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Daily Quiz (55)

BMW unveiled a car that can do what to reduce the amount of energy on the vehicle’s electrical system and lower the amount of fuel or energy consumption?

A new study found that which aquatic plant can be used for environmentally friendly, antifouling marine paints.

According to a recent JPCL article, what is the speed that modern coil lines can run when applying coil coatings to metal items?

In an attempt to combat biofouling on ships and vessels, 90% of coatings developers use what in their antifoulant solutions?

True or false: MPI has a product validation program for deck coatings.

True or false: Silicone foul-release coatings on ship’s hulls now require repair approximately every 10 years, according to a JPCL article writer.

True or false: Silver is sometimes used as a biocidal agent in coatings.

True or false: Using silicone over epoxy does not work well in a metal roof coating system, according to a JPCL article.

True or false: Spray foam systems can act as effective air barrier systems either externally applied over structural elements or internally applied within cavity systems.

What organization has a council that deals with architectural coatings?

In discussing how to achieve success in coating concrete, a noted authority named “the culprit that’s echoed across the industry when it comes to coating failure.” What culprit did he name?

According to a PaintSquare writer, the floor coating material of choice for the food and beverage industry is which of the following?

True or false: When a manufacturer claims that a microbicidal coating kills 99.9% of certain infectious bacteria, the coating must be tested and registered by the EPA.

True or False: AAMA Subcommittee D01.42 deals with standards for architectural coatings.

True or false: The slipperiness of a wood floor finish is influenced most by the generic type of the finish material and its film formation.

True or false: Silyl-terminated polyether technology is sometimes employed to create liquid-applied air barriers.

True or false: The SWRI has a performance standard for liquid-applied flashing materials used on the exterior wall openings of buildings.

What is the name of the organizations in many major cities around the country, with the aim of advancing the technology of constructing the building enclosure or envelope?

True or false: Ion exchange pigments provide antifouling properties to coatings.

True or false: Zinc phosphate is not an inhibitive pigment used in coatings for corrosion control.

True or false: ICRI has recently published a Concrete Coating Texture Standard.

What is one important difference between an air barrier and a vapor barrier in terms of resistance properties?

True or false: Non-toxic, foul-release coatings for ships hulls are often based on silicone elastomers.

True or false: The 2019 World of Concrete includes a three-hour seminar on concrete polishing.

True or false: The U.S. and Russia have conducted joint research on cost-effective air barrier systems.

True or false: The Air Barrier Association of America has evaluated and listed the fluid-applied air barriers for walls from 52 companies.

For what main reason are penetrating sealers avoided by conservators on the masonry substrates of historic structures?

True or false: Silicone, liquid-applied air barriers—particularly those that are water-based—offer primerless adhesion to most construction substrates, says a Durability + Design article.

What is the name given to the zinc ammonium chloride solution that cleans and deposits a protective layer on steel before it is immersed in molten zinc to achieve galvanizing?

True or false: Forest Products Laboratories validates the results of performance tests published by manufacturers of deck coatings.

Sealers and thin-film floor coatings typically require a profile in what CSP range, according to a recent Durability + Design In Depth article?

What government agency mandated in May this year that solar panels be installed on most new homes?

What organization describes itself as “an international association of building envelope consultants”?

True or false: Preservationists always prefer penetrating sealers over coatings on masonry substrates in work to preserve historic structures.

True or false: Studies have shown that foul-release coatings are the most effective types in combating macro-fouling organisms like zebra and quagga mussels.

True or false: Zinc dust is an inhibitive pigment used in coatings for corrosion control.

True or false: Gold, silver, copper and aluminum are all applied as thin leaf for decorative purposes.

True or false: California has set a policy goal that all homes constructed in 2040 or after must be energy-neutral.

True or false: A drawdown bar is used to apply gold leaf to a metal substrate.

True or false: Ammonium polyphosphate is typically found in antifouling coatings.

True or false: Walnut shells are used in some non-slip, textured coatings.

Barrier and sacrificial protection are two forms of corrosion control that can be formulated into a coating. What is a third?

True or false: According to ABAA, “A water resistive barrier is a thin membrane, typically 5 to 15 mils thick (.005 to 0.015 in. or 0.13 to .38 mm), which is intended to resist liquid water that has penetrated behind the exterior cladding” of a building.

True or false: A convertible coating after film formation and drying can be re-dissolved in the solvent from which it was originally deposited.

True or false: Architectural coatings are sometimes called “Trade Sales Coatings.”

True or false: Building envelope forensic consultants state that transitions from openings in the substrate to the air barrier is the biggest identified point of failure in air barrier systems, according to a recent D+D article.

True or false: Penetrating sealers prevent moisture from entering and exiting concrete substrates.

True or false: According to a recent statement in D+D magazine, full-refinement concrete polishing is being challenged by methods that shortcut the process.

What organization offers the credential of Registered Building Envelope Consultant?

True or false: There are now clear distinctions between “waterproof” and “water-resistant,” according to a recent D+D article.

True or false: A recent D+D article classifies silicones and polysiloxanes as permanent anti-graffiti coatings.

True or false: If a local building code requires compliance with ASHRAE 90.1, then a complete air barrier system must be part of the building enclosure.

True or false: The use of copper in antifouling coatings has been approved in Europe through 2026.

In the Masterspec section on fluid-applied air barriers, which category of coating meets the most rigorous air-barrier performance requirements of the International Code Council?

The structural steel exoskeleton of the New York Times Building, completed in 2008, is coated with what specialty material, in addition to anticorrosive and UV-resistant layers?


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