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Robotic Sprayed-in-Place Pipelining: The Polyurea Goes Round & Round


By Dudley J. Primeaux II, PCS and Todd Gomez, PCS, VersaFlex Inc

Presented at SSPC 2014; Session: Tools of the Trade: Application and Inspection of Coatings; Session chair: Russ Brown, Polygon

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The polyurea technology is not new to pipelining work. With earlier basic applications dating back more than 15 years, much of this work was either performed by hand spraying (large diameter pipe) or simple robotic systems for individual joint sections of pipe. Continued work over the years has proven that in-place pipelines can be commercially completed as well. More recent work has even shown that in addition to long, straight runs, robotic developments have allowed for lining both 45° and 90° radius bends in the pipeline system. To date, pipelines of nominal 4” (10 cm) up to 96” (2.4 meter) can easily be accomplished using the polyurea spray elastomer technology and the robotic systems. Newer developments have also demonstrated pipelining of nominal 1” (2.5 cm) diameter with the polyurea technology. These robotic developments work hand-in-hand with special performance modified polyurea systems fine tuned to process on the robotic, as well as allowing for application thickness of up to 1”(2.5 cm) in thickness in a single pass. This presentation will discuss these robotic SIPP developments (Sprayed-in-place-pipe), polyurea systems designed for application work in industrial and water/wastewater applications as well as Industry Standards being prepared for robotic sprayed-in-place pipe.

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