Daily Quiz (38)

These two organizations recently combined to form The Association for Materials Protection and Performance:

True or false: SSPC and NACE International will officially combine on Jan. 1, 2021.

True or false: The four SSPC/NACE joint waterjetting standards range from SSPC-SP WJ-1/NACE WJ-1 to SSPC-SP WJ-4/NACE WJ-4, with WJ-1 representing the lowest level of waterjetting and WJ-4 representing the most thorough level of waterjetting.

How many SSPC-NACE joint surface preparation standards are there for waterjetting?

True or false: The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General recently issued a No Objection Letter for the combination of SSPC and NACE International.

What two associations recently announced the renewal of their alliance?

True or false: In the NACE-SSPC merger voting, if you are a member of both SSPC and NACE, you will receive two ballots and are asked to vote in both.

What organization published a new standard in 2019 that aims to improve the reliability and sustainability of iron water pipes that provide clean drinking water?

True or false: According to an SSPC news release, the merger of SSPC and NACE, if consummated, will result in an organization that can lobby Congress and government agencies.

How many joint SSPC/NACE standards are there?

True or false: The projected date of voting by the memberships on the merger of SSPC and NACE is April 1, 2021.

What organization is advising SSPC and NACE during merger talks?

True or false: In addition to the current effort, SSPC and NACE last had extended discussions about a merger in 1985-86.

True or false: SSPC has one PCCP/QP standard that is jointly issued with NACE.

True or false: The joint SSPC/NACE concrete surface preparation standard has not been revised since its issuance in 2003.

True or false: The SSPC/NACE joint standard on surface preparation of concrete does not apply to masonry walls.

True or false: Not all the SSPC surface preparation standards are issued jointly with NACE.

True or false: NACE and SSPC publish a joint standard on qualifying and certifying architectural coating applicators.

True or false: The joint SSPC/NACE standard on surface preparation of concrete lists numerous surface preparation methods together with the surface profile range achievable with each method.

True or false: SSPC and NACE issue joint standards on abrasive blast cleaning, water and wet blast cleaning, cleaning of concrete and power tool cleaning.

True or false: One NACE CORROSION Conference was held in Buffalo, New York.

How many power tool cleaning standards do SPPC and NACE publish jointly?

True or false: SSPC power tool cleaning standards are issued jointly with NACE International.

What is the subject of an SSPC/NACE standard that describes a “body of knowledge?”

True or false: NACE and SSPC were started in the same year.

What is the subject of an SSPC/NACE standard that describes a “body of knowledge"?

What recent acquisition gives the NACE International Institute the capability to conduct training, certification and standards development in the area of commercial coatings?

True or false: During the whole time John Keane was executive director of SSPC, Tenny Hull was executive director of NACE.

True or false: In addition to issuance of joint standards on air abrasive blast cleaning, SSPC and NACE issue other kinds of joint surface preparations standards.

What is the subject of the latest joint publication of a standard by SSPC and NACE?

True or false: Hand-tool and power-tool surface preparation standards in the U.S. are jointly issued by SSPC and NACE.

True or false: NACE and SSPC are the only organizations that certify coating inspectors.

True or false: In the five joint SSPC/NACE Wet Abrasive Blast-Cleaning Standards completed in 2015, the definitions of cleanliness for the steel surface immediately following wet abrasive blast-cleaning are identical to the definitions in the five dry abrasive blast-cleaning standards.

Five joint SSPC/NACE cleaning standards were created in 2015 on what subject?

True or false: While there are some quantitative requirements for levels of cleanliness in SSPC/NACE abrasive blasting standards (less than 5% stains allowed in Near-White blast cleaning), qualitative rather than quantitative assessments must be made to determine compliance with these requirements.

What organization published a revised standard in 2012 on measuring dry film coating thickness that focuses on frequency of measurements and acceptablility of acquired results?

What is the subject of an SSPC/NACE standard that describes a “body of knowledge?”

What organization, in addition to SSPC, offers a certification for shop painting or bridge and highway steel?


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