Norton Sandblasting Equipment

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We supply many types and sizes of sandblasting equipment and sandblast supplies, including: abrasives / blast media, blast rooms, paint rooms/ovens, nozzles, couplings, sand blast cabinets, abrasive blasting equipment, portable blasters, dust and fume collectors, blast machines, parts washers, sponge blast, dry ice blasters, baking soda blast cleaning systems, air supplied helmets / hoods, hose, vacuum systems, safety equipment, wet blasters, personal protective equipment (PPE), power tools, reclaim systems, and much more.

We're a leader in automation and robotic technologies. We offer quality commercial sand blasting equipment for sale at affordable prices. We sell industrial blast equipment and replacement parts from industry leaders such as RPB® Nova™, Schmidt® Axxiom, Empire®, Clemco®, Monti® MBX™, Sponge-Jet®, Nederman®, Adapt Laser®, and Ice-Tech.®

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Robert Kitchen
Sales Manager
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Equipment for Coatings Work
Lighting, Explosion-Proof
Dust Collectors - Hand Held Tools
Dust Collectors, Filters
Ventilation Equipment
Inspection Lights, General
Needle Pressure Gages
Nozzle Orifice Gages
Replica Tape
Thickness Testers, Ultrasonic
Visual Standards
Air Compressors
Air Monitoring, CO and Other Gases
Air Monitoring, Personal
Air Monitoring, Personal, Pumps and Calibrators
Communication Sets, Accessories
Protective Clothing
Respirators, Disposable Dust Mask
Respirators, Powered Air Purifying, Cartridge-Type
Respirators, Type CE, Supplied-Air, Hood/Helmet with Cape
Abrasive, Aluminum Oxide
Abrasive, CO2 Pellets
Abrasive, Coal Slag
Abrasive, Garnet
Abrasive, Glass, Beads
Abrasive, Glass, Crushed
Abrasive, Ice (H20 pellets)
Abrasive, Plastic Media
Abrasive, Sand
Abrasive, Soda Blast
Abrasive, Soft
Abrasive, Sponge
Abrasive, Steel Grit
Abrasive, Steel Shot
Abrasive Recovery/Recycling Systems
Air Compressors
Blast and Recycling Systems, Air Abrasive
Blast Machines/Pots
Blast Nozzles
Blast Room Design and Construction
Blasting Cabinets
Compressed Air Dryers
Compressed Air Filters
Hazardous Waste Stabilizers, Liquid, Gel
Hoses and Fittings
Pipe, Cleaning Equipment
Power Tools, Cleaning Media
Power Tools, Disc Sanders
Power Tools, Grinders
Power Tools, Needle Guns
Power Tools, Rotary Peening Equipment
Power Tools, Scarifiers
Power Tools, Wire Brushes
Robotic Blasting Systems, Air Abrasive
Rust Inhibitors
Salt Removal Chemicals
Screens, Abrasive Separating
Vacuum Blast Systems
Vacuum Equipment
Wet Blasting Units (water and abrasive)
Wheel Blasting Units, Stationary