Daily Quiz (118)

A research team at Eastern Michigan University’s Coatings Research Institute has been awarded for their contribution toward sustainable __ coatings.

A paint developed by two Arizona dads created a clear coating barrier system that prevents what?

A coatings manufacturer recently shared results from its participation in an independent study to investigate the antimicrobial efficacy and safety of __ and powder coating surfaces.

A team from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur developed a new coating technology that can do what for solar panel surfaces?

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore recently invented a __ coating to protect wood surfaces and materials.

A team of Australian researchers developed a type of coating, strong enough to be considered an alternative to bullet-proof glass, meant to protect from what?

Korean researchers have developed a forensic tool that can inspect concrete structures that have been damaged by what?

Researchers have reportedly developed a water-resistant coating made from self-healing what?

According to a JPCL article, a comprehensive assessment of the marine coating process was made in the:

True or false: There is a mood coating available in the commercial industry that uses biomimicry, a unique formulation that contains modified thermotropic liquid crystals that respond to pheromones given off by people nearby, causing its color to change.

According to Anders Voldsgaard Calusen, a novel type of “activated” zinc primer uses which kind of formulation:

How many types of polyurethane coatings are there?

True or false: Coatings with formaldehyde-abatement capability have been based on acrylic resins.

True or false: A biomimetic coating is one that employs plant-based raw materials.

True or false: Knowing the volume solids of a coating and the wet film thickness, you can calculate what the dry film thickness will be.

What name is given to an oil-modified polyurethane?

True or false: Mica is not classified as a prime pigment.

True or false: Duplex galvanizing is the name of the alloy coating comprised of tin and zinc, which is sometimes used to coat stainless steel.

True or False: One type of factory-applied finish used over hot-dipped galvanized steel is plastisol.

True or false: Anatase and rutile are types of Isocyanates.

What polymer concrete resin is based on an alcohol derived from agricultural wastes such as rice and oat hulls and corn cobs?

True or false: High-build coatings can protect concrete from carbonation.

Polyesters modified with fatty acids and other components produces what coating type?

True or false: Spray foam systems can act as effective air barrier systems either externally applied over structural elements or internally applied within cavity systems.

True or false: Light etching is necessary to assure the performance of siloxane water repellents on concrete.

True or false: Bronze powders are metal flake powders made commonly from aluminum, copper or copper-zinc alloys.

True or false: In coating work, “open time” refers to the pot life of a two-component coating after the two components have been mixed together.

True or false: Low-build coatings can meet the most rigorous air-barrier performance requirements of the International Code Council.

What is the name given to coating types that provide more capabilities than substrate protection and aesthetics?

What coating type has been described as the “the king of PFP” (passive fire protection) in hot and cold climates?

Vermiculite is sometimes used in what type of coating?

True or false: According to a JPCL article, the service life of a duplex system has been reported in some studies to be a factor of 15 to 23 times the sum of the individual service lives for galvanizing or painting alone.

The three coating types used most commonly as topcoats over spray foam roofing include acrylic, silicone and what other generic type, according to a JPCL article?

True or false: In a laboratory study of marine-environment performance of zinc-rich primers, applied over surface preparation by UHP waterjetting, the primers achieved performance equivalent to, or better than, that achieved over surface preparation by abrasive blasting.

A recent JPCL article described what function of an epoxy polysulfide coating?

True or false: The main difference between water repellents and water-repellent preservatives for exterior wood substrates is that water repellents contains a biocide to inhibit mold and fungi.

Borate, phosphate and molybdate pigments find common use in barrier coatings.

True or false: In anti-corrosion barrier coatings, the chemical nature of the binder and the thickness of the coating typically provide the greatest functional contributions, according to a Durability + Design blog.

Lignin-based paint primers have been studied by what laboratory, according to PaintSquare Daily News?

True or false: A dolly is used to test the cure of elastomeric coatings on concrete.

True or false: Spray polyurethane foam roofing can be successfully applied in inclement weather.

True or false: In a state highway department test, reported in JPCL, a two-coat elastomeric acrylic system and a zinc-rich moisture cure urethane/polyaspartic system both outperformed a conventional organic zinc/epoxy/polyurethane system.

True or false: Ion exchange pigments would most likely be used in high-heat coatings.

True or false: When the relative humidity is high, curing times for waterborne coatings will be shorter than what is stated as normal on the application data sheet.

True or false: HVLP spraying is used to apply thermoplastic powder.

True or false: The exoskeleton of the New York Times building was coated with a system that included an intumescent coating.

True or false: Either galvanic or impressed current is used to create cathodic protection of steel.

What is the common generic chemistry in all polysiloxane coating types?

True or false: Mother of pearl is sometimes used as a decorative aggregate in polymer terrazzo floor coatings.

What is the name of a tin-zinc alloy used as a coating?

In corrosion control materials, what does a “duplex system” normally refer to?

Mineral paints with inorganic potassium silicate binders are recommended mainly for what substrate type?

