VitaFlex Soft-stretch Protective Hoods

Too often, in many protective coating jobs (surface preparation to spraying paint or coating), workers wear only a dust mask and a cap. Their faces and necks are exposed to debris, metal particles, liquid splashes and paint overspray. And, many working outdoors are exposed to sunlight over extended periods of time in their daily jobs.

Not just an ordinary cover, VitaFlex' Soft-stretch Hoods are an innovative protective equipment for Primary Head Protection.  They are engineered with specific functionalities and excellent breathability to keep heads cool for extended wear.

  • Made of high quality prime grade of nonwoven fabrics
  • Soft-stretch elasticity allows for comfortable form-fit and securely covering the entire head, face and neck
  • Dense fiber composite structure provides effective barrier protection
  • Multi-layer construction creates a combination of functionalities
  • Ultra-fine intertexture openings allow body heat and moisture to escape which keeps heads cool
  • 100% made in the USA, dependable and low cost.

VitaFlex's Latex-free Elastic Nonwoven Fabrics are the breakthrough material that gives an elastic structure while maintaining the breathability and barrier functionality of nonwovens. This enables the making of protective hoods that are soft and stretchy to fit comfortably and securely on the wearer’s head.

Effective Protection and Keeping Heads Cool. By combining different types of elastic nonwovens in a multi-layer structure, soft-stretch hoods have been created with specific functionality for Primary Head Protection such as blocking micron-sized particles (asbestos, silica, and glass fibers), bacteria, paint overspray and UV rays. They also provide a physical barrier against scratches.

VitaFlex’s Soft-stretch Hoods greatly improve safety, comfort, and job efficiency.  The hoods fit so well that wearers look and work like a Ninja.

Respirator Fitting:  Many workers have confirmed our internal tests that wearing our soft-stretch hood under a respirator provides an additional layer of barrier and a soft cushion of comfort and reduces gappingFit test you respirator as always with our soft-stretch hood to confirm its safety before allowing operator to wear it in work.  If the full-cover hood interferes with the fit, try the open-face style since its face opening can be conveniently pulled down to cover just the mouth and chin, allowing the respirator direct contact with the skin.



VitaFlex's General Safety Hoods block micron-sized particles and paint overspray. UV-Shields Hoods block 97% UV rays (UPF40), particles, overspray.