyze soluble salt content on steel and concrete.

What is one thing that John Peart, Bob Kogler, and Bernie Appleman have in common?

In the list of actions below, which one precedes all the others in development of a maintenance painting program?

A drawdown bar and a dolly have what in common?

What ASTM committee focuses on coating work for the power industry?

True or false: SSPC has a standard describing test methods for measuring surface profile.

True or false: Australia has a painting contractor certification program similar to SSPC’s PCCP in the U.S.

True or false: Australia has a Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP).

True or false: According to a JPCL article in 2013, resinous linings used for manhole rehabilitation do not need to be spark-tested.

True or false: The National Sanitation Foundation produces standards that impact the protective coatings industry.

What organization offers the LEED Green Associate credential?

With what organization did the National Paint and Coatings Association merge to create the American Coatings Association?

True or false: SSPC has a program to train and certify inspectors of coatings on concrete.

Which one of the following organizations does not train and certify paint inspectors?

According to Fred Goodwin, one of JPCL’s Top Thinkers, the three Ds negatively affecting the durability of concrete are deterioration, damage and ... what else?

True or false: The U.S. coatings industry is experiencing a large net trade surplus in 2014.

True or false: The Maritime Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) is a committee of the United Nations.

True or false: The Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) was created by ISO.

True or false: SSPC’s CAS (Coating Application Specialist) training and certification is based upon a joint SSPC/IUPAT standard.

What do HUNKOR and CEFRACOR have in common?

Which one of the following organizations does not train and certify coating inspectors?

True or false: An ASTM subcommittee is working on a proposed standard to test the slip-coefficient properties of coatings used in slip-critical bolted connections.

True or false: Abrasive blast particles in an air abrasive blast system using a venture nozzle can achieve speeds of 450 mph or higher.

What organization developed a standard for measuring concrete surface profile with replica putty?

True or false: Coating maintenance options after condition assessment can include spot repair, spot repair with full overcoat, and complete removal and replacement of the coating.

What is the name of a work site safety precaution that is also the term used when an employer prevents workers from entering a facility in a labor dispute?

True or false: According to a recent Applicator Training Bulletin in JPCL, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 lists and describes the responsibilities of both employers and employees for safety in the workplace.

True or false: The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation provides water and power to 17 western states.

What organization conducts a National Transportation Product Evaluation Program?

Which of the following organizations trains and certifies coating inspectors?

If a facility owner wanted to require an SSPC-certified contractor for painting a school building, he/she would specify certification according to what standard?

If a coating failed prematurely because it was formulated improperly, what kind of record would help an applicator defend himself?

In the list of following actions, which one precedes all the others in development of a maintenance painting program?

Where do you find the “body of knowledge” applicators must have in order to become certified industrial applicators?

Who was Executive Director of NACE International from 1952-1987?

What structure was let for cleaning and painting in 2003 where the winning bid was $167.7 million?

The direct cost of corrosion in the United States is nearly:

SSPC 2013 will be held January 14-17, 2013 in what city?

After many years, the U.S. military wants to phase out the use of liquid-applied chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC). How long has the Army required the use of CARC?

In a field test of 47 different maintenance coating systems on the Mathis Bridge (Route 37) in New Jersey, which generic type of coating system performed the best after 20 years?

What is a common term used to describe the survey of coatings and substrates in an industrial plant to create a maintenance painting plan and budget?

True or false: One study found that engineer/specifiers were as much to blame as painting contractors for coating failures.

True or False: All nuclear plants must follow the same training protocols for in-house and contract painters.

On a coating job, what is the normal meaning of the term "hold point"?

When there is a conflict between requirements on a product data sheet and the specification, such as film thickness requirements, which is the governing document?

In the list of actions below, which one precedes all the others in development of a maintenance painting program?


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