Which of the following statements about moisture-cured urethanes is true?

What is the mechanism of corrosion protection afforded by zinc-rich primers, according to a JPCL article on the subject?

According to a Durability + Design article, most exterior wood repair products are based on what coating technology?

Which of the pigments below provide additional barrier protection to a coating by overlapping and causing moisture to follow a long, roundabout path before reaching the substrate?

Which of the following coating types is a hybrid, according to a recent JPCL article?

What organization is developing a pinhole standard for concrete and masonry coatings?

You would be most likely to find TDI or MDI in what coating type?

True or false: Not all generic coating types have the same susceptibility to mildew growth.

True or false: Coating solids (non-volatile portion of a coating) can be expressed both by weight percent and by volume percent.

What is another name for a wash primer?

Which of the following resin systems can be used to create an elastomeric coating?

True or false: Thermoplastic powder can be applied by thermal spray.

True or false: A seal coat should not be applied over a thermal-sprayed zinc coating until oxidation occurs on the surface.

According to a D+D article, there are now waterborne elastomeric acrylic coatings designed for ponding water applications on roofs.

True or false: According to a JPCL Problem Solving Forum answer, surface-tolerant coatings can be incorporated into a zone painting approach to bridge maintenance.

What name is sometimes given to a coating system comprised of galvanizing together with an organic coating?

True or false: Lithium silicate can be used to densify concrete.

True or false: Thermoplastic powders cannot be applied by thermal spraying.

True or false: A National Institute of Standards and Technology study of roofing performance following Hurricane Katrina found buildings with spray foam roofs performed rather poorly.

What is one potential weakness of polyurea-based elastomeric roof coatings?

For high-heat applications (above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit), organic zinc-rich coatings work best.

True or false: High ratio calcium sulfonate alkyds are recommended by some coating specialists for overcoating lead-based paint.

True or false: Silicone elastomers are considered “soft” as opposed to “hard” biocide-free, foul-release coatings for ships’ hulls.

True or false: All hot-dip galvanizing is carried out through a batch process.

True or false: Uralkyds are two-component materials.

What constituent in a waterborne coating can contribute to VOC levels?

True or false: Elastomeric coatings applied directly to masonry surfaces are effective in penetrating cracks and bugholes.

Which of the following coating types is an inorganic/organic hybrid?

Talc is what type of component in a coating?

What is one difference between polished concrete and terrazzo?

What is the common chemistry in all polysiloxane coating types?

True or false: SSPC offers a specification for corrosion-resistant coatings on carbon steel components of windows and doors.

TDI and MDI are used to make what coating type?

What type of simulation modeling, together with knowledge of the permeance of the coating system, allows building owners and architects to identify the risk of using different coating types and repainting scenarios on a building-specific basis?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed waterborne epoxy coatings that exceed the performance of high-VOC coatings that were traditionally used for locks and dams.

Who was the original author of the NACE publication, Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings?

ISO/TC 35/SC 14 is in charge of a standard on what topic?

True or false: Two-coat polyaspartic urethane coating systems are sometimes recommended for protection of steel bridges.

True or false: A pretreatment primer is also sometimes called a wash primer.

True or false: Thermoplastic powders can be applied by thermal spraying.

Darkside Scientific LLC is noted for what kind of coating product?

Barrier protection can be achieved in a coating with all but which of the following means?

True or false: Polypropylene powder is sometimes applied by flame spray to create a field joint coating system for transmission pipeline.

The earliest, large-scale application of what coating type was conducted on the Morgan-Whyalla pipeline in Australia?

Which of the following generic coating types is a thermoplastic lacquer no longer widely used?

Which of the following coating types might also be classified as a hybrid polyurea?

IR pigments are most likely to be used in what type of coating?

Amine blush is associated with what generic type of coating?

What type of paint was once referred to as “waterglass?”

True or false: A polyaspartic coating can be classified as a hybrid polyurea.

What type of coating combats corrosion mainly by preventing moisture and oxygen from reaching the steel surface?

What is the common chemistry in all polysiloxane coating types?

An additive based on hydrated lime would likely be found in what type of functional coating?

The German scientist Adolf Keim developed a highly durable paint in the 1800s that remains an important type of coating technology today. What type of paint is this?

Among the chemistry types commonly used for reflective roof coatings, which has the most heat resistance, according to a recent D+D article?

Which one of the following coating types is the least commonly used as an air barrier?

Crack-bridging is normally associated with what type of coating?

What general name is given to a coating that responds with corrective measures when corrosion is detected beneath it?

What is the best definition of a biomimetic coating?

In what type of coating would you be most likely to find ammonium polyphosphate?

Which of the following generic types of coatings has the most heat resistance?

What kind of coating employs an interacting acid source, carbon source, and blowing agent?

Which one of the following generic coating types protects steel from corrosion by sacrificial action?

Which of the following types of coatings are normally used on the faying surfaces of steel joints?

Into what larger class would a cement paint belong?

Which of the following generic types is normally not used as a surface-tolerant coating?


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