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Field Applied UV Curable Coatings for Concrete Flooring


By Jo Ann Arceneaux, Cytec Industries, Inc.

Presented at SSPC 2013; Session: Green Evolution II; Session chair: Steve Reinstadler

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In the past ten or so years, commercial UV curing has moved out of the factory and into the field, with numerous improvements in UV curing equipment pushing the transformation of this technology into the area that one calls field applied UV curable coatings. In these field applied UV curing applications, unlike factory applications, the substrate to be coated is stationary while the UV curing equipment is moved over the surface or substrate for curing. This difference presents challenges regarding coating appearance to both the equipment supplier and the formulator. UV curable field applied coatings are being developed in an effort to address some of the shortcomings of commercially available coating systems on the market. This presentation will highlight the latest resin and coating developments that address some of the challenges identified during the introduction of UV technology in field applied concrete flooring.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is a UV curable field applied coating
  2. What are the advantages of UV curable coatings versus conventional coatings
  3. What are the challenges of commercialization of UV curable field applied concrete floor coatings
  4. What is the current commercial status of UV curable field applied concrete coatings

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