Daily Quiz (136)

True or false: A synonym for “curing agent” is “hardener.”

What is the failure term for showing through of an underlying surface layer due to inadequate opacity of a paint film applied over it?

Who said that “Some estimates of the root cause for less than satisfactory concrete performance place up to 50% of the blame on design and construction errors"?

What coating consultant wrote a blog about the use of the “magic hammer” in detecting deficiencies of surface preparation?

What organization created a standard for measuring concrete surface profile with replica putty?

True or false: Air barriers must be able to withstand greater pressures than vapor barriers can.

True or false: The U.S. test of protective materials on steel exposed to a rapid rise fire includes weathering exposure.

True or false: When installing flooring materials, commercial flooring contractors are not concerned about the level of fly ash in the concrete mix.

True or false: MPI 500 Series standards are designed especially to serve the AIA.

Who said “that the third-party inspection system is fundamentally flawed in that it creates an inherent atmosphere of adversity between the contractor and inspector, rather than one of collaboration"?

True or false: A moisture content of 15%, as measured by a moisture meter, is generally considered the upper limit for successful painting of wood.

True or false: Some instruments used to test moisture in concrete or masonry walls are based on the principle of electrical impedance.

True or false: In coating work the term "operating mix" refers to the proportioning of components in a plural component spray operation.

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate depends partially upon chemical bonding of the coating to the steel.

True or false: A destructive test for measuring humidity in concrete requires holes to be drilled into a floor slab to accept sleeves into which probes are inserted.

True or false: Breathing-grade compressed air (Grade D, as specified by the Compressed Gas Association) must contain at least 25% oxygen by volume.

True or false: You can measure the relative humidity adjacent to bridge steel as long as you are within 100 feet of the bridge.

True or false: The acronym CAS stands for both Chemical Abstract Service and Coating Application Specialist.

What organization publishes a maintenance repainting manual?

The migration of asphalt from a roof to the surface of a white roof coating applied over it is called drift.

What coating specialist wrote a critique on PaintSquare of the ISO standard for assessing acceptable levels of dust on surfaces prepared for painting?

True or false: HUD publishes fire resistance ratings of archaic building materials.

True or false: ICRI publishes the Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials.

True or false: A mechanical rubbing machine is used to test a coating for solvent resistance.

True or false: Scabbling, scarifying and rotomilling can bruise concrete.

True or false: Epoxy novolacs are not good candidates for food processing facilities.

What causes solvent popping?

What organization has a chemical review status tracker?

True or false: Of the four primary standards for measuring surface profile on blast-cleaned steel, two of them also address profile generated by power tools.

True or false: A small defect in a coating on steel reinforcement metal in concrete can cause rapid deterioration of the steel.

What organization provides a method of identifying defects and failures of coatings, including a system to establish the degree of surface degradation to help determine proper surface preparation, level of priming and appropriate paint system?

True or false: 0.0254 mm = 10 mils.

True or false: A seal coat over thermal-sprayed zinc will perform better if application occurs before natural oxidation can form on the zinc.

True or false: “Perm,” the unit of permeance, has the same value in metric and U.S. measures.

Erosion resistance is the ability of a coating to withstand being worn away by what means?

True or false: When a manufacturer claims that a microbicidal coating kills 99.9% of certain infectious bacteria, the coating must be tested and registered by the EPA.

True or false: If inorganic zinc-rich coatings are left untopcoated in atmospheric exposure, they become less porous over time.

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate depends entirely upon the chemical bonding of the coating to the steel.

True or false: Low-build coatings can meet the most rigorous air-barrier performance requirements of the International Code Council.

True or false: In the construction of transmission towers, one of the durability-enhancing measures on structures for severe environments is to increase the film build of the zinc/iron and pure zinc layers during galvanizing and one method to reliably achieve this is by abrasive blasting the steel before galvanizing, says a JPCL author.

True or false: “Mechanical tooth” is a term used to describe the sharp points on a needle scaler power tool.

True or false: Mill scale is synonymous with corrosion scale.

Wet storage stain applies to what substrate?

What type of cure is described as fusing of adjacent particles following water evaporation?

True or false: A mil is one-millionth of an inch and equals 25.4 microns.

True or false: There is no published research to support the view that the peak count of surface profile after blast cleaning affects coating performance.

True or false: One mil of surface profile is required on concrete to be treated with a siloxane sealer.

True or false: Light etching to produce a surface profile is required on concrete before it is treated with a siloxane sealer.

