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Electronic Management of Paint Records - Paperless QA


By James Taylor and Larry Wilkerson, Newport News Shipbuilding

Presented at SSPC 2014; Session: Paperless QA; Session chair: David Tarjan, Halox

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The previous quality control process at Newport News Shipbuilding for recording surface preparation, paint application, and associated inspections used a paper system. These records required a vast amount of physical storage space, were difficult to research and track due to the complexity of the records often consisting of multiple sheets of data.
The current paperless system migrated the previous paper process to an electronic storage and tracking alternative where multiple users are able to access the data and, at the point of an inspection, use the electronic signature process as verification of completion.
The system includes all business functionality while minimizing manual entry errors wherever possible to include the ability to produce statistical reports on key fields and provides an electronic alternative, eliminating the need for excessive physical storage space and time spent physically researching often cumbersome records.
The foremost goal of the project is to electronically manage the preservation documentation processes to improve visibility, tracking and notification of coating preservation records.

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