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Company Details

SEMicro Div., M.E. Taylor Engr. Inc.
15817 Crabbs Branch Way
Rockville MD 20855 USA

Contact for sales inquiries: Kellie Taylor
Phone number for sales inquiries: 301-975-9798
Fax number for sales inquiries:
Web site:

All equipment & supplies categories for SEMicro Div., M.E. Taylor Engr. Inc.

  • Adhesion Testers (Laboratory)
  • Adhesion Testers, Cross-Hatch
  • Adhesion Testers, Tensile
  • Microscopes, Field
  • Thickness Gages, Dry Film, Eddy Current
  • Thickness Gages, Dry Film, Magnetic
  • Thickness Testers, Ultrasonic