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Old Coat, New Threads


By Todd Gomez, PC, VersaFlex Incorporated; John Winfrey, VersaFlex Incorporated and Dudley Primeaux, VersaFlex Incorporated

Presented at SSPC 2013; Session: Concrete Protection Solutions; Session chair: Dudley Primeaux

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Gel coatings have traditionally been used in environments where color, gloss and relative long-term performance were important. This premise is still true today; however, a much more advanced technology has been developed that provides improved characteristics of color, gloss, thermal cycling and longer-term performance. Additionally, the aspects of being 100% solids and low VOC’s further enhance the aspects of this new technology.

This newest advancement in coating technology can be utilized in a wide variety of applications and substrates including concrete, fiberglass, and metal while meeting SSPC standards. The belief is that this new advancement of technology is significant to the protective coatings industry in an ongoing effort to develop “Green” products. The makeup of emitting low VOC’s and very low odor further enhance the benefits of using an overall safer product.

Learning Objective:

  1. Discuss the progression from traditional get coat systems to new advanced aliphatic Polyurea technology

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