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The Benefits of Steel Grit Blasting and Recycling


By Mark Stewart, ARS Recycling Systems, LLC

Presented at SSPC 2017; Session: Surface Preparation: The Foundation of Every Coating Project; Session chair: Kevin Irving

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Typically, the least expensive abrasive is used to minimize material costs. However, based upon traditional methods, single use abrasives typically cost the most to perform the preparation process. Steel grit, although more expensive, can be used many times over with the proper process and technology. Based on the job specifics, the recycling and use of steel grit blasting can reduce costs to 25% compared to traditional methods. This allows Contractors to increase profits and win more competitive bids. By using multi-use steel grit along with proper Vacuum retrieval and recycling, significant cost reductions in consumable abrasives, labor and waste disposal costs will be experienced. Additionally, with a consistent and reliable working mix, blasting profiles can be reliably maintained throughout the project at higher production rates. Along with a lessoned Environmental foot print from less disposal volumes, the return on invest, based on project logistics, can be a few months.

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