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Company Details

Polibrid Coatings, Inc.
6700 F.M. 802
Brownsville TX 78526 USA

Contact for sales inquiries: Klaus D. Meyer
Phone number for sales inquiries: 956-831-7818
Fax number for sales inquiries: 956-831-7810


1 recommended system for All Industries; All Exposures; All Substrates

Polibrid 705E
Urethane Elastomeric (1 Coat)
VOC Range
<100 g/L
Bridges; Chemical & Petrochemical Plants; Food/Beverage & Pharmaceutical Plants; Marine Industry; Offshore Industry; Power Plants; Pulp & Paper; Railcar Industry; Transmission Pipeline; Wastewater Treatment Plants, Municipal; Water Works; Waterfont, Lock, and Dam Industry
Above Ground Pipe Exteriors; Ballast Tank Linings; Below Water Line; Cargo Hold Linings; Cargo Tank Linings; Chemical Exposure - Acid; Chemical Exposure - Caustic; Chemical/Water Exposure - Caustic or Acid; Chemical/Water Exposure - Wet Fly Ash; Circulating Water Pipe; Exterior Deck Plate [Abrasion, Marine, Weathering, & UV]; Exterior Exposure - Weathering and UV; Exterior Plant Exposure - Moderate to Severe [Chemical, Weathering, & UV; Chemical, Weathering, & UV]; Exterior Superstructures [Marine, Weathering, & UV]; Exterior Weathering - Mild/Moderate; Exterior Weathering - Severe; Exterior Weathering, UV, and Mild Chemical; Exterior Weathering, UV, General Industrial; External of Buried Pipe; FGD Interiors; FGD Stack Interiors; Field Joint Coating of Buried Pipe; Immersion - Tertiary Treatment; Immersion - Wastewater Collection, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment; Immersion Exposure - Freshwater; Immersion Exposure - Non-Potable Water; Immersion Exposure - Potable Water Approved; Immersion Exposure - Seawater; Interior Dry Exposure; Interior Exposure Environment; Interior Mild; Interior Normal Wet Exposure; Interior Process Areas; Interior Severe Wet End Exposure - Paper Machines; Internal of Buried Pipe; Jacket [Immersed Area; Splash Zone; Atmospheric Zone]; Linings for Steel Rail Car Interiors; Linings for Steel Storage Tanks & Vessels [Solvents, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Crude Oil; Acid, Oxidizer, Alkali; Process Water, Brine, Waste Water]; Onshore Atmospheric Exposure - Weathering, UV, & Airborne Salt; Primary Containment (Nuclear Only); Secondary Containment; Splash Zone Exposure - Weathering, UV, Fresh or Saltwater Splash, & Abrasion; Topsides [Severe Marine Exposure]
; Acids; Alkalis; Bulk Solids; Concrete; Concrete Floors; Concrete Walls, Ceilings; Dairy; Hydrocarbons; Livestock Carriers; Steel; Steel Locomotive; Steel Rail Cars