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Non-Abrasive Surface Preparation


By David Watson, Cold Jet, LLC

Presented at SSPC 2017; Session: Surface Preparation: The Foundation of Every Coating Project; Session chair: Kevin Irving

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While traditional cleaning solutions can be time consuming, costly and ineffective, dry ice blast cleaning provides a completely dry solution that cleans faster and more efficiently, while reducing downtime and supporting environmental initiatives. This presentation discusses the basic concepts of dry ice cleaning. Participants will learn the benefits of the process as well as how it can benefit their production, improve quality and support an environmentally responsible production environment. By utilizing recycled frozen carbon dioxide as a cleaning media, end users benefit from an EPA approved media that is void of secondary waste. The dry ice media turns to gas (sublimates) upon contact with the surface being cleaned. Because there is no environmentally harmful secondary waste generated, cleaning with dry ice addresses both environmental issues and advances sustainable development. Dry ice cleaning technology offers a safer and more efficient removal of overspill and buildup. Cleaning can be done in a fraction of the time compared to scraping and soaping.

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