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QP-8 Certification


By John Russo, Blendex Industrial Corporation

Presented at SSPC 2013; Session: Looking Down at Concrete Floor Protection; Session chair: Steve Schroeder

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SSPC has developed a contractor certification program based specifically to evaluate the qualifications of contractors hired to install polymer coatings or surfacings on concrete and other cementitious surfaces in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. QP-8 certified contractors exemplify the highest level of technical knowledge in substrate evaluation, surface preparation, repair and treatment. They also demonstrate a commitment to quality control in the field as well as safety, health and environmental compliance. QP-8 certification gives a contractor a structured program to follow, that will result in a more efficiently run organization with fewer jobsite errors, a higher standard of quality for applications and increased confidence for industry trained personnel to tackle challenging projects. Learn the benefits of becoming a QP-8 certified contractor, the commitment it requires and discuss the future of QP-8 and how it will affect our industry in years to come.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is QP-8 Certifaction?
  2. Who benefits from QP-8 Certifcation
  3. Key areas of contractor evaluation
  4. Commitment and the future of QP-8 Certification

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