True or false: One paint consultant advocates for the use of a hammer to check for compliance with SSPC-SP 6 after the paint has been applied.

True or false: According to one PaintSquare blogger, dry ice can leave a surface profile.

What is the consensus among coating specialists about the percentage of deterioration that is acceptable at a one-year warranty inspection of water tank linings before a contractor must repair the coating job?

When assessing the moisture content of wood with an electronic moisture meter, what moisture level is generally considered the upper limit for successful painting?

True or false: The adhesion of a coating to a steel substrate depends entirely upon the mechanical attachment or hooking of the coating to the profile of the steel.

True or false: A research study by Roper, Weaver and Brandon indicated that the number of peaks in a steel surface profile created by abrasive blasting has an effect on performance of coatings applied to the steel.

True or false: ASTM has a quantitative test method for evaluating the adhesion of a coating by cutting and probing it with a utility knife.

True or false: When you have an execessively deep surface profile and you re-blast clean the surface with a smaller abrasive, you can reduce the surface profile, but your peak count and peak density suffer considerably, compared to using the “correctly sized” abrasive from the start, according to research reported in PaintSquare Daily News.

What is another name for the coating failure term “bleeding"?

What organization has two standards for measuring surface profile?

True or false: At very high temperatures (higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit), the top of applied coatings may skin over or cure too quickly, trapping air or solvent bubbles.

In paint application by conventional air spraying, what causes dry spray?

True or false: Zinc-rich coatings do not work well in protecting steel substrates in predominantly wet, highly alkaline exposure environments.

True or false: The Brierly Method is the name for measuring soluble salt conductivity on steel before painting by applying a special patch to the substrate, injecting deionized water beneath it and then extracting the water to assess its conductivity.

Which of the following objects can be used to check the soundness of concrete before the application of a thick-film coating?

True or false: According to Clive Hare, the threat of mudcracking in thick, heavily pigmented coatings is more likely with platey than with spherical pigments.

If you need to answer a question about the surface profile requirements for blasted surfaces on a job, what document would you consult?

When abrasive is recycled without sufficient new abrasive being added to the operating mix, what happens to the surface profile of steel being cleaned?

True or false: Eddy current gages are used to measure dry film thickness of coatings on concrete.

Which method of blasting produces the least blast debris, presuming the same substrate in the same condition is being cleaned by each method?

True or false: There is no quantitative test method for measuring the surface profile of concrete.

True or false: An EPA study in 2016 showed that 83 percent of underground storage tanks containing diesel fuel showed moderate to severe corrosion.

True or false: The peak-to-valley height of the surface profile on steel created by abrasive blasting or power tool cleaning typically ranges from 1 to 8 mils.

True or false: What organization defines seven levels of gloss?

True or false: A PaintSquare blogger recently wrote the following: "Strong adhesion is the key to coating performance and long life.”

True or false: ASTM has a test method for measuring the surface profile of concrete.

True or false: ASTM D3359, “Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test,” measures the shear adhesion of a coating.

True or false: Acid etching does not produce a surface profile on concrete.

True or false: Opacity observations of dust emissions from blasting operations are sometimes reported using the Smoke Density Scale.

What organizations participated with SSPC in a joint task force that addressed corrosion control planning?

A chain, a golf ball and a hammer can all be used to check for what condition, according to the “Solve It” forum in Durability + Design News?

True or false: An ultrasonic dry film thickness gage can measure dry film coating thickness only on cementitious substrates.

True or false: The knife test used to determine the adhesion of coatings can be performed only in the laboratory.

According to a Durability + Design article on the subject, to totally remove coatings from brick and at the same time to minimize substrate damage and avoid generation of airborne dust, which of the following surface preparation methods makes the most sense?

True or false: In ASTM’s standard on test methods for field measurement of surface profile, the use of a comparator is described.

True or false: In a sieve analysis of abrasives, the sieve number describes the number of openings in a linear inch of sieve mesh.

When one coating specialist wrote in a JPCL article, “I do not advocate the specification of 'sniff tests' because I don’t know how to calibrate a nose,” he was discussing what coating failure phenomenon?

In what SSPC standard can you find requirements for frequency and location of instrument readings and evaluation criteria to ensure that the surface profile over the entire prepared surface complies with project requirements are included?

True or false: Conformance with specified requirements for cleanliness of steel after surface preparation, as described in SSPC standards, is carried out without the aid of instruments.

True or false: Wet adhesion is the ability of a dry coating to adhere to a substrate under wet conditions such as immersion or high humidity.

