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In today’s competitive climate it is extremely important for anyone applying protective coatings to adhere to required thickness specifications (SSPC PA2, IMP PSPC, etc.). Monitoring the thickness of the coating can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in costs. FISCHER provides specific solutions for the precise measurement of corrosion protection coatings according to international standards IMO PSPC and SSPC-PA2. Fischer offers a complete range of instruments to measure coating thickness, thermal spray or intumescent coatings, surface profile and holiday detection. The Fischer DataCenter software expands the functionality of our instruments with immediate evaluation of measurement results and a quick overview of the process. Fischer Technology is a leading specialist in solutions for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, micro and nanoindentation testing, scratch testing and material testing. All Fischer units and standards are serialized and certified. 


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The corrosion kit MMS® Inspection comprises three devices that are needed before, during and after surface coating.

Coating Thickness Measurement Instruments FMP10, FMP20, FMP30 and FMP40

FISCHERSCOPE® UMP 20, 40 and 100 for measuring wall thickness in all aspects of corrosion protection.

Specific solutions for the precise measurement of corrosion protection coatings according to international standards IMO PSPC and SSPS.

PHASCOPE PAINT reliably measures the thickness of paint layers on various substrates – quickly and easily.

The heart of any electromagnetic measurement system is the probe; the quality of its signal determines the overall quality of the measurement.

Compact solution for quick and easy coating thickness measurements in the corrosion protection field

Software for Evaluating and Archiving Measurement Data and Inspection plan Software for Quality Assurance