The first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell, using the process of nuclear transfer, has the same name as an implement used in quality control testing of coatings. What is it?

True or false: Hackles are protrusions on a coated surface created by abrasive or other particles not removed before the coating was applied.

In coating work, how is a portable stylus instrument used?

Which of the following machines would be used to measure the coefficient of friction of a polished concrete floor?

True or false: In measurements of coating thickness, it takes 25.4 mils to make one micron.

True or false: If inorganic zinc-rich coatings are left untopcoated in atmospheric exposure, they become more porous over time.

What is the name of the term used to denote the failure of solvent to completely evaporate from a paint film due to inadequate drying conditions and/or recoating too soon?

Which of the following is a test used to evaluate and select internal linings for vessels and tanks?

True or false: Amine blush on an epoxy can be readily painted over without fear of failure.

What is the name of a machine used to measure the coefficient of friction of polish-coated floors?

True or false: Wet film thickness gages are inadequate for measuring thickness of fast-set polyurea coatings.

What organization is developing a guide for assessment of pinholes in coatings?

True or false: Use of a digital profile gage according to ASTM 4417-14 requires each area to receive 10 profile readings, and the highest measurement is recorded as the profile of the area being measured.

True or false: An SSPC guide document states that dye color from lubricants remaining on the galvanized nuts of bolted bridge connections after required cleaning or weathering is not believed to be detrimental to coatings applied over it.

What is the name of the test instrument used to determine a coating’s resistance to fading through accelerated exposure to light?

What organization offers a one-day course on “Exterior Wall Quality Assurance”?

The diffusion of colored matter from a substrate through a paint film causing discoloration is called what?

True or false: Though the standard ASTM F2170 requires 72 hours to achieve results, one-day results of relative humidity testing of concrete floors with in-situ probes is typically accurate enough to judge if it is acceptable to apply materials that can tolerate higher moisture content.

True or false: Polyurea coatings require use of low-voltage holiday detectors for continuity testing.

What is another name for a dolly used in coating testing?

True or false: ASTM offers only a visual method for determining the surface profile of concrete.

What inspection instrument uses a wet bulb and a dry bulb?

True or false: For non-conductive coatings up to 20 mils thick applied to conductive substrates, a low-voltage holiday detector is normally used to detect pinholes and other discontinuities.

What is the acronym for an instrument used to conduct the ASTM 4541 test, Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers?

What type of gages are used to measure the dry film thickness of coatings on concrete?

True or false: ASTM D4417 describes three methods for measuring surface profile of blast-cleaned steel using either a digital profile gage or a surface profile comparator or a portable stylus instrument.

True or False: ASTM D3359, “Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test,” measures the tensile adhesion of a coating.

How is profile measured in ASTM D4417?

True or false: The Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) was created by ISO.

True or false: Prior to being used for measurements, all thermometers should be exposed to the environment they will be used in for sufficient time to allow them to stabilize, according to a recent JPCL article.

True or false: According to a JPCL article, one year is a good starting interval between calibrations of a magnetic dry film thickness gage.

One mil of coating thickness equals approximately how many microns?

A test that requires rubbing a clean black fabric across a painted surface evaluates what attribute of the paint?

What organization developed a standard for measuring concrete surface profile with replica putty?

True or false: There is no quantifiable test method for determining the surface profile on concrete substrates.

True or false: A Tooke gauge can sometimes be used to measure the thickness of individual coats of paint within a multicoat system.

True or false: ASTM has one pull-off adhesion test of coatings on concrete, and a separate one for coatings on metal substrates.

What is another name for a tensile adhesion test of coatings?

Continuity testing of non-conductive coatings applied to a steel substrate is carried out with what type of instrument?

True or False: The more turbid a liquid, the more clear it is.

True or False: ASTM D3359, “Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test,” measures the tensile adhesion of a coating.

What organization developed a standard practice for building enclosure commissioning?

Plastic shims are used with what quality-control instruments in coating work?

True or false: The Sealant Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWRI) has a Wall Coating Validation Program “to provide specifiers and end-users of wall coating products an unbiased method to judge whether wall coating products will perform at the levels of the manufacturer’s published data sheet for that particular product.”

When production is stopped for inspection of coating work prior to moving on to the next step, what is this quality control step called?

In which one of the following QC applications is a holiday detector (high or low voltage) normally not used?

Which of the following coating adhesion tests is the least quantitative?

What instrument is used for non-destructive measurement of the dry film thickness of coatings on concrete